Toaru Majutsu no Index II 06

On the 14th of September, Touma is busy cooking dinner while Index is amazed at how the weather can be predicted on the news, until she sees him feeding Sphinx before her and bites his head. She pauses then and asks why the lady who does the weather report is wrong sometimes so he tells her it hasn’t been completely accurate for a while now. Meanwhile the remnant of the super computer, Tree Diagram is being salvaged from the debris of the satellite it was based in.

At Tokiwadai Middle School, Mikoto and Kuroko are showering after their continuous PE classes in the lead up to Daihaseisai, which Mikoto isn’t too happy about while Kuroko asks whether they could go shopping afterward. Just when she tries to tell her how always eating sweets after her work with Judgment isn’t a good idea, Kuroko makes her move by teleporting into her stall only to be fended off as usual. They do end up going shopping after this and Mikoto’s attention is drawn to the news report about a shuttle being launched, Kuroko then drags her into a lingerie store and tries to catch her attention by trying on various things. However she’s more interested in some breast pads, Kuroko remembers how something happened with a certain boy on the last day of summer vacation, and from seeing her reaction she’s shocked about whether Mikoto could like him.

Kuroko then gets a phone call requesting her help as a member of Judgment about a robbery in the 23rd district, the district specialising in aerospace research. So she now has to unhappily part ways with Mikoto, who warns her that there could be a storm tonight. She eventually arrives at the Judgment office and meets up with a fellow Judgment member, Kazari Uiharu who shows her a surveillance tape of the robbery, where an airtight space radiation resistant luggage bag is stolen. Meaning that what’s inside could have come from space, so instead of waiting for Antiskill to handle it Kuroko heads out to retrieve it herself.

She intercepts the thieves and easily manages to retrieve the luggage bag using her teleportation ability, also using it to pin them down with the steel nails she keeps on belts around her thighs. Her phone rings and this time it’s Mikoto, who tries to get her come back to the dorm with the excuse of a room inspection before hanging up. While she prepares to head back, the luggage bag suddenly disappears and a corkscrew appears in her shoulder.

Her opponent this time is a fellow teleporter, Awaki Musujima whose ability, Move Point allows her to teleport objects by simply seeing them. Aside from this she also seems to know all about her and isn’t afraid to use people as shields with her ability, however this was simply to remove the nails which she then teleports into her side. Awaki then reveals that the contents of the case are the remnants of Tree Diagram which had been strangely destroyed a few months ago, of course various countries had also tried to retrieve this. She then mentions how this relates to Mikoto and the 21st of August along with that the experiments that stopped then would start again if Tree Diagram is rebuilt, while she’s distracted Kuroko reaches for her last two nails.

Meanwhile Last Order and Accelerator are bathing in the bathroom of  the hospital they’re in while Yomikawa Aiho stands outside, where Last Order exercises her freedom in the bathtub and attempts to make the strongest esper in Academy City cry by splashing soapy water in his eyes. Of course he can’t reflect this at the moment so he yells out to Yomikawa but she simply walks off to her next job.

Kuroko returns to the dorm and bandages her wounds while Uiharu informs her of Awaki’s ability, mainly about how she has trouble teleporting herself and how she’s rumoured to be one of the ‘guides’ to the Windowless Building where the General Director of Academy City resides. She then tries to put everything together, remembering what Mikoto and Awaki had said along with the information about the group that were transporting the remnants to begin with. Mikoto then comes in so she hides the fact that she’s injured and tries to find out where she was. After she steps out she remembers the clean up she helped with on the 21st of August, where she found a burnt up coin that matched the coins that Mikoto uses for her signature move, the Railgun.

She then takes action with an idea of the nightmare Mikoto had been through making her determined to stop the experiments Awaki had been talking about from starting again. After seeing an explosion at a construction site she finds Mikoto battling Awaki over the remnants, who without being all that specific tells her how the clones were made to be destroyed in the experiment to begin with. Also belittling the emotions that she’s feelings towards this, this just pisses her off and makes her blame herself. However before she can attack Awaki makes her back down by using a human shield, allowing her to teleport away. Upon seeing this Kuroko feels that it’s time to make her move and teleports as well, elsewhere Misaka 10032 steps out of her hospital bed and despite her injuries heads out to find help.

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Unlike the last arc I hadn’t read the novel for this one, so this was all new for me, however due to it only possessing two episodes while most of the novels have had three to four episodes to adapt to will mean that it will be rushed. However this is probably so it can be handled in full when the Railgun anime reaches this point, as it seemed like they were only showing things they had to so that they could move on. Other than that it also felt rather similar to the Railgun anime with things like Kuroko taking over as the protagonist and Uiharu appearing.

