Toaru Majutsu no Index II 02

Stiyl and his superior the Archbishop of the British Puritans, Laura Stuart walk along a London street where he points out that the Japanese she insists on speaking sounds stupid, only then does she realise she had been tricked by Tsuchimikado.

So she uses some runes so that they can convey their thoughts to one another and tells him that the Book of Law, an undecipherable grimoire written by Edward Alexander and believed to have been in possession of the Roman Catholic Church until it was stolen. If this wasn’t enough there was also a nun from the Roman Catholic Church who is believed to be able to decipher it, however, she, Orsola Aquinas has gone missing.

Back in Academy City, Index is bored that she can’t play with Touma while he’s at school and tells Tsuchimikado’s stepsister about this, who she also gets an idea from that either she or Touma could become maids so that they could roam around during their practical training. Maika doesn’t really like the idea of this as Stiyl arrives and takes Index. On his way back from school Touma reads a pamphlet about the upcoming Daihaseisai, a sports festival between all of the schools in academy city where the participants are able to use their esper powers, of course this is all new for him.

Maika calls out to him, telling him how a man matching Stiyl’s description has kidnapped Index and hands him an envelope with a letter telling him to come to the Gloaming House, there is also a form that would allow him to leave Academy City inside. At the Gloaming House, Index is able to grasp the situation of both the Book of Law and Orsola Aquinas being missing with the Amakusa Catholics as the prime suspects behind it. Stiyl then remembers how Laura had given him a cross and told him how she has been unable to contact Kanzaki Kaori who was formerly from the Amakusa, so one of the most important parts of his job would be to resolve things before she gets involved.

Meanwhile Touma is having trouble navigating the outskirts of the city in the blistering heat, when he bumps into a nun who intends to go into the city by bus. He tells how no buses are heading inside but she doesn’t appear to listen to him and tries to get on the bus twice with him stopping her each time. When she wipes the sweat from his cheek he asks her why she wants to go into the city so she tells him how she’s being pursued.

Back at the Gloaming House Stiyl and Index meet with the nun from the Roman Catholic Church in charge taking back Orsola, Agnese Sanctis, the Amakusa’s style of magic is still a mystery to her so Index tells her how their magic is rooted in stealth. With simple everyday things being enough to trigger it, just as she finishes Touma arrives with the one they were to look for, Orsola Aquinas.

With the job done Stiyl tells Touma that his help isn’t needed anymore so he can go back but he isn’t exactly happy with being sent off like this after all he had went through to get there in the first place. However just when it seems that this job was over, a ball appears above announcing that Orsola’s life would have more meaning with the Amakusa. Blades then come out of the ground to cut the ground around her but before Stiyl can do anything they’re already gone.

As night falls Index explains some details of the Book of Law with Stiyl explaining how there’s a rumour that it could destroy all of Christianity if it were to be deciphered. Agnese then arrives to explain the plan only to slip over with Touma trying to catch her, ending up with him having a clear view up her skirt. She goes onto explain that there’s estimated to be fifty members from the Amakusa protecting Orsola, but she still doesn’t know much about them so Index explains that they’re able to move through portals within Japan, by the Map Pilgrimage. However there’s a limited amount of these portals and their use is dictated by the stars, allowing her to easily deduce where they’ll be.

Touma walks through the tents and overhears one of the nuns scolding her partner. Suddenly he hears a scream and runs in expecting it to be an attack from the Amakusa, however it was only due to a slug on the wall of the bathing tent where Index and Agnese were showering. This is where his luck takes a turn for the worst though as Index starts to cry while he’s faced with the glares of all the nuns behind him until Index bites his head.

The marks from this are still there when he is about to go to sleep, but before he does he decides to ask Stiyl who he likes, he coughes a bit but tells him how the one he admires is Elizabeth I and the one who’s his type is Saint Martha. He then asks him whether he’ll still fight the Amakusa if Kanzaki still keeps in touch with them but he tells him how he’ll burn away his enemies to protect that girl and remember it all due to the promise he made. Later on Touma wakes up to find that Agnese had sleep walked into his sleeping bag and that Index had also followed her, since she thinks it’s all a dream she bites his head as hard as she can.

