Nurarihyon no Mago 20

Before he had turned to the world of Youkai, Inugami had tried to join human society yet found himself with nowhere to go when he was rejected by them, it was back then when met Tamazuki. It then goes back to him firing his head at Rikuo however Yuki-Onna gets him out of the way and Kubinashi restrains him on his second attempt.

Kubinashi’s thread doesn’t break no matter how much he struggles, he then remembers how Tamazuki had tormented him and had him beaten by some of the students at the school they went to in order to test him. This had led to his first awakening as a Youkai as he reduced every last one of the students to dust, after this Tamazuki had commented on the nature of his power and asked him to follow him to see the world of Youkai. So feeling grateful to him for this Inugami feels that he inspires true fear and refuses to acknowledge Rikuo. Who tries to convince him otherwise however the idea that Youkai are meant to stand above humans has been firmly embedded in his mind while Rikuo feels that there is no difference between them.

He then begins to fully transform with his hate towards Rikuo causing him to grow in size and his body to transform into something more dog-like, and like this he easily he breaks free. In the room where the projector is Kiyotsugu and Shima hear noises from the lecture hall, so Shima goes to check it out but is shocked by what he sees out there. However before Kiyotsugu can see it, Inugami’s completed transformation causes the ceiling to break and debris to block the door, which Shima also gets stuck in. Inugami then moves towards Rikuo, swatting away anyone who gets in his a way and slamming him into a wall.

However he did this just as the sun had fully set and the blood was from his own hand, as Rikuo in his nightform then steps forth completely unharmed commenting on how Inugami has already lost. He then slashes at him and tells him how growing bigger doesn’t make him any stronger, Inugami still refuses to acknowledge him and flees from the lecture hall. Kiyotsugu manages to get out of the room where the projector is and finds Shima who’s still in shock from seeing Kubinashi’s detached head, his glorified stick then breaks and he finds that the Youkai are already gone.

Yura and the girls manage to make it outside and see Inugami and Rikuo leave move along the highway to a nearby school where they continue their battle. And while Rikuo still manages to dominate him Inugami still manages to get a hit in that draws blood, Inugami still continues to spout how low Rikuo is so he cuts him down as he tells him how petty he is for having that way of thinking. This causes him to revert with Tamazuki coming to get him, and while Inugami still insists on fighting Tamazuki tells him that he won’t let him die yet. After this Tamazuki tells Rikuo how it’s time that his group stopped attacking humans and how the next time they meet will be when he takes Rikuo’s fear. He then vanishes with Inugami and Rikuo comments on how melodramatic he is.

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With this episode the cliff hanger that the last episode left off on was resolved and though it lacked the ingenuity that Kubinashi brought in and some of the surprise with it, it was still a decent way to do it with him also getting a chance to shine a bit. However I was slightly disappointed at how Rikuo seemed to just about everyone of his attacks when he had swatted away everyone that Rikuo had with him only minutes before. I also liked how a lot of time in this episode was spent on showing just how Inugami regarded Tamazuki with just how much admiration he had towards him being shown along with the reasons for it.

It had also shown just how much he really despised Rikuo, as how Rikuo could easily able to live among humans as a half Youkai was something he had resented him for since he could never do it no matter how many times he had tried. And by finding him it also meant that Tamazuki was the one who changed that when he brought him onto the world of Youkai. Which worked to add another a bit more to the amount of admiration he held for him, even though Tamazuki had been the source of that at the school that they went to and had even had him beaten in order to make him awaken as a Youkai. But in the end I thought that this did a nice job at displaying this and how he regarded Tamazuki.

How Kiyotsugu and Shima were incorporated into this was kind of funny in a way as well, where Shima was continually shocked by the scene he saw outside and Kiyotsugu missed it all due to another unfortunate coincident. However what I thought the highlight in this was when the wooden sword that Kiyotsugu had was proven to be just that, and not even a good one either. It was also nice to see Yura be involved a bit more in this episode by using her Yura Okurai Max to protect the other girls. So despite it still counting as filler/anime original stuff I still think it’s good that the other characters are being used every now and then.

Something that surprised me quite a bit was how this episode had ended with Inugami still being alive, as in the manga it was around this point that Tamazuki felt that he had outlived his worth. But while this clearly presented how Tamazuki had thought of his subordinates it didn’t really make much sense that he would kill his most faithful and loyal follower, who was essentially his right hand man after he had only screwed up once. So while it sort of contradicted his character it was still good to see him let him live, and I’m interested to see what role Inugami will play as the season heads towards it’s end, or whether Tamazuki will expose this side of himself towards the end of the series.

However I was slightly disappointed at how Rikuo seemed to just about everyone of his attacks when he had swatted away everyone that Rikuo had with him only minutes before.

2 Responses to Nurarihyon no Mago 20

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    nice to see kubinashi is pretty powerful, he looked kinda weak to me the last time he used his powers
    im actually starting to feel bad for inugami, since this is getting an anime original ending, i hope he doesn’t get killed off, or at least has a change of heart before he gets offed

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I just hope that it’s still able to capture the feeling that it had in the manga if he does die this time around. In that he ultimately despised Tamazuki but still considered himself to be undeniably loyal to him, relating to how he was a dog Youkai.

    But really if there is an anime original ending I hope that it still makes a second season possible. Simply because of Hagoromo Gitsune voiced by Mamiko Noto and all of the awesomeness that the Kyoto Arc has.

    I agree that it was great to see Kubinashi show how strong he is, though I’m still kind of disappointed that his connection with Keijourou has for the most part been overlooked.

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