Amagami SS 17

Two years before the start of the series, Rihoko had been asked by her childhood friend, Junichi to go shopping however to her disappointment it was too choose a gift for the girl who he would later be stood up by. Back in the present we see some photos of them together when they were younger as her friend, Kanae Itou wakes her up.

When she eventually gets her up they make their way to school but Rihoko ends up forgetting her gym uniform and has to run back. This means that she’s going to be late unless she takes the shortcut through the fence, she can’t exactly fit through it though. She ends up getting stuck and the one that comes to her rescue is Junichi, who takes the chance to joke about how this will be where they part ways. After making sure that he can’t see her underwear, he tells her to lie flat so that he can pull her out but she ends up landing on him, and he thinks that the reason she couldn’t fit through was due to overeating instead of her somewhat bulky coat.

During PE they have to do the high jump and while Kanae can do it with ease, Rihoko lands flat on her face. They talk about what happened at the fence during lunch, with Kanae thinking that Junichi was kind of a jerk for leaving her at the fence and Rihoko considering whether Junichi was. Meanwhile Haruka and Hibiki are playing with a Frisbee which hits Rihoko, but she’s just glad that her cupcakes are okay. After seeing this she starts to consider whether she should start dieting and Kanae has an idea for who she could give her cupcakes to.

In one of the classrooms Junichi takes the package from his desk and to Umehara, who points out that the girl that Junichi liked the most kind of looked like Rihoko. The package falls out of the desk and they have a close call as Tsukasa picks it up for them, after which Rihoko calls him out into the hallway to give him her cupcakes. He accepts them after joking about how she’s going on a diet again and Kanae asks him and Umehara if they want to go ice skating with her, and Rihoko.

Rihoko goes to the tearoom after this where her upperclassmen have brought in some choux creme, due to this Rihoko forgets about her diet and her upperclassmen trick her into thinking that they were originally used to propose to someone. She remembers her diet and runs out leaving her upperclassmen to wonder about the fate of their club. Back in the classroom, Junichi and Umehara leave Kaoru to attend to some serious business which is really just Junichi showing Umehara a book he found in the library.

They find Rihoko as he does this so he walks home with her and on their way they pass a playground, where Rihoko remembers how Junichi had tried to transform her into a princess when they were younger. However his memories are a bit different with it being a meat bun instead. Miya spots them and runs up only to see Rihoko stuck in the slide with Junichi helping her out.

When she gets home Rihoko weighs herself and resolves to do some exercise before she goes to bed but can only do a few sit ups. The next day she’s able to fit through the fence easily and in the classroom, Junichi thinks that she should have been able to fit through it.

Ending Theme:

“Koi wa Aserazu” by Ryoko Shintani.

Next Episode:


After how good the previous arc was I think that this one will have a tough time beating it, however so far it looks like it could still be pretty good. With it doing something interesting in comparison to some of the previous arcs and still providing the style of comedy that the previous arcs had also had. Like when Junichi and Umehara had acted overly serious about swimsuit magazines and how he, Rihoko, and Miya all came together in the park again after Rihoko and Junichi had remembered something that all three of them had done there together when they were younger.

The thing that it did which was interesting was to go as far as to switch Junichi’s role as the protagonist in the story with the heroine of this arc, Rihoko Sakurai, voiced by Ryoko Shintani, who had also appeared every so often in each of the previous arcs. The thing that made this interesting was that it allowed us to view episode mainly from her perspective, where we saw that they had been friends when they were growing up. Along with that she had liked him as far back to before he was stood up on the Christmas date, however he hadn’t noticed her feelings for him. Aside from that it also allows us to view Junichi himself from the heroine’s perspective, and perhaps it’ll lead to less of the sort of stupid things he has done previously in the series, since his part as the protagonist which had protected him before is sort of gone for now.

This also put a new spin on why she had been trying to diet in the previous arcs as she had decided that she needed to lose some weight after a comment that Junichi had made to her. Possibly meaning that the reason she had been trying to go on a diet in all of the other arcs had been for him or due to a comment that he had made. And though this episode did point out how she tends to overeat, she really doesn’t look that much over weight.

Though some of the comments that Junichi had made to her about her overeating and previous failed attempts at dieting may seem harsh, it was good to see another side to this as well. Where at the end of the episode we saw him open up the hole in the fence a bit wider, so that she would be able to fit through it without noticing what he had done. It kind of showed that even while he jokes around like that, he’s still looking out for her.


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