Nurarihyon no Mago 17

After what had happened at the construction site, Kagibari-Onna reports to Tamazuki however he sees it as all the more reason to takeover Ukiyoe town. At the Nura household Gyuuki concludes that Tamazuki would benefit more from having the Nura clan serve him, so that must be their intention.

Yuki-Onna helps Keijourou with her injuries which leads to her teasing her about how Rikuo himself came to her aid. Sometime after this Kiyotsugu calls a meeting for the Kiyo Cross where he shows them a map of the town with all of the shrines that had recently been destroyed marked. Of course he thinks that a Youkai is behind this so he and the other members head out to investigate it, since he can’t really stop them Rikuo has Karasu-Tengu’s sons and Aotabou watch over him and his friends.

They make it to the shrine that had most recently been destroyed and where Yura had already been investigating, Rikuo and Yuki-Onna stay behind while the others split up. But when they find a piece of cloth how they kneel down to look at it makes Yura think that he’s cheating on Kana, as she had assumed that they were together. So she steps out just as the others come back only to advise Rikuo that if he hunts two rabbits at once he won’t catch any, he shows Kiyotsugu the clothe as she walks off and he’s sure that it’s related to a Youkai.

Deep in the mountains of Shikoku, Rikuo’s grandfather and Natto-Kouzu continue their journey when they encounter what appears to be an Oni, as he reflects on how lax the security has gotten. Suddenly he’s hit by a giant sake bottle and he clashes with his old friend, Inugamigyoubu-Tanuki for the first time in three hundred years. They move to his temple and though Natto is impressed with all of the Tanuki statues that decorate it, Rikuo’s grandfather tells him that there used to 108. What was thought to be an Oni transforms into a small Tanuki who Inugamigyoubu tells to play with Natto while he drinks with Rikuo’s grandfather.

The Kiyo Cross returns to the Nura household and Rikuo tries to find the connection between the attacks and the destroyed shrines, Keijourou brings him some tea as thanks for saving her and he realises that the attacks have all been to distract them while the shrines are being destroyed. So sends out his forces to protect the shrines and the gods that reside inside them.

At one particular shrine Kiyotsugu and Shima are continuing their investigation as Kiyotsugu predicts that it will be the next to be attacked, as all the previous attacks have been in a spiral leading up to this one. Rikuo then receives news that Kagibari-Onna has been sighted along with what Kiyotsugu and Shima are up to, who have now headed inside and have found that the cloth is related to a Youkai from Shikoku, Sodemogi. A Youkai who tugs on someones sleeve and can curse them if they look at him face to face and don’t immediately offer up their sleeve, this Sodemogi also happens to be right behind Kiyotsugu and has mistaken him for the god that resides inside. He starts tugging on his sleeve so Shima has to stop him before Kiyotsugu turns around, he does this by imagining that he’s playing in the world cup and manages to hit him with the ball just as Kiyotsugu was turning around.

Rikuo and Yuki-Onna arrive and send Kiyotsugu and Shima away before chasing after Sodemogi, however when they manage to corner him they’re attacked by Inuhouou and Te-Arai Oni who allow him to escape. Aotabou clashes with Te-Arai Oni while Karasu Tengu’s sons take on Inuhouou who transforms and overwhelms them with his flames, so they decide to use his arrogance against him and send the three fire balls that he fired at them right back to fry him. With Inuhouou defeated Te-Arai Oni retreats.

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As something that was for the most part filler I’m pleasantly surprised with this episode and a few of the last episodes. As though they didn’t cover things that were in the manga, they managed to show off some of the characters who didn’t really get that much screen time as well as building up to the actual events in the manga.

The events that this built up to was the shrines being destroyed by Sodemogi, where in this episode we were able to see that the attacks by Tamazuki’s group had been to divert the Nura clan’s attention from the shrines. Which at the same time he was having Sodemogi attack and though it had been mentioned before as well as being hinted at through Yura’s investigation, the importance that it had wasn’t really made known until this epsode. So it was good to see these past two episodes build up to this.

Being able to see Rikuo’s grandfather clash with Inugamigyoubu was fairly awesome as well, particularly how in one strike they were both able to tell who the other was without seeing them for over three hundred years. And how there was a quick flash of what they were like back then was a nice way to show this. Other than that their meeting itself also conveyed just how much the Youkai side of the world had decayed, from stuff such as the fewer statues in Inugamigyoubu’s temple and how even Rikuo’s grandfather admitted that his Hyakki Yakou was now only one in name. So it was a good way at showing that even though they were still around, their influence had decreased signifigantly from what it was in Feudal Japan.

The battle towards the end was also pretty good, where aside from seeing Shima almost take out Sodemogi with a football we also got to see Aotabou clash with Te-Arai Oni, and it was pretty funny in how a girl could see them from her backyard but her mother couldn’t be bothered to see for her self. Even then it was actually quite surprising how no one seemed to notice the battle between Karasu Tengu’s sons and Inuhouou, fireballs and all. Which was actually quite fun to see where the Tengu used his own confidence in his attacks to defeat him, the choice to apparently kill him off through this was also kind of surprising. And though he didn’t do much after this, his death in the manga was something that showed the difference between how Rikuo and Tamazuki felt about their subordinates quite clearly.


4 Responses to Nurarihyon no Mago 17

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i was expecting a climatic battle between the nura family and each of the seven pilgrims, but then inuhouou died so unexpectedly, i was actually a little disappointed… so far they seven pilgrims have been protrayed to be much weaker than their reputaion suggest…
    i hope the put up more of a fight in the coming eps

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    In the manga he died when Tamazuki used him as a shield against Rikuo’s attack at the beginning of the final battle, so I actually preferred how he died in this episode. Though it’ll mean that the way he treats his subordinates won’t be as prominent in comparison to how Rikuo treats his.

    And it isn’t really that they’re weak, but more that the members of the Nura clan are so strong. Since most of them go back to either when Rikuo’s grandfather or even his father were the head of the clan.

    Also the final battle is pretty awesome and I hope that they put more focus on the other fights as well.

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