This feeling made it pretty interesting as well, as while Touma had appeared at the beginning it wasn’t long until Kuroko took over and he felt kind of like a side character. It was also good to see Uiharu again, where she made her first real appearance in the Index storyline as Kuroko’s junior and support in Judgement, Saten being nowhere to be seen was a relief as well after she had been shoehorned into the Railgun anime. But while Kuroko acting as the protagonist was an interesting change, it still kind of irked me about how she dealt with some thugs (who were even carrying guns) as if it were nothing, since it makes Judgment seem more serious business than they’re otherwise shown to be. And while I like Satomi Arai’s work as a voice actress, I still think it’s something best taken in moderation.

However this disappointment seemed to change when the current antagonist for this arc made her appearance, Awaki Misujima who was voiced Harumi Sakurai who’s most notable role would probably have to be one of the heroines in Angel Beats!, Yuri. Who seemed better than Kuroko in almost every aspect, as while she needed to touch things to teleport them Awaki simply needed to see them. So instead of the fodder that she had before where she could simply teleport some nails and leave it at that, Kuroko actually had something of a challenge in facing her which made for some pretty interesting uses of teleportation. With stuff like how Awaki had teleported Kuroko’s own nails into her without lifting a finger and had later even teleported some of her underlings and some nearby civilians to create a shield to make Mikoto back down.

It was also great to see this tie in with some of the things that had happened in the first season, with the focus being around the remnants to the super computer, Tree Diagram which had been destroyed in by Index in the very first arc. As it could be rebuilt if these remnants were retrieved, which aside from granting perfect weather reports would have also meant that the Level 6 Shift Project which had been brought to a halt when Touma defeated Accelerator would also start again. So in that sense it also felt a bit like a continuation to the Sisters Arc as while Kuroko didn’t completely know the details, there was still that sense that Mikoto had been running around trying to stop Awaki before she had found out about it. Other than that we also saw Misaka 10032 about to find help so that it couldn’t be restarted.

Aside from that it was also great to see Accelerator again, who had last been seen at the end of the first season recovering from the shot he took to the head in order to save Last Order back in the first season. And there was something funny about the strongest esper in Academy City almost crying after a little girl had splashed water in his eyes.


4 Responses to Toaru Majutsu no Index II 06

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i didn’t think this show could get much better than touma saving a damsel in distress, but then we get to have kuroko steal the show while mikoto, accelerattor, touma and the sisters all appear in the same ep together. =) a fitting sequel to the sisters arc and last order arc(or w/e you call it)
    i always hate it when touma is saving the day and he runs into mikoto, he never lets her in on whats going on so she doesn’t get to be awsome. but since this arc is about her, i’m hoping he’ll join in the fight rather than make cameo appearances like he did in railgun.

    on a separate note(kinda) i forgot why it was that accelerator lost his ability after getting shot, and how he can uses last order and the sisters network to make up for it. i know they explained it last season, but i completely forgot what it was =P

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    It was a little rushed from what I’ve heard from people who had read the novel, but it was great to see Kuroko steal the show and the likes of Mikoto and Accelerator to return and personally, I enjoy the science side more than the magic side of things.

    The Three Stories arc is probably a better name for it, since the fake date that Touma and Mikoto went on that lead to him clashing with her stalker (Etzali) and the stuff with Ouma were in the same novel as the part where Accelerator met Last Order.

    That’s probably because he can’t most of the time and the next arc will have a lot of that, but at least it makes for some awesome cameo appearances for whenever he shows up in Railgun. Which Mikoto gets to be awesome in as well, and is kind of the whole manga’s point. But I agree that it would be good to see them team up at some point.

    After he was shot his brain was damaged and he lost his ability to make ‘calculations’. So he needs the Misaka network to do that for him (see the collar on his neck), but even then it’s still a fraction of what he could do before and there’s a time limit for his abilities now. Things could be different in the latter novels though.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i also like the science more which is partly why i found railgun to be better than what other people thought of it.
    i hope accelerator gets his powers back eventually =)

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    I don’t think it was that Railgun itself wasn’t so good, but more so how J.C.Staff handled it. Since the manga was and still is pretty awesome with things like terrorist Mikoto, cameos like what happened with ITEM, and Biribiri vision Touma. But instead they chose to focus on a lighter more relaxed slice of life feeling which essentially came down Mikoto, Kuroko, Uiharu, and Saten (the latter of which received more screen time than she really should have) hanging out together more than that.

    There was also the amount of filler that it had, which in some cases wasn’t so bad but you have to consider that everything that happens in the timeline has happened within a few months. Like how there’s only really around two weeks and a few days after the Level Upper Arc until Mikoto was busy with the stuff in the Sisters Arc before Touma stepped in. So while the filler may not have been absolutely terrible and I actually kind of liked Konori, it just can’t all fit in between those two arcs without messing up the timeline.

    I kind of went further there than I expected, but that kind of sums up my feelings on the railgun anime. The manga is good but the anime just didn’t quite handle it right, but even then it’s still kind of enjoyable in some ways.

    If anything he’ll get stronger, but I kind of like the time limit for his powers since it sort of balances him out a bit, as over powered as he is.

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