Nurarihyon no Mago 16

On their patrol of the town Aotabou and Kurotabou find that there’s a new waitress at Ryota-Neko’s restaurant and soon after this one of the Nura clan’s heads is attacked. When this is brought to Rikuo’s attention there’s also the issue that someone could be leaking information as the attack occurred at a point where their security was at its weakest.

Rikuo asks Yuki-Onna to look after his friends so she has to make sure that they stay inside, on the streets Yura remembers what she saw at the water treatment plant and is prepared to stop it. As she walks down a street she meets a woman covering her hair who turns out to be one of the Seven Travelers, Kagibari-Onna and retreats when she finds out that she was the Onmyouji that Inuhouou fought before.

When she chases after her she finds herself in front of the Nura household, she gets to eat some donuts when she comes inside and mentions to Rikuo that she bumped into Kagibari-Onna. He shows a bit of interest in this as he leaves to inform the others of this. Inside the high rise building Kagibari-Onna informs Tamazuki of how Yura could be helping the Nura clan, so he entrusts her with getting rid of her. Keijourou is asked to keep watch over Yura as she leaves and Yuki-Onna has to practice Onmyouji stuff in order to distract Rikuo’s friends. After receiving the information about Kagibari-Onna, Karasu-Tengu was able to find a woman matching her description who had been approaching high ranking members of the Nura clan, Rikuo prepares to take care of it as he transforms.

So he, Aotabou, and Kurotabou head over to Ryota-Neko’s restaurant and find and break a wire made of hair outside, Kagibari-Onna picks up on it and quickly flees. When Rikuo heads in he finds Hitotsume who had just been served by her and despite how the other clan members blame him for leaking information, Rikuo doesn’t blame him when he blames him for being unable to unite the clan. Meanwhile Kagibari-Onna realises that this is because of Yura and heads off to bring her to Tamazuki. While Kana helps Rikuo’s mother with the dishes she tells her how not all Youkai are scary and she spots Rikuo’s nightform in the cherry blossom tree. Some of the others have also started to see and feel some weird things, all except for Kiyotsugu.

Keijourou continues to watch over Yura but gets distracted by a split end, as she passes the playground where she ate with Rikuo’s grandfather and remembers how he wasn’t there before. However Kagibari-Onna spots her and chases her to a construction site, she accuses her of taking sides as they face off with Keijourou trying to find her. Due to her injuries she can’t use her Shikigami so Kagibari-Onna easily has the advantage but Keijourou arrives just in time and they both use their hair to fight each other.

Suddenly Kagibari-Onna senses something and turns around to see Rikuo and the tengu. Overwhelmed by his presence he cuts through her hair and tells her to give Tamazuki the message to not use women for his dirty work and that he’ll forgive it this time. After he sends Keijourou and the tengu back he waits until Yura wakes up to take care of her injury as she demands to know what’s going on.

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As a filler episode I didn’t think that this was as good as the last one but it was still wasn’t that bad, with this episode featuring Keijourou going up against Kagibari-Onna when the last episode had featured Kappa facing off with Gangi Kouzo. And not only that but we also got to see Yura being featured a bit more and Yuki-Onna having to keep an eye on Rikuo’s human friends, which wouldn’t have been something that she would have wanted to do.

It was just kind of a shame that this episode didn’t feature Keijourou as prominently as the last episode had featured Kappa, as she only seemed to appear halfway into the episode to watch over Yura for a bit before having to protect her from Kagibari-Onna. Which in a change from Kappa and Gangi Kouzo’s fight she actually had a bit of trouble in as Kagibari-Onna seemed to be able to match her. As good as the part where Rikuo had come to back her up was, I think it would have been better to have had Kubinashi fill the role as it would have sort of hinted the connection that they have.

The plot wasn’t that bad for a filler episode either, as where Gangi Kouzo had intended to throw the town into chaos by attacking it’s water supply, Kagibari-Onna was gathering information by working as a waitress. Which had even been used to attack one of the clan heads under the Nura clan and after that she was trying to get rid of Yura who had seen her. So it wasn’t really that bad for filler and there was still that sense that it was building up to things to come.

Seeing Yura have a more prominent role was also something that was kind of nice to see as she even got a chance to fight Kagibari-Onna and was even one of the main reasons for how Rikuo was able to find Kagibari-Onna, of course without knowledge of his true identity. And Rikuo encouraging her to take care of her injuries which had hindered her when Kagibari-Onna also makes it look like she may have a bigger role towards the final battle of this arc.


2 Responses to Nurarihyon no Mago 16

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i just caught up to this, because of slow subs XD
    i like the new op, the fish guy makes a cameo even though he’s dead T__T
    the ed is ok, but the animation i find is a bit weird.
    the past couple of eps have been awsome showing some of the powers of the guys that are buddies with rikuo.
    ninja kappa was so awsome, and although keijourou didn’t do much, it’s good to know she has powers. i can’t wait to see the other rivalries between the seven pilgrims and rikuo’s buddies

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I like it as well and it kind of does a good job at capturing the feeling of the series, it would have been nice to see a quick glimmer of the Maou’s hammer though. It’s probably the CG used to animate it that makes the ending theme kind of wierd, it also removes that mesmerising quality that the first one had as well.

    Kappa was pretty awesome and how they took the chance to show off some of the rivalries was something that I liked to see as filler. But just like I’ve said above though, it was slightly disappointing for Keijourou and Kubinashi’s back story together not to even be hinted at.

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