Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 03

Even if it’s still in the middle of class Kanako proceeds to tell Takuto about her husband who’s in his sixties and how due to them living on opposite sides of the world she finds herself lying in her bed alone at night, however this ends when the girl in front of Takuto tells her to be quiet. During the lunch break we see that he’s a bit short on cash but luckily Ruri gives him the croquettes she made, Kanako overhears this and offers him a part time job cleaning her pool with the others tagging along.

Her house turns out to be an extravagant yacht where she greets them in a robe and tells them how her marriage is based on her being young and attractive and him rich, bound by the chains of greed. The pool is filthy and she also happens to have a pet crocodile which is supposedly friendly, so they go about cleaning it while she manages her finances. But the Vice President who sneaked on with Wako ends up running over to where Kanako is, she thinks it’s a rat and orders one of her assistants, Takashi to kill it. But when he swings his broom towards it and Wako Takuto blocks it, seeing this Kanako proposes that they have a duel.

If he wins Takuto will have his pay doubled however if he loses he will have to kiss Kanako through the glass, they take their starting positions and Takashi makes the first move with a flurry of attacks that throw Takuto onto the defensive. Takuto switches hands a few times and charges in however Kanako loses interest and the match ends.

During the next Glittering Crux meeting she brings up the matter of Benio’s division’s recent defeat is brought up where Benio proposes whether they could be repaired. Professor Green thinks about it before deciding that it may be possible and Ivrogne is curious of why the Tauburn is at the third phase. The meeting ends with the declaration that the one to defeat him will become the leader. After this meeting Kanako’s other assistant, Simone tries to seduce Takashi and make him realise that he could defeat the Tauburn and become the leader of Glittering Crux, however Kanako calls him away.

He massages her back while she continues to manage her finances and asks him the same question Simone had asked before, as she had seen her ask him this through the security cameras, if anything she encourages him to defeat the Tauburn and removes her robe. Elsewhere Head asks the girl if she can continue her story so she tells him how Sam needed the king’s ship and had to defeat the Squid Emperor in order to have his wish granted, strangely her surroundings seem to change as she tells the story. Takuto looks at a photo and asks himself whether he came to this island to protect that girl.

Now that he’s been convinced to take on the Tauburn, Takashi steps into the Cybercasket and apprivoises his cyberbody, the girl begins to sing as Wako receives a message from Ruri asking if she’s glad that Takuto didn’t have to kiss Kanako. Suddenly time stops and she and Takuto find themselves in that space again facing Takashi’s Cyberbody, he pulls the Tauburn and Takashi prepares to use the Star Sword, Amethyste, however Takuto also happens to have one of these, the Emeraude.

The members of Glittering Crux are surprised that he possesses one of these as the battle begins with Takashi taking the same starting position and hitting Takuto with another barrage of attacks. But this time he can’t even keep up with him defensively, so Takuto pulls out his second Star Sword, Saphir and reveals that he fights with dual blades. Like this he manages to defeat Takashi with ease by using the Galactic Cross Slash.

Time starts once more leading Wako to rewriting her message and instead of stumbling out of the Cybercasket, Takashi simply steps out and hands his badge to Head who asks him what it was like to use it even though he has a “mark”. Back aboard the yacht Kanako feels somewhat sorry for him and asks Simone to tell her husband that she won’t be returning.

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At only three episodes in this is definitely shaping up to be fun series, and though this episode didn’t answer some things like the last did. It did however further introduce Kanako and introduce another character, Takashi who despite being defeated by Takuto in this episode looks like he may make a comeback later on. And as usual the action scenes were amazing.

Kanako seemed to get the same treatment that Benio had gotten in the last episode, where she was introduced in the episode before but appeared more prominently in the next and had a role in getting the one who would fight Takuto in this episode to actually fight him. Other than that we also learned some of the details about her being a highschool wife, with it being completely financial based even though it seemed like she was quite rich herself from how she was constantly managing her finances. When he was first introduced Takashi came across as pretty bland but towards the end of the episode he managed to sort of shift away from that. With how he pushed Takuto to use dual blades and how he simply stepped out of the Cybercasket when everyone before him had even fallen out or stumbled out when they were defeated. There was also Head’s comment towards the end to him about how he had a “mark” that would have meant that he didn’t even need to use the Cybercasket, which seems to imply that he may make a return of some sort later on.

Though it’s kind of formulaic I think this series has managed to balance the slice of life and mecha aspects quite well, with a pattern of the first half being about the school life side of the show and the second half consisting of battle where Takuto must defend Wako. While the slice of life parts tend to be fun and the action parts tend to be awesome, the only problem I think that there is with it so far is that Takuto manages to defeat everyone who shows up to challenge him with ease. But considering how it’s still quite early into the series I can understand how this is sort of necessary to introduce some of the things that Takuto uses, such as Tau Galactic Beam and the Star Swords that he used in this episode. And the fight in this episode seemed to make a slight move away from that with Takashi pushing Takuto to pull out both of his Star Swords.

The action in the second half of the episode was also pretty awesome as well, as not only did Takashi manage to put up a better fight than those before him but the art style that was used around the beginning of it looked incredible. It really made it quite exciting to watch and it worked really well.  The Star Swords that it also introduced was also something that was kind of interesting to see, as it was stated by Kanako that there was only eleven of them along with the surprise that was shown to him having one. Part of me also wonders if they will take a larger role later on.


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  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    nice ep with some character development for members of a different branch of the glittering crux, although it lacked some plot development/revelation. one thing that i find interesting is that the star swords seem to be named after precious stones, since there are supposed to be only 11 of them, i think the mysterious 12th one should have had a more special name and colour than saphir. and about the “mark” that takashi has, i think it’s something similar to takuto’s scars. at the same time i think the “marks” are actually the star swords embedded in their bodies. with each star sword they posess, the more rules they can break. one sword might be the ability to use cybody without the cybercasket while two swords might be the reason takuto is in phase three. it’s just my guess though…

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