Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 07

The next day at school, Takuto remembers how Wako had cried after Sugata used the King’s Pillar and went into a deep sleep when his teacher suddenly asks him a question. The next meeting that the Glittering Crux holds is filled talk about the King’s Pillar and Sugata approvoising the Samekh. Despite the fate of all those who had apprivoised it before him they still plan for what would happen if he awoke, and it’s decided that Ivrogne/Keito’s division, who orders Mami to finish the job she started.

When school ends for the day Takuto finds Sarina practicing her lines and they decide to talk about a few things, where she tells him how she considered him, Wako, and Sugata to be a trio and how Wako has been constantly purifying herself. However Takuto doesn’t think of the three of them like that so she tells him how she could only see a future where those two were happy after he had arrived. He starts to remember all that’s happened since he arrived as she tells him that he can do something just by being there and eggs him on as the Galactic Pretty Boy.

So he runs to Wako’s house and meets Wako’s grandmother, who after questioning him about when he got his mark tells him where her granddaughter is. He meets her inside the cove after she’s had a chance to put something on and he tells her how he just wanted to see her face, at which point the Fish Girl/Sakana-chan starts to sing as Mami steps into the Cybercasket. Takuto and Wako then find themselves in Zero Time with Sugata floating along with the Glittering Crux members.

Mami then steps forth in her cybody, the Kaphrat so with a bit of rage for what’s happened, Takuto meets her with the Tauburn and after which the Kaphrat attacks him by firing the same dolls as before. It then transforms into a mermaid like form and dives into ground, continuing to fire as it swims around him. So Takuto fires a Tau Galactic Beam at it but it keeps going with one of her attacks hitting Sugata. He starts to fall and luckily Takuto manages to catch him, he starts to wake up and as Mami lunges towards him, he finishes the Kaphrat by slicing it in two.

Time starts once more with Takuto and Wako running over to Sugata’s house once Wako’s changed into something decent, they’re greeted by Jaguar and Tiger soon finds that Sugata is missing. The King’s Pillar appears once more, at which point the Fish Girl/Sakana-chan continues her story with the King offering Sam his kingdom but eventually giving in to only giving him his ship. To Head this story gives him the will to keep going, however the ship Sam received came at a cost as in order to fuel it, only the blood of the girl he loved would do, down to the last drop.

Sugata stands in the crater from the King’s Pillar with Benio/Scarlet Kiss, George, and Tetsuya bowing before him who offer him the place as their first division’s leader, Emperor, something that had been kept open specifically for him. He still doesn’t seem to be himself so Benio approaches him just as Takuto arrives, and she has George and Tetsuya restrain him as uses her first phase on Sugata. Takuto manages to break free and slaps him out of it which causes Benio, George and Tetsuya flee before he uses the King’s Pillar again, Wako arrives but Sugata is more concerned about the mark that Takuto left on his cheek. For which he asks him if he wants to die.

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After what the last episode had left off on I was interested as to how this episode would play out and had kind of expected something along the lines of Takuto going into Zero Time to bring Sugata back from the preview. But how the first half consisted mainly of Takuto feeling out-of-place and needed to have Sarina convince him otherwise was something that I think that I would have preferred over it.

As through this we were able to see some of the repercussions of what had happened when Sugata had fallen into his deep sleep, with how Wako had cried making him feel like a third wheel among them and it certainly had an impact on how he acted then. So this had meant that it was up to Sarina to convince him otherwise, and other than it’s always good to see her she also managed to do a good job at this. By reminding him of the things that had happened and telling him her own opinion on it, it was actually something that’s kind of bro-like though the use of a term like that for a female character seems pretty weird. After this it was also kind of interesting to see Wako’s grandmother question Takuto about his mark.

The Fish Girl/Sakana-chan also seems to be getting even more weird because as she continues to tell her story it’s as if space begins to distort around her according to the part she tells. Where two balls of candy had appeared inside her glass which seemed to multiply in this episode, it’s something that just gives her a strange feeling and I’m interested as to how the recent twist to it will effect the story of the show itself. As there appears to be some parallels between it and the main story.

How the action parts of this episode had played out was also something that I liked, as while most of the previous ones had mainly been to showcase the Tauburn’s abilities with only a bit of difficulty on Takuto’s side. This episode seemed to step it up a bit with Mami’s cybody, the Kaphrat proving to be quite a challenge for him through it’s sudden attacks and the way it moved, and even a Tau Galactic Beam wasn’t enough to defeat it. So at seven episodes in I think this is a good sign that the battles that Takuto will face are becoming harder and more challenging for him.

The way that the Glittering Crux regarded Sugata and the King’s Pillar was something pretty interesting as well, since not only did they want him to join them but the missing first division that was nowhere to be seen at the meetings was something reserved just for him. The title, Emperor may have even indicated the role he would have played there as they were currently leaderless and being able to use the King’s Pillar after bypassing the fate of those who had used it before him may have easily made him the strongest. The way the episode had ended with him under Benio’s control was also a nice twist, as it sets up a divide between them which Takuto will have to break in the next episode.


2 Responses to Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 07

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    at this point, i really don’t know what to expect from the story. one ep it almost looks like they were gonna off sugata, next ep he is revived without explanation, the he gets offered to be the leader of the bad guys, then they realize he lost his will….which means he can be mind controlled via a kiss??
    this is starting to feel like angel beats, where the plot was episodic, and if there was a cliff hanger from last ep, it would be solved the next ep, then they would give you a new cliff hanger etc… the plot twists also require no explanations…
    i guess it’s best to take what the show dishes out and see if things will get explained later on or the story becomes less episodic.

    i’ve just caught up with lolh, and just want to say that i don’t recall another show i’ve seen where all the characters can look completely evil in one scene and then be a saint in the next. each with his own reasons for opposing the other, but no one is right or wrong. it all just comes down to what they believe in and which sides the they take…
    i find it quite amazing how the story is written so you as the audience can’t take sides but are forced to love and hate all the characters at the same time

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    It really is somewhat episodic at the moment, each episode sort of builds onto the next but any issues are usually solved in the same episode they’re brought up in or the very next one. But this supposedly has two seasons worth of episodes to cover, so hopefully what happened with Angel Beats! isn’t going to happen here. Since if so it feels like things are just being set up for later by having the characters get to know each other a bit more before it goes into the main story.

    That’s probably one of the best parts about it, there really is no good or bad side, it’s all a matter of perspective as each character has their own motives and reasons for what they’re doing. And I assume you’re talking about Tiir there, who was shown as a complete monster in episodes 17 and 18 but was shown in a completely different light in 19. As it was more that he had accepted that he was different from normal people (and with it a monster) but still felt some connection with fellow bearers of cursed eyes. The Orla siblings kind of surprised me like that as well though in an opposite sense, they didn’t seem that bad but then they’re shown to have massacred children so they could crystallise their cursed eyes, even though it was for their king and his end goal or eradicating war.

    But really the characters being like that, the magic system/fantasy aspect of it, and how the world that it’s set in is portrayed make it a great series. So it’s actually kind of depressing that it may not get a second season to cover the novels in it’s sequel series.

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