Amagami SS 14

After not airing last week the second episode of Nanasaki Ai’s arc begins with Umehara telling Junichi about a librarian’s assistant who’s said to be surprisingly cute, so he, Umehara, and Kaoru decide to head over to the library and see whether the rumours are right.

New Opening Theme:

“Kimi no Mama de” by Azusa, download.

There’s already a crowd when they get there and Junichi refuses to be the one to create a distraction but luckily Ai shows up, and with her help they’re able to see the librarian’s assistant and that the rumours were right. The reason Ai was in the library in the first place was due to a makeup maths exam so Junichi offers to help her study, with the others pointing out that it’s one of the few subjects he’s good at.

The other club activities continue after school and we learn that the tea club wasn’t able to get any new members so Rihoko will be the next club president when her upperclassmen graduate. At the swimming club’s practice Haruka has managed to sneak in and she and Hibiki note on Ai not being there.

In the library Junichi continues to help her study and he introduces her to Tsukasa when she passes by. They decide to take a break where Ai tells him how she can see him in a better light now and about her younger brother who’s recently been misbehaving, so she’d like to know what she can do.

He tells Miya about this as they sit around the Kotatsu and she’s surprised that Ai actually has a younger brother, since she can’t help him he heads to his room to read some manga. The next day the teacher calls him to her office and he uses this as his excuse, she doesn’t really approve of it but his eyes are pulled elsewhere when she tries to lecture him, as he leaves she hits him on the butt with her book and gives him an idea for what Ai can do about her brother.

At lunch Miya asks Ai about her brother and they talk about Junichi for a bit, as an only child Sae thinks that having a brother could be fun. Suddenly Junichi arrives unexpectedly but Miya blocks his attempt to tell Ai about his idea and he’s introduced to Sae, the conversation then changes to Sae’s breasts with Miya telling him how she tries to feel them for luck and Junichi’s attention being diverted to them. Which causes Ai to walk off.

He’s later caught peeking during the Swimming Club’s practice where he says that even though they may not be like Sae’s the training that they’ve been through made him want to peek, though this scares some of the members Hibiki can see that this was directed at Ai and lets him off with it. They get a short chance to talk after this where Junichi tells her how he wanted to apologise for what he said earlier and they agree to meet up earlier.

When they meet up later they head to the beach and he apologises for what he said before and tells her his idea that she should spoil her younger brother, since as a kid he had acted out to get attention. She laughs about the idea of him as a kid and tells him that it was thanks to his help that she passed her exam, she also gives him a toy belt that she had got for her younger brother but he didn’t want it since it was too old.

They decide to test it out so Ai wears it around her waist and imitates Junichi’s actions to trigger the various commands on the belt, allowing him to get a glimpse up her skirt when she does a jump kick. Some younger boys show up so she shows them what she can do and they eventually decide to give them the belt. With her thanking him once more.

She has a shower when she gets home and tucks her younger brother in while he’s asleep, and when she herself heads to bed she wants tomorrow to come soon she can see Junichi again. Happily thinking that she may have started to like him.

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I’m kind of relieved to see this back after it took a break from airing last week, especially with how arc had started so well so it was something that I was eagerly awaiting. With it it also brought a new opening which I’m liking already, and even though I prefer the song to the previous one I kind of prefer the animation that the previous opening had. With that said though it’s still kind of nice in itself and some parts to it even suggest that Tsukasa is the “main heroine” of sorts.

In some ways this episode also seemed like it was a place to include a few of those miscellaneous events that are in VNs but aren’t really specified to a specific route, though I personally haven’t read the VN so I can’t really be sure whether they were like that in the first place. The part with the cute librarian’s assistant was one of those things that seemed like that. Who even though we didn’t see her face, her braided hair and having Kana Hanazawa (who can somehow add to a character’s cuteness simply by voicing them) voice her seemed to be something of a reference to Touko Amano of Bungaku Shoujo. How Junichi was lectured by his teacher with his excuse for his behaviour and being distracted when she tried to lecture him also came across like this a bit, but in the end it was good to see both of these related in some way to the story being told in Ai’s arc.

At some points I was actually kind of worried about what Junichi was doing as his inner pervert succumbed to Sae’s breasts right in front of Ai, which isn’t something that should happen. However it leading to him being caught peeking on the Swim Club’s practice and giving a long winded apology speech directed at Ai on how he was peeking due to their breasts being the result of their training made up for it. And just like the previous episode Junichi and Ai seemed to interact well together like how he helped her study and when they got a chance to talk again on the beach where she also gave him the belt, which surprisingly gave Michael Rivas the chance for another role after he had voiced the mysterious man in the last episode to Sae’s arc.

In the end what this episode seemed to mark though was that Ai was starting to see Junichi as more than the slightly childish upperclassmen and that she was actually starting to like him, like how she reacted at lunch and how she would blush a few times after that. Becoming most noticeable at the very end when she cutely remarked on how her heart felt when she was around him and how she looked forward to tomorrow to see him again.


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