Toaru Majutsu no Index II 05

With the Sheol Fear now ineffective Index is completely defenseless against the nuns moving towards her, so Stiyl and Saiji rush in to save her and before they’re completely surrounded, Touma guides them to a nearby chapel. The nuns start to hack through the door and it seems like they’re only buying time against the inevitable, however Orsola proposes that they decipher the Book of Law to use the Angelic spells that it contains.

By this she means to use the version that Index has memorised, but Stiyl is against it since deciphering it would lead to Index memorising this and more magicians coming after her. When she asks whether he’s worried about her, he’s prepared to let her on the condition that Touma becomes strong enough to protect her from this and that he will burn him away if she’s even the least bit harmed. So Orsola explains her method to decipher it, but the truth is that her way to decipher it is only one of many ways to do so, with each method resulting in a different false reading. The door starts to weaken so Touma suggests that they move and comes up with a plan when he accidentally makes Stiyl drop his rune cards, just as the nuns start to pour in.

As part of this plan he confronts Agnese alone, who laughs at how he’s throwing away his friends after what he had done before and recites what Orsola had said before about acting on beliefs. But to him it’s more that he has complete faith in them and only wishes that they have faith in him as well, so Agnese starts the fight by activating her Lotus Wand and uses Touma’s own catchphrase against him. The Lotus Wand works by shifting the impact from the staff to the target, so whenever Agnese sadistically swings it down or scratches it, the area near Touma will be struck. And while he dodges the first few attacks she manages to hit him by anticipating where he’ll be when he tries to dodge them. Remembering what Agnese had said before about the Christian Church being founded to help people, he gets back up but she laughs and tells him that the only true gospel belongs to the Roman Catholic Church.

She attacks again but this time Touma stops unexpectedly and uses his Imagine Breaker against it before rushing back in, and even though she manages to hit him, he still follows through with a punch.This brings back Agnese’s memories from when she lived on the streets and she gets right back up and tells him how the battle going on outside has gone silent and is now over, confident that her side has won.  But the doors fling open just as Touma tells her that her illusion is over, and alongside Index, Stiyl, Orsola, Saiji, and some of the Amakusa is a raging Innocentius. Which Stiyl says is thanks to that the Amakusa placing his cards around the church to create a giant runic circle.

Even though the nuns could still defeat them with their numbers they remain still, so they’re now at a standstill where either Touma or Agnese must defeat the other alone in order to break it and without wasting any time he runs forward and sends her flying back with a punch. The nuns now drop their weapons and the battle is over, but just as Touma is able to look back he collapses from his injuries.

He wakes up in the same old hospital with Kaori watching over him, she quickly takes back the note she was going to leave and tells him how both Orsola and the Amakusa have been placed under the British Puritan’s protection, which had been the latter’s intention all along. She then blushingly apologises for the trouble she’s caused him, only for Tsuchimikado laugh at how she appears to be about to thank Touma by undressing or cosplaying for him. He leaves the desserts he brought and says that he’ll give them some alone time as he steps out, to all of which Kaori embarrassingly yells at him for. Touma then asks if it was just a joke that Tsuchimikado was playing so Kaori tells him that it’s gotten to the point where she can’t simply thank him anymore, and Touma tells her how he doesn’t need act based on what organisations anyone belongs to and would probably save Agnese if she needed to be saved.

The setting then shifts back to the streets of London, where Stiyl and Laura walk through the rain discussing the Roman Catholic Church’s reaction to what recently happened and Stiyl asks if she had planned for this from the beginning. She then tells that nothing would have changed if they failed to save Orsola and that this was more about a way to keep Kaori under their control, especially after what had happened to the Knights of England, and that with the Amakusa under them they can now simply threaten her by using them. All of which she says with a smile leaving Stiyl wondering about her true character.

Next Episode:

After just having a magic side arc we move onto a science side arc.


As something to end an arc on this was a pretty good episode, as whether or not Orsola could decipher was touched upon and the fight between Touma and Agnese was kind of fun to watch, with the decisive point in it being pretty awesome. Other than that we were also treated to a good dose of dere Kaori and were better introduced to someone who easily comes across as someone who could end up as a future villain in the story.

The point where they actually considered using the Book of Law to get out of the current situation was kind of interesting, as if they had deciphered and used it, not only would they have been able to overcome the nuns under Agnese’s command but it would have also meant exposing Index to the deciphered version. With the importance of this being emphasised by Stiyl as the spells it contains would have simply added to the 103,000 grimoires that so many magicians are after, so this came across as almost being a turning point where things would have been stepped up. It was also interesting to see that Orsola wasn’t able to decipher it from the start, simply being that the number of different ways to decipher it make it almost undecipherable, as it reflected on another name for the book, “Liber AL vel Legis” which means “It will be as you wish it”.

The fight between Touma and Agnese in this episode was also pretty fun to watch, as we were introduced to a more sadistic Agnese and how the Lotus Wand was used to attack Touma did an okay job at keeping things interesting. As Touma couldn’t just simply swing his fist around and expect to block all of the attacks, leading to him getting hit a few times and having to plan a bit in order to get close enough to attack her. And though I thought that him throwing a punch lowered his otherwise cool entrance in the last episode, it was actually quite the opposite here as she really kind of deserved it. How the others made their entrance with Innocentius at their backs was pretty awesome, along with how it was animated as the raging flames were able to show just how it was able to throw all of the nuns into a moment of disbelief. Though I can kind of see how some people may have not been able to see just how crucial the point after this was.

How Kaori had acted around Touma when this was all over was also kind of cute, where she quickly retracted the note she was about to leave and continually blushed when she talked to him when she was able to show her gratitude for what he had done. Tsuchimikado appearing to mess with how in how she was going to do this was pretty funny as well, as it was almost as if he had planned to do this and was threw ideas that were probably already running around Kaori’s head, though messing with a Saint must be a dangerous hobby. So it was a pretty fun scene as well, but I was kind of disapointed to see one of the few exact age clarifications skipped.

Just after this it was also quite shocking for Laura to be introduced as a possible villain for the series, as her otherwise positive impression was just about entirely thrown away by just what her plan had been from the start. As at first it may have seemed like she had been intending to save Orsola from the start and was able to plan for it, it quickly came apparent that her intentions had been to place a leash on Kaori by taking in the Amakusa to use against her if they had to. And the use of the weather and music here did a great job at showing the nature of her intentions, with the sinister smile she showed simply being the icing on the cake.

Overall I kind of liked this arc, as even though reading the novel had made me slightly disappointed to see some of the exposition on the “Idol Theory” and how the Amakusa’s style of magic worked, it really helped in making it a lot less wordy and easier for it to progress forward. While the the former would have explained how a copy of something was able to channel through some power from the original, and the latter was pretty cool as their magic worked by being infused with everyday things. However it also felt kind of weak at some points. As it had to continuously go back and show things that had happened during the timeframe of the previous episodes, yet were cut out. Which it made it feel kind of disjointed at some points and it could have been fixed by showing it when it actually happened. In the end though it still had it’s redeeming points, such as the battle taking place on a much larger scale, how awesome Touma’s punch had been at the end of it, and an incredibly adorable Kaori being messed with by Tsuchimikado.


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