Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 02

While Ruri teases Wako for how she reacted when Takuto looked at her, the girl sitting behind Takuto kisses a stranger through the glass window before introducing herself to him as Kanako Watanabe and also reveals that she’s already married, asking him whether he minds the glass. After which Sugata asks Takuto if they could meet up later and Kanako jokes that they looked like a cute couple.

After school he introduces him to Sarina Endou, the president of the Midnight Flight drama club and to Jaguar Yamasugata and Tiger Sugatame, a small foxlike creature who they refer to as the Vice President also jumps from Sarina onto Wako and then onto Takuto. Sarina then asks him about the Cybody he piloted so he shows her a cross shaped scar on his chest that glows. She then explains a few things like how Cybodies can only be used in that space where time also comes to a stop in normal space and that some people want to make them usable in normal space.

Five leaders of Glittering Crux then hold a meeting where the issue of the Galactic Pretty Boy and how the Tauburn is at the third phase is brought up along with how Benio/Scarlet Kiss will have to take responsibility for George’s actions. The one who broke the Northern maiden’s seal, Head proposes that the one to defeat the Tauburn will become the leader.

Later on Takuto ponders something in the bath only for Benio to appear and offer him a kiss straight through the glass, but she disappears as soon as some other people come in. She meets Tetsuya outside where he tells her how George has taken to training in his room after being defeated, Benio then kisses him. At a small restaurant Sugata, Wako, and Sarina talk about Takuto and how she doesn’t think he’s a spy sent in by Glittering Crux, and Tetsuya passes Takuto on the beach while Head reflects on how Scarlet Kiss’ first phase allows her to charm any man by kissing them before asking the girl behind him to tell him something to help him sleep.

Back at the restaurant still talk about Takuto along with how he must have came to the island to fight Glittering Crux and surprisingly Wako isn’t hungry, the girl tells Head a story where a boy named Sam left with a girl he met on the beach to sail around the galaxy. Meanwhile Tetsuya goes through the same thing that George did before to Approvoise his Cybody, the Tetrioht.

The girl begins to sing as time stops and Takuto and Wako are transported to that space again along with some of the members of Glittering Crux, Tetsuya charges forth with the Tetrioht so Takuto breaks through the space to pull out the Tauburn and knocks him down. He announces that he’ll stop them from breaking the maiden’s seals but Tetsuya gets right back up and has the Tetrioht charge forth like a bike to overwhelm him with speed.

Like this he manages to land a few hits on the Tauburn however before he can make a decisive blow, Takuto remembers more of his grandfathers words that this time are about going all out when your backed into a corner, leading him to fire the Tau Galactic Beam at the Tetrioht and instantly defeat it. After this he makes the announcement to stop them again and hardly anything has changed on the beach, while Tetsuya stumbles out of the machine and has his badge taken by Benio who swears to avenge him. At the restaurant Wako’s stomach rumbles so she changes her mind and places an order.

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Just like the last episode this was pretty fun as we were introduced to more of the characters along with getting a better look at the Glittering Crux and what their goal may be. One of the characters that were introduced was Sarina Endou, voiced by Maaya Sakamoto, who soon after she was introduced managed to answer some of the questions that the last episode had left me with, particularly about the Cybodies and what the Glittering Crux. Which did worry me a bit but this can probably be placed to her being the president of the Night Flight drama club that looks like it will be opposed to them. How “it’s a Pinch” has sort of become Takuto’s catchphrase for when things go wrong is kind of funny as well.

It also managed to semi answer some of the other questions that I was left with by the last episode with things like the cross shaped scar on Takuto’s chest, though now I’m left wondering how exactly he got it along with the girl who’s almost always shown near Head, voiced by Haruka Tomatsu. Since so far she’s started to sing when ever the scene changes to the space where the Cybodies fight and she just gives off a mysterious feeling that’s made greater by Head referring to her as Sakana-chan/Fish Girl.

It was also great to get a better look at the Glittering Crux and five of the leaders of the six factions that reside in it, two of which we were already somewhat familiar with from the last episode and another two which had been briefly introduced earlier in the episode. Such as the girl who sits behind Takuto who does somewhat unbefitting things as a married woman in Highschool, Kanako Watanabe, voiced by Ayano Niina, however the other one who also happened to sit near Takuto didn’t really manage to get a proper introduction. Though she’s bound to show up more later and the fact that she’s voiced by Ami Koshimizu who also happened to voice Anemone in another of BONES original mecha series, Eureka seveN is kind of interesting.

Something that continues to surprise me is how BONES can animate actions scenes ranging from Hei’s acts as the Chinese Electric Batman in Darker than Black to the surfboarding mecha fights in Eureka seveN, and so far this series hasn’t really disappointed me on this front. With the fights between the Cybodies looking amazing so far aside from a few parts of short reused footage, so hopefully these are kept up during some of the later episodes.

And while it may have been Takuto and Tetsuya battling it out in this episode it felt more like it was setting things up for the possible future fight between him and Benio. With things Benio receiving some sort of development, being paired up with Tetsuya, and swearing to avenge him when she had to take away his badge seeming to point towards this.


5 Responses to Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 02

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    this show has kept up it’s awsomeness so far and seems to be clearing up some of the mysteries from last ep. now that some of the things have been explained, the show is much easier to follow. it looks like most of the cast has been introduced and all the girls the glittering cruz are sluts while the girls at the drama club are all innocent and cute lol. it’s nice to see mayaa sakamoto sounding slightly less dead than usual. gotta love fish girl’s insert(she’s the northern maiden held captive if that’s what you dont get about her), i think her name is actually sakana. the fight looked awsome too. the only thing i dont get is why tetsuya is lowe gear copy and pasted with his hair colour changed XD

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    How it’s started to clear a few things up from the last episode was something that I liked about this episode as well, though there are still a few things that I’m still wondering about.

    It’s kind of funny when you look at it that way along with all the things like “breaking the maiden’s seal” and “minding the glass”, and a character being voiced by Maaya Sakamoto is always great.

    I like her song as well and there’s something else that kind of mysterious about her besides that, it would also be a bit weird if her name was only Sakana when everyone else has both a last name and a first name (along with the members of Glittering Crux having aliases).

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    in the ed you can see her picture on the bus and side there are two kanji. i’ve been wondering what it says since it might reveal something about her. her being the only character other than the main trio to appear in the ed seems to show that she a little more important than some of the others. the credits list her as shrine maiden of taki(literally means much spirit i think, but it’s more of a name thing since those words dont just go together like that). i love how her song kicks in at the perfect time =)

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    Doesn’t “画展” mean exhibition? If it does I’m not really sure what it could mean, especially since I don’t have much faith in myself to read this sort of stuff. It could probably be read as a name I guess. But I agree that she must have some importance to be the only other one aside from the three main characters to appear in the ending, it’s kind of strange as well.

  5. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i threw it into google translate and it gave me exhibition =)
    i guess she’s either a celeb or kind of a metaphor of how she as a captive on display for the glittering crux

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