Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 05

The episode begins with a woman taking something from the science lab, after that the members of the midnight flight drama club are shown performing stretches in the open simply for fanservice. A new character who’s in the cycling club but tends to help them out backstage is then introduced, Tsubasa Aoki who also backs away from Jaguar and Tiger’s advances. The island is then struck by an earthquake which causes him to fall from a ladder.

Because of this he goes to the infirmary where he blushes as the school nurse, Midori Okamoto checks whether he’s okay but it leads to some awkwardness when he tries to find out why she knows his name. She’s left somewhat disappointed and takes a look through her “pretty boy” photobook but quickly hides it when the principal arrives to try and introduce her to someone. However he also knows about her preference for pretty boys since though she may have hid the book, her wall is plastered with posters. While she walks through the hallway she sees Kanako performing a kiss through the glass and meets Keito, who points out that she should know her name by now as her club’s adviser before telling her that someone has been stealing chemicals from the science lab.

The Glittering Crux’s Science Guild is then shown working on a new system with their leader, Professor Green testing it out, and with this they plan to defeat the Tauburn and become the leader. Professor Green is then revealed to be Midori and one of her subordinates asks her why she chose to become the school nurse of all things. At the school the next day, a new girl is shown walking by Takuto’s classroom, who’s admired by all the boys and even initiates a kiss through the glass with one of them. After this Takuto and Sugata point out to Sarina and Wako that it’s the way she smells that’s attracting the boys, and Sarina mentions that she’ll soon have the school as her reverse harem. Which Wako can see but once again the others can as well, the girl then winks at Takuto and Sugata before blowing kisses at all the boys with only Tsubasa being unaffected by it. Soon after the island is struck by another earthquake the principal tells them how he feels as if he’s seen that girl before.

Keito then manages to catch Midori in the science lab and asks her whether she was intending to make a love potion with the mandrake. She then salutes, exposing who each other are within the Glittering Crux before Keito explains that the sort of love potion that it makes is useless to anyone but her, since her first stage is the ability to reverse her age. In the classroom Takuto finds a love letter in his desk. At the Eater Cafe, Sarina shows the others that the girl from before is none other than there school nurse, with Wako supporting her on this by telling Takuto her first stage and Sugata explaining that the space time disruption from this may cause the Volcano on the Northern Island to erupt. The love letters that the Midori had sent out are also brought up with a lot of emphasis on what she intends to do put on them, and the others are kind of disgusted when Takuto reveals that he planned to accept it.

He then meets the younger Midori on a bench under the stars and asks about how many of the letters she had sent out, after another earthquake he starts to ask her whether she’s the cause of this while she clings to his arm. She suddenly backs away and tells him how the one to defeat him will become their leader along with that she’s kind of disappointed at this turn of events. Sakana-chan then continues her story where the girl had to berated Sam when he was afraid which made him carry on.

Meanwhile Midori as Professor Green steps into the cybercasket and apprivoises her cybody, and it’s not long until Takuto arrives to accept her challenge. She’s almost overwhelmed by his transformation sequence and he wastes no time in withdrawing his star swords, Midori takes one hit to calculate it’s power before activating the system that she was working on before which allows her to predict his movements. With this she’s able to avoid everyone of his attacks and even answer with her own, almost managing to defeat Takuto. However instead of going for a finishing blow she activates the mode which allows her to see through his clothes, but at the same time Takuto hits her with a Galactic Cross Slash and is left wondering how he defeated her so easily.

Midori then steps out with her mask intact and hands Keito her badge, who quickly finds out how she was defeated and sarcastically remarks that she was impressed. Sometime after this Tsubasa comes to her office to ask why his chest feels tight when he thinks about her, so with a smile she invites him in and locks the door.

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It may have gone back to the same formula as the episodes before last week’s episode but this was still a pretty fun episode. As we were better introduced to another one of the Glittering Crux’s division leaders along with the sense of urgency being slightly shifted away from protecting Wako’s seal and more towards the fate of the entire island. Other than that some of the comedy segments were kind of funny and the action segements were pretty awesome.

Midori, voiced by Houko Kuwashima, being Professor Green was actually something that kind of surprised me at first, as compared to the other members of Glittering Crux she was the one who’s alterego actually looked somewhat different to her usual self. Which could probably be attributed to her different hairstyles and how different Kuwashima made her voice sound between them, since most of the others just seemed to throw on a mask and their costume and leave it at that. There was also something funny about her place as someone who had chosen to be a school nurse despite her qualifications, just so that she could get closer to the male students who she considered to be pretty boys. Along with how she tried to hide her preferences when just about anyone who stepped into her office could tell.

How the urgency from just protecting Wako to preventing a nearby volcano was also something that I had liked about this episode, as it served to add something fresh to the formula we had had previously. It also managed to show that if a Maiden’s seal is broken it could lead to the island becoming unstable, as the Northern Maiden’s seal being broken quite early into the series had led to the volcano on the northern island becoming active. Which tied into Midori’s position as the one who Takuto fought in this episode, by her first phase allowing her to reverse her age and the disruption from this causing earthquakes that would have kept getting bigger until the volcano had erupted. Aside from that her first phase was probably the most noticable we’ve seen so far.

The action half of the episode was also pretty good, with Takuto wasting no time in using the star swords but Midori still being able to push him back and at a few points almost defeat him. However in the end he managed to defeat her and there was something funny about seeing her preferences being  what led to her downfall. Aside from that it also showed that things are starting to get progressively more difficult for Takuto in each episode, and I was actually kind of surprised to see one of the division leaders be defeated so early (depending on the end episode count). But it was actually kind of nice to see her get something of a good end after she had been defeated.


3 Responses to Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 05

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i loled when sarina said they were stretching for fanservice XD
    i’ve actually been wondering whether it would be significant or how it will change how the characters interact when they find out the true identity of their enemies. the way it things went, i think if takuto and midori run into each other at school, it may lead to some interesting trash talking scenes =)
    also, fish girl is getting really weird, but it’s always good to have her song.
    and i’ve been waiting to see what powers sugata has in store. at first i though he might have a cybody since he seemed to foreshadow that he had some important role/super powers, and that he could use it to sacrifice himself and liberate wako from her duties as a maiden in ep 1. now we can see that he gets to cause thunderstorms and shoot energy balls from his chest or something. can’t wait to see that =)

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    It’s always good to get more Sarina and she seemed a bit more prominent in this episode, and while I think it would be interesting as well. I think that this episode pretty much neutralised Midori, considering that her cybody was destroyed and she got one of the pretty boys she had been after. So it doesn’t seem like they would start trash talking but it could still happen with some of the other characters I guess. Though she did point out that the destroyed Cybodies could be repaired.

    She really is getting weird and I kind of want to know how she was moving the chain in the last episode. But one of the weird things seems to be that she’s actually warmed up to Head compared to how they interacted in the previous episodes.

    And what’s on Sugata’s chest in the preview looks more like the kind of marks that Takuto and Wako have both been shown to have. So going by this a Cybody seems more likely, and there’s also the sort of ‘king’ feeling he has.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    the thing about sugata is that he doesnt go into zero time so it doesn’t seem like he has a cybody, but i do get what you mean by the “king” feeling

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