At the nearby Parallel Sweets Park, the current leader of the Amakusa, Saiji Tatemiya overlooks the park when one of the Amakusa, Itsuwa informs him that the preparations for the Map Pilgrimage have been made. He then swings his Flamberge  and resolves to show Kanzaki what the Amakusa have become.

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This was really where I thought the second season would begin but I can see how it may have not been a good idea as the usual style of exposition that this series has was in full swing, which could have put off a few people even though it was cut down a little. However it was still good to see it pick up from around the same point that the first season had left off from, with Laura Stuart, voiced by Ayako Kawasumi, being unable to contact Kanzaki and the preparations for the Daihaseisai beginning. And not only did it reintroduce these it also introduced some things like the Book of Law and some characters who will also be playing a part in this arc.

Among these characters there was Orsola Aquinas, voiced by Aya Endo who had previously voiced Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier,who was said to be able to decipher the undecipherable Book of Law which could possibly destroy all of Christianity, and appearing to be the damsel in distress that Touma will have to rescue in this arc. Along with the nun sent by the Roman Catholics to retrieve her, Agnese Sanctis voiced by Rie Kugimiya who’s known for her list of Tsundere characters but had also voiced Kagura in Gintama, and the current leader of the Amakusa in Kanzaki’s Absence, Tatemiya Saiji, voiced  Kousuke Toriume, who was introduced just as the episode ended. And from the preview will be the one Touma will go up against in the next episode. It was also interesting to see them introducing one of the magic side heroines from the Amakusa as early as this, as Itsuwa wouldn’t have been introduced until the fourth arc. Which leads me to believe that she may be filling the role that she was speculated to have filled in this arc.

It was also nice to see Stiyl back as the way he interacts with Touma by making it known that he despises him at every opportunity he can get is always fun to see, where they still don’t get along at all after the times they’ve had to work together in the past. While we also got a look into the other side of his character in how he would do absolutely anything to protect Index and the promise he had made to her which is sort of tragic when you think about it. So I thought that this was a good way to reintroduce him by getting us familiar with both of these sides to his character, and it was also kind of funny when he made Laura realise that she had been trolled by Tsuchimikado.

The fanservice aspect of this episode was also kind of overbearing and just seemed to go from one part of it to another after a brief scene in between, usually consisting of Agnese being placed in a somewhat compromising position with Touma and ending with Index biting down on his head. Which all seemed a little forced to say the least, though it was kind of funny to see some parts of these like how Index had thought that she didn’t have to hold back at all since it was still a dream when she caught Agnese in Touma’s sleeping bag. However just about every arc tends to have stuff like this so it’s not really all that different or anything to worry about, and since there was so much of it in this episode there may not be as much of it for the rest of the arc.

In all this episode served the role of setting things up for the first arc of the season, by introducing us to some new characters and bringing in the Book of Law. With the story being set up as a race against time to save the damsel in distress, Orsola before Kanzaki does something that would put the British Puritans and the Roman Catholics against each other. And as a setup episode I didn’t mind it that much as it did this job well enough and things should be heating up a bit in the next episode.


2 Responses to Toaru Majutsu no Index II 02

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    one thing i noticed in this ep was that they kind of went out of their way to remind us touma had lost all his memories from saving index, which i think is pretty important. one of his traits that make him so amazing is that he’s been making it through this chaotic daily life with amnesia and manages to hide it from everyone XD
    it’s also nice to see index it more helpful than not once in a while =)

    btw, i was wondering, why you havent stared blogging about arakawa?

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    The part with him only having just learned about Daihaisesai was in the novels as well, and I agree that it did a good job at reintroducing Touma’s amnesia from the first arc. And it really is amazing how he’s managed to hide it so easily.

    It’s actually kind of odd that Index and Mikoto have had their roles sort of reversed for the time being, also Index will be useful in this arc.

    I’m still watching it and loving it, it’s always good to see Yu Kobayashi in the cast as well. It’s probably just a mix of laziness and lack of time that I haven’t started blogging it.

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