Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 06

Takuto’s watch needs to be repaired so due to it being a special day he asks Wako if there’s anyone on the island that could repair it, they try to ask Sugata if he wants to go as well but he would rather head home, so Wako decides to treat it as a date. On the bus ride to the shopping district they see some sticks planted in the ground while a girl, Mami Yano watches them with a irritated expression.

Before they get the watch repaired they visit some of the other stores and continue on to a clothing store after that, where Takuto pulls out various costumes for her and they end up finding the Vice President inside. Meanwhile Mami returns from diving for some shellfish and is hassled by some onlookers, this brings up her feelings regarding the order of the island changing. Back in the store Takuto mentions Sugata, and Wako doesn’t respond at first but proceeds to tell him that today was his birthday. However he’s hated it ever since he found out about the meaning of his name and the cybodies, as he possesses both a mark and what is considered to be the strongest cybody, the cybody of the king.

Though he can approvoise it, it won’t move and the focus shifts to the first phases that a Star Driver obtains from this, with Takuto wondering what his one is. While Kanako says that hers must be her beauty and business sense, and though she takes hers for granted she can see that others would only be troubled by there theres. Due to his first phase Sugata isn’t allowed to leave the island and has never apprivoised his cybody, as everyone who has before him has fallen into a sleep which no one has awoken from. Mami also happened to be in the restaurant where Takuto and Wako were, and the reason that she’s watching them is out of concern for Wako’s seal being broken, Keito finds her and reminds Mami that she’s been having trouble with her first phase.

Takuto walks Wako home but before they part ways he asks whether she likes Sugata, so she tells him how he was part of the reason that she was able to bear the burden of being a maiden and how she can remember when he was truly happy on his birthday as well as how she’s afraid of how he always carries a knife. She’s also found an excuse to give him something each year but hasn’t this year and apologises for using him today, so Takuto proposes that they give him his present now. They head over to his house but are turned away by Jaguar who tells them how he’s in the dojo, so they head to the boundary wall near it and Takuto asks Wako to sing.

The fish girl/Sakana-chan continues her story with Sam defeating the Squid Emperor and how it’s blue blood was used to end the kings immortality so he could sleep, after this he continued on. While Wako continues to sing, Mami makes her attack by activating her Mermidoll’s first phase, this creates a spectral doll that flies forth and attacks them. Takuto and Wako try to run but it chases right after them and even Tiger and Jaguar have trouble fighting it, Takuto enters the fray but the stick he uses snaps just as Keito finds Mami again. He manages to hit the doll with a log and Tiger and Jaguar throw him their swords, allowing him to execute the Galactic Cross Slash however the pain from this causes Mami to lose control and the doll to go berserk.

While it was just one before there is now an uncountable amount now, so Takuto and the others are in quite a pinch as they move in and restrain them while one chokes Wako. However at this point a knife flies through and frees her as Sugata tells them to get away from her. While she calls out to him, he approvoises his cybody, the Samekh and uses the King’s Pillar. He then falls into a deep sleep, and though he couldn’t say it it was also Takuto’s birthday.

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Just like the fourth episode it was great to see this episode shift away from the formula that some of the previous episodes have had in exchange to develop some of the main characters. It was also nice to see some emphasis placed on first phases as well, as before they had really only been shown or mentioned, and while it didn’t have a battle where Takuto had to use the Tauburn the action sequences still look amazing.

How this episode chose to develop one of the main characters was one of the things that I liked about it, as while the last time it had done this was to develop Wako’s character this episode went about developing Sugata’s character. Who compared to Takuto and Wako hasn’t really been as prominent as a main character, so it was nice to see some focus placed on him with even the king feeling that surrounded him built upon by how he possessed the cybody of the king, Samekh and it’s first phase being the King’s Pillar.

It was also nice to see some emphasis placed on the first phase that a star driver gains from apprivoising their cybody, where they gain an ability of some sort that works in the real world. Though they were present in the previous episodes we were either only shown or told about them with little weight placed on them, but in this episode it seemed a bit different as there were things like Kanako talking about how some would be more of a burden and even Mami losing control of her first phase. This emphasis had also served to the ending quite nicely as well, as it added that extra bit of weight and impact to Sugata using the King’s Pillar in order to save Wako.

The twist that Takuto and Sugata shared the same birthday was also kind of nice for what it was, though how it was hinted throughout the episode took away most of the surprise. Despite this though how each considered their birthday was quite different, as while Takuto considered it to be something of a special day, Sugata had despised his after he had found out about the meaning of his name and mark. How the episode ended with how Takuto had considered it slightly shifting was also a nice point to end the episode on.

Other than that I liked how this episode also went into more detail as far as Sugata and Wako’s relationship as well, as the previous episodes had made it look like they were just friends stuck in an arranged marriage. However it was actually shown to be something quite different as Wako considered him part of the reason she was able to withstand the burden she had and despite how much he hated it, she had always found a way to celebrate his birthday. While he would use something like the King’s Pillar for her sake, knowing all to well about the consequences it would have.


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