Toaru Majutsu no Index II 01

The second season begins with a story set just before the last arc of the series and shortly after Touma’s fight with Etzali in the nineteenth episode of the first season. As Touma desperately tries to finish his summer homework before school starts the next day, however as usual Index is hungry and his report goes missing under a pile of books. Unbeknown to them a magician, Yamisaki Ouma has come seeking the 103,000 grimoires that Index possesses.

Opening Theme:

“No Buts!” by Mami Kawada, download.

Index managed to find his report and demands a reward for it, pointing out a restaurant that was just shown on television and trying to calm him down when he gets stressed out. The magician, Ouma then makes his attack using a crossbow mounted to his arm to use magic and fire a shot into Touma’s apartment. At a nearby family restaurant Touma can’t shake off the feeling that something terrible just happened but goes back to his homework, just when Index’s order arrives the waitress slips and it goes all over his report.

If it couldn’t have been worse Ouma has found them and fires a shot inside, turning whatever could be salvaged from the previous mishap to confetti. Before he can get even Ouma appears behind Index and uses the crossbow to disappear with her, firing another shot to get away that hits Himegami Aisa outside. Of course the restaurant staff aren’t happy either.

Touma now tries to track them down and save Index by following her cat, Sphinx who seems to be more interested in scrounging around the garbage. This may have seemed like he was off however Ouma and Index are on the rooftop of the building that Sphinx had led him to, and we see a glimpse of why Ouma kidnapped Index, a bed bound woman.

Meanwhile Touma has bumped into Misaka Mikoto who’s face flares up when she remembers his promise to Etzali to protect her, he ignores her and she destroys a security bot but in stopping him he takes some of it out on her. Only for her to become to infatuated to say anything and for him to run off.

Back on the rooftop Index has picked up on what Ouma plans to do and he explains that by amplifying his crossbow, an Azusa Bow he will be able find the grimoire he needs by reading her soul, and is fully aware of what will happen to him if he tries to. On the ground below Touma has been able to hear everything through the phone he gave Index and can see where they are from the light coming from the rooftop.

Even as it tears his body apart, Ouma seeks out the grimoire inside Index that can heal any disease all so that he can save that one woman who was cursed. His body almost gives out but before he can continue Index, after seeing his memories, stops him by telling him that he loves her and that he had tried to distance himself so that the blame wouldn’t be placed on her.

At this moment Touma arrives and uses the Imagine Breaker to destroy everything that Ouma had set up, unable to fully accept Index’s words Ouma fires one more shot only for Touma to block it. Touma then tells him that he can’t risk his life due to the pain it would cause the one who he’s trying to save if he were to lose it but before he can fire another shot he collapses.

Barely able to move Ouma now reflects on how many times he had failed and gave up with there being only one thing he couldn’t give up on, but before he can part with life he’s brought back to his senses when Sphinx scratches his face as the repayment for Touma’s homework. And since it was a curse that the woman was suffering from Touma offers help him by using his Imagine Breaker to dispel it, bringing Ouma to tears.

With this story over the events for the next arc kick off with the Knights of England making their way up the shores of Japan only to be effortlessly wiped out by Kaori Kanzaki. Tsuchimikado Motoharu then appears telling her he has a job of his own and stays behind to tidy up what just happened as Kanzaki leaves refusing to give a reason for her actions.

Ending Theme:

“Magic∞world” by Maon Kurosaki, download.

Next Episode:


Among all of the shows that were to start airing in the Fall season this was probably the one I had been looking forward to the most from as far back in June when there was the announcement that it had been greenlit and the trailer that came out a few months ago got me pretty hyped for it. Which from that it looked as if it would pick up where the previous season had left off at the seventh volume to as far as the thirteenth in the light novels written by Kazuma Kamachi.

The new opening is great as well with Mami Kawada returning to sing it after singing both of the opening themes for the previous season, “PSI Missing” and “Masterpiece” while the fast paced way that it’s animated and set out makes it really fun to watch. Which was also one of the things that I really liked about the second opening for the previous season so it was good to see this continued somewhat. On the other the new ending theme isn’t that bad either with it being sung by Maon Kurosaki who had previously sung all of the ending themes for Highschool of the Dead. In both of them it sort of looks like J.C.Staff has acknowledged Mikoto’s popularity among the fanbase and from her role as the main character in the sidestory, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun as she seems to take a more prominent role than she did in the ones for the previous season. Even showing up to join Touma and Index at the end of each when it was just the two of them during the previous season’s opening and ending themes.

The way this season started wasn’t something I had expected either, with it picking up from the third story that was missed out among the two that were covered in the first season where we saw Touma act like he was Mikoto’s boyfriend and his fight with Etzali along with when Accelerator made a return and met Last Order. Coming as a surprise to me as I had expected it to go straight into the events of the seventh volume. Which it did during the epilogue.

But as a single episode I thought that this served quite well as a reintroduction by showing off Touma’s Imagine Breaker and detailing one of the dangers that has probably become normal for him, the magicians after Index’s 103,000 grimoires with Yamisaka Ouma, voiced by the incredibly awesome Jouji Nakata, filling this role. While still managing to show few of the other characters here and there, like when Himegami had appeared only to be sadly caught in Ouma’s escape route and when Mikoto bumped into Touma but was still caught by the words she had heard him say earlier to say anything.

It was also nice to see Ouma’s reason for kidnapping Index shown as it served to make him a bit more than the generic magician who’s after Index and who’s illusion Touma has to break by going fist to face with. Which was nice when you consider that it was to save the woman that he loved and that he was really running out of options to break the curse, coming across that this hadn’t been the first time he had went so far, let alone that the secret to immortality was also in the grimoire he needed but he only wanted it to save her. So due to this it was great to see him get a good end with it being implied that Touma went with him and broke the curse, which also showed off what Touma would do if it meant saving someone.


3 Responses to Toaru Majutsu no Index II 01

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    this ep was a great way to reintroduce the whole show. somehow, they managed to restart the show without going out of their way to introduce everything again. they made it look like the previous ep was airing just last week while keeping things simple.
    the op is ok, but i like the ed more =)
    and by the looks of things, accelerator is bordering on being a main character, almost like mikoto. i thought he turned good the last time we saw him, how come he looks more demented than ever??

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Agreed, it was a great way to reintroduce everything so simply yet so well, and I’m sort of preferring the opening theme to the ending theme though I still prefer the second one from the first season, Masterpiece a bit more.

    And Accelerator is practically a main character, one of the three protagonists including Touma and another who wouldn’t be introduced until the next season, Shiage. So unlike Mikoto he doesn’t really need his own spin off series as he gets a few stories that follow him. He is still good, however the way he protects Last Order and those around him differ quite a lot from the way Touma does.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i like the sound of accelerator getting his own stories although i would love awsome characters teaming up even more than just each having their own arcs =)

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