Nurarihyon no Mago 19

In Shikkoku, Rikuo’s grandfather and Inugamigyoubu talk about old times and when Rikuo’s grandfather tells him how Hihi was killed by someone called Muchi, Inugamigyoubu recognises this as the work of his son, Tamazuki. Who as the eighth son of his 88th wife has inherited his powers more than any of his other sons and has similar ambitions to what Inugamigyoubu had when he was younger, of all the Youkai that his son has under his command he tells him to be specifically wary of Inugami.

Back at the high rise building Tamazuki asks Inugami why he’s so intent on killing Rikuo when he intends to make him join them, Inugami’s reason for this is simply because he’s weak so Tamazuki gives him the permission to do what he wants. As he heads out Kagibari-Onna is curious of what Tamazuki is to him so he tells her how it was Tamazuki who had changed him by awakening his power of hatred.

At the Nura household Kiyotsugu has a fifty two losing streak to Rikuo but still continues to play Youkai Poker, on the boundary wall Inugami despises Rikuo for how he can act like that around humans. After Sodemogi was defeated, the members of the Nura clan come to the conclusion that Tamazuki’s next move would be to come after Rikuo. However since he’s locked up in the mansion there shouldn’t be anything to worry about, except for how the Kiyo Cross has received a report about a Youkai appearing if the projector at the old school building is run. With sunset fast approaching Kiyotsugu insists on checking it out and manages to convince the others with how they might meet the Nurarihyon again, and in order to hide suspicion Rikuo can’t exactly object. He then receives a phone call from Inugami who tells him how he can’t wait to kill him and has decided to settle for his friends, when he comes back he realises that the latest report was part of Inugami’s trap.

On their way to the old school building the Kiyo Cross bumps into Yura who warns them that it’s getting dark, yet Kiyotsugu has a secret weapon which makes Yura insist on going along, since it’s really just a wooden sword. When they arrive Inugami has united the Youkai there under him. The Kiyo Cross make their way to the hall with Kiyotsugu and Shima heading up to start up the projector and Yura feeling uneasy. Rikuo catches up and manages to convince them to head back, while Inugami curses him for being able to live normally. Elsewhere the members of the Nura clan who left when they found out that Rikuo had left the mansion fight Inugami’s underlings and are determined to catch up to him.

While Yura escorts Kana, Saori, and Natsumi home, Rikuo will stay behind to find Kiyotsugu and Shima, he arrives just as they start the projector and is greeted by none other than Inugami. Who makes his hatred to him known and questions why he’s liked by both humans and Youkai before telling him how he was treated like a monster by humans. Meanwhile Yura fights off Inugami’s underlings and Kiyotsugu and Shima prepare to head out. Inugami strikes but the members of the Nura clan arrive to stop him, however this simply pisses him off and makes him hate him even more as he fires his head at him.

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Like the last episode this one continued with the material from the manga, albeit changing a few things as they went and though I liked a few of these changes there were also a few that I was kind of disappointed by. Other than that in this episode we finally got to see Tamazuki’s right hand man, Inugami make his attack on Rikuo and started to learn a bit about Tamazuki himself when things went back to Rikuo’s grandfather and Inugamigyoubu.

One of these changes that I was sort of undecided on was how it shifted where Inugami had attacked from the school to the abandoned school building, as it shifted as it shifted the danger from Rikuo himself to his friends. As this made stopping Inugami that bit more urgent as it wasn’t only Rikuo he was after, but also his friends who he had lured in as well as having all of the Youkai there under him. It also managed to fit in with how they were staying inside the Nura mansion and while Rikuo was struggling to catch up it also made things a lot more tense. It was also kind of funny seeing Yura’s reaction to the weapon that Kiyotsugu had, which was essentially a glorified piece of wood he was swindled into buying.

However due to this it also meant that the aspect of the Rikuo’s Youkai friends properly acting as his bodyguards at the school, which is always kind of fun to see. As well as the plan they had to avoid Inugami’s attack. As this plan relied heavily on both there being a window of time where they could plan ahead for the attack and the conditions for how they could pull it off. Which with things are as they are now I can’t really see how they could pull it off unless they manage to get away from him first. So it was really something I was left undecided on as it had both it’s good and bad points.

How Inugami grew to hate Rikuo was also something that was changed as rather than steadily growing to hate him, he had already hated him enough and it quickly grew as soon as he saw him. However while it lacked this build up there wasn’t any doubt that he absolutely despised him due to how he was steadily beginning to transform as the episode progressed. It also did a good job at hinting that he wasn’t exactly the type of Youkai to underestimate, with even Inugamigyoubu warning Rikuo’s grandfather about him and how Tamazuki had regarded him. Which both served to make him a lot more intimidating.

It also managed to fit in with how they were staying inside the Nura mansion

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  1. ale says:

    i love inugami 🙂

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