Toaru Majutsu no Index II 03

Before they make their attack on the Parallel Sweets Park, Agnese explains how her group will attack the Amakusa to allow Touma’s group to search for Orsola and the Book of Law, of course this has to be done before the Amakusa use the portal. As one of the nuns under her command hands her her staff, she tells them how it’s unforgivable for the teachings of the Christian church to be used this way.

When they’re alone Stiyl tells them how Kanzaki has gone missing and may interfere if too much damage is done to the Amakusa, to Touma this means that they can make Orsola their top priority. They hear a bang and rush inside only to be attacked by the Amakusa, Touma gets separated as Stiyl throws him the cross Laura gave him and teleports himself and Index away. So he now has to make a run for it and manages to evade some of the Amakusa, however when one of them finds him he grabs the motor oil from a nearby toolbox and uses it to incapacitate her, being careful not to injure her.

With the fallen Amakusa’s sword in hand he bumps into Orsola who managed to escape while the Amakusa were busy fighting off Agnese’s forces. After using his Imagine Breaker to free her she asks why he’s here and is happy to hear that he’s come to save her, also making sure that he’s more on the British Puritan’s side rather than the Roman Catholic’s side. She then happens to see the cross Stiyl threw to him and since it’s meaningless to him he offers it to her, she then enthusiastically accepts it on the condition that he puts it around her neck. So he does, however as he reaches put it around her neck his lips draw dangerously close to hers. He then asks why she wanted to decipher the Book of Law and it turns out that she thinks that the grimoire’s own power could be enough to destroy it.

There’s then a sudden crash and Touma sees Stiyl fall to the ground as the leader of the Amakusa, Tatemiya Saiji steps through a newly blown hole in the wall. After pointing out how Stiyl couldn’t even protect one girl he then tries to convince Orsola to come with him however she can’t trust his ideal of peace through using a weapon and refuses. Touma then steps between them but how he made sure not to injure his subordinate serves only as an insult to him, and though neither one of them really wants to fight the other they do so anyway.

Touma can only dodge Saiji’s attacks as he swings the flamberge, as Index tries to tell Touma that he isn’t using magic Stiyl is able to activate his flame sword. But before he can get out of the way, Saiji manages to hit Touma so he tells Stiyl to stab the sword through him and into Saiji. As they both run towards him, Saiji tries to set up a counter spell to the flames however Touma’s Imagine Breaker dispels the flames and he and Stiyl are both able to tackle him to the ground.

The battle ends with the Amakusa’s defeat and as the Agnese’s nuns round up the Amakusa, Index checks whether Touma isn’t hurt so that she can bite his head. She eventually stops and just calls him an idiot but at this point Saiji asks him to remove the runes restraining him since if he doesn’t Orsola will be killed. He then explains that the Book of Law being stolen was set up by the Roman Catholics who as the largest Christian Church in the world wouldn’t want Christianity to be destroyed, so in order to protect their position in the world they set this up to get rid of Orsola.

However he still doesn’t trust him so Saiji tells him how he shouldn’t need a reason to save someone, along with the story of their priestess who fought on only to see that those behind her had fallen. This priestess was Kaori Kanzaki, and so his goal is to make the Amakusa a place where she could return. A scream is then heard and only then does Touma realise what he’s done with Saiji asking him to swear to save Orsola.

The two nuns from the previous episode then return to retrieve Saiji and though they appear normal at first, the taller of the two, Lucia goes berserk when Touma touches her, blasting him with her wheel and considering just killing them all and saying that they resisted. The shorter of the two, Angelene tries to calm her down but it doesn’t work and the shrapnel starts to return to the wheel. Lucia then has Angelene use her coin bags to restrain Index while she finishes Touma off but Index was able to intercept Angelene’s magic and forces them to retreat. Saiji then tells them that this is how the Roman Catholic Church does it’s dirty work.

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This ended up being a fun episode, having a good amount of action and providing a decent twist at a point where it looked like the arc could have ended. Aside from that two more characters, Lucia and Angelene were introduced voiced by Mariya Ise and Azusa Kataoka respectively,  and Index proved to be pretty useful at some points for a change.

Where as the last episode had provided the exposition for the arc this episode kicked things off with a good amount of action, starting not too long into the episode with Touma having to evade some of the Amakusa who had found them and seeing him use something like a tube of motor oil to take down one of them was pretty clever. The role of this Amakusa who was referred to as Uragami by Saiji had also been the one I thought that Itsuwa would have filled since she was introduced earlier than she was supposed to have been, but the fact that she didn’t fill it has me wondering about what kind of role she’ll play during the remainder of this arc. Aside from this there was also the fight with Saiji himself, which was fast paced from both his movements and attacks, and interestingly enough led up to Touma and Stiyl teaming up to take him down. And as short as these both were they were still kind of exciting to see.

There was also the fight towards the end of the episode where the nun’s under Agnese’s command showed their true colours, with Lucia blasting Touma for as much as touching her and forcing Angelene to help her. Both of the methods that they used were also kind of interesting with Lucia using a cartwheel that can fire blasts of shrapnel and Angelene using heavy bags of coins that can fly around. It was also good to see Index proving to be pretty useful during this as she really managed to stop both of them and protect Touma on her own by intercepting their magic.

Other than the action this episode also contained a somewhat decent twist at a point where the arc seemed like it could have come to an end, as in helping Orsola escape from the Amakusa Touma had achieved just about everything he had set out to do. However the twist that they were in fact actually trying to protect her from the Roman Catholic Church was something that I hadn’t expected at first, but looking back over things there was stuff to point this out before it was even revealed. Such as the Roman Catholic Church having the most to lose if the Book of Law were to be deciphered, how Orsola had specifically made sure that Touma wasn’t with the Roman Catholics, and how she was trembling in fear in the previous episode.

Even while they may not have come across as all that good before, the Amakusa’s reasons for trying to save her were also somewhat admirable with Saiji believing that he shouldn’t need a reason to save someone. Along with this it was also interesting to see some of Kanzaki’s back story about what had possibly led to her leaving them and how Saiji’s goal is to make the Amakusa a place where she can return to.


One Response to Toaru Majutsu no Index II 03

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    wow just 3 eps in and we get thrown such an intense amount of plot…my frail heart can’t take this amount of excitement XD
    it’s also nice to see index can pwn all by herself =)
    i’m definitely looking forward to next ep and i hope they explain why stiyl’s crucifix is so special

    im also liking yakumo and ika musume more and more. =)
    yakumo looks like it will be an emotional show about helping the living and the dead and also the burden of being the only one able to see spirits.
    at first, ika musume looked like the jokes could get old, but so far it’s only getting better. i was watching fffpeeps subs, but people were saying CR’s script was actually funnier, so i tried underwater, which uses CR’s script. it was definitely a little funnier, but only because they randomly use squid/sea related words to replace words in her sentences/censor her profanity. she is supposed to say tentacle at the end of all her lines to sound cute, not to be vulgar… they also translate her name to squiddie and other stuff, which sounds more rude than it is cute coming from to little boy, and names should never be translated anyways… i would go it CR’s subs, but it seems you only gain lulz at the cost of altering the dialogue and overall tone of the show, it felt like reading troll subs…

    p.s. yuu kobayashi voicing amazoness in arakawa is epic win. i almost died from the hilarity =D

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