Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 04

The episode starts off with Wako singing on the beach with Takuto in a world where they’re apparently alone in.

So to explain this it goes back to the day before where the Midnight Flight’s club adviser came to welcome Takuto and  when the matter of him liking Wako comes up, Jaguar and Tiger have to remind him that she and Sugata are already engaged. Sarina then moves things along with how they now have the pretty boy combo which leads to Wako fantasising about what it could mean. How Wako wants to be a singer is also brought up but she ends up quieting Sugata.

After this Tiger is lured into a room by Keito Nichi who reminds her of how she spent her childhood with Sugata and her feelings for him as she pours a strange concoction into her mouth, asking her what if Wako was with Takuto instead of him. Elsewhere the fish girl continues her story about Sam with how Sam had to train in order to beat the Squid Emperor. The next day Wako wakes up to find her grandmother gone and the streets empty, no matter where she uses her phone there’s now response so she decides to go to the beach where she meets Takuto in the spot where she saved his life.

It starts to rain so they head to a nearby lifeguard station to change their clothes and dry themselves off a bit. As a maiden on the island Wako is only able to leave the island if her seal was broken, meaning that in order to prevent the Glittering Crux’s plan she will have to give up her dream of being a singer. The sky clears so they head outside but when Takuto spots some people in the distance they disappear before he can catch up with them, this leads to them finding a totem pole which Wako tells him had been lost a few years ago. They then realise that they’re in the Zero Time that occurs when the cybodies are used however Takuto is seemingly unable to apprivoise the Tauburn.

They move along to a bus stop where Wako asks him if he’s always been so cheerful so he may have not been like that before he recieved the scar on his chest. Wako also tells him about how sad she felt when she approvoised the maiden cybody but how good the food she ate tasted reminded her about how the world isn’t all that bad and of course she was able to meet Takuto. She suddenly remembers a cybody that could be responsible for this, meanwhile Keito has Tiger in the Cybercasket when Head arrives to speed things up.

Takuto and Wako are then surrounded by a thick fog as a cybody heads towards them, when he asks her if it’s real she tells him that he can call her by her name and reassures him that it is. This also means that the Tauburn should be somewhere so he takes her hand and apprivoises it again, it works this time however before it can attack Tiger resists and the cybody disappears. As they’re transported back they question whether the world could have been formed by their desires while Keito tells Head that Tiger can’t pilot a cybody. She later wakes up in the infirmarary with Keito by her side and the fish girl continues her story by telling Head about how the secret that Sam and the girl had was that they ate squid, something that was forbidden. At the school Sugata hears about how Takuto had heard Wako sing and Takuto resolves to destroy all of the Glittering Crux’s cybodies.

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As something of a change from the formula of the previous episodes this was pretty good, where instead of going for the mix of the school life at the start and mecha action at the end it served to develop some of the characters. Which was good to see as though the previous episodes had been fun there was little to make us care about them.

The character that received most of this development also happened to be the heroine of the show, Wako. So we were able to learn about how in order to fulfill her dream of being a singer she would have had to leave the island however she had to give this up in order to prevent what the Glittering Crux are up to. Which was good to see considering that Takuto had been protecting her in the previous episodes as it served to make her more than that and into someone that could be symphathised in how she had a dream that couldn’t be achieved. However despite this she didn’t really play on this and still maintained a somewhat upbeat attitude.

Along with that it also served to strengthen her place as the romantic lead for Takuto with them being alone allowing them to talk about some things that they wouldn’t have been able to talk about while the others were around. Such as how they were able to talk at the bus stop about Takuto’s cheerful personality and how Wako was still able to be happy by knowing that the world isn’t all bad. And all of this seemed to come together when they were about to face the incoming cybody with things like how Wako had told him that he could call her by her name and how Takuto had taken her hand before apprivoising, it also seemed to move things between them that little bit further.

The story that the fish girl/Sakana-chan is telling Head about Sam is pretty interesting as well, since so far it looks like there’s a few parallels between it and what Takuto is currently doing. With Takuto taking the role of Sam and Wako of the girl that’s with him, as well as how both of them now shared a secret that made the bond between them stronger. Along with a few other parallels regarding the other roles between some of the characters in the series and the story that she’s telling. Which all make her a little more mysterious and make me want whether or not they will look into her character later on a bit more as well.

So overall I liked how it chose to develop some of the characters instead of going with the approach that the previous episodes had. As it allowed us to get to know Wako a bit more and strengthened her place as the romantic lead for Takuto as well as giving him the resolve to fight and stop the Glittering Crux.


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  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    im am kind of confused by the whole illusion thing. keito, head and tiger are not in zero time but the cybody is? takuto and wako are also in zero time world without their bubbles and is caught in an illusion? meanwhile real time keeps running? wtf? plothole? or am i just confused about something?

    btw i started watching otome youkai zakuro just cuz i found out sphere did the op XD instead of alien catgirls like asobi, this time its demon foxgirls =D
    tbh those fox ears of theirs look nothing more than a clump of pointy hair, and they don’t have any tails. at first i thought it was some sort of fanservice show, but there really isn’t any fanservice and the whole thing is about character development so far. i found it pretty amazing that i was grinning all the way through every ep so far and half the time i don’t even know why. if you havent seen this you should give it a try. if anything, it’s actually kind of like occult academy with a cowardly guy(voiced by takahiro sakurai, so it’s like wimpy cloud XD) and a strong girl as his partner and they don’t completely get along.

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