Toaru Majutsu no Index II 07

Soon after Awaki escaped Mikoto finds that she was tricked by her claim about using innocent bystanders as a shield and runs off to find her, in a nearby restaurant Awaki is feeling nauseous from teleporting herself and suddenly finds a corkscrew embedded in her shoulder as Kuroko makes her entrance, making fun of how she had teleported into a wall two years ago.

She also offers her the treat her injuries and give up but Awaki has no intention of doing so with Kuroko showing just how she feels about Mikoto as well as her resolve to protect her everyday life. Their fight starts off with Awaki creating a diversion to teleport the furniture above Kuroko, but she manages to avoid it and uses a broken plate to separate Awaki from the luggage bag to make her attack, and even though Awaki teleports this right back at her she manages to get behind her to knock her down. However her injuries act up and the pain makes her unable to teleport away as the furniture falls.

While she’s down Awaki decides to tell Kuroko a story which turns out to be about the Sisters Project/Radio Noise where clones of an extremely powerful esper failed to have even a fraction of the original’s power. In the hospital that Misaka 10032 is, she discusses the matter with the other clones over the Misaka Network and heads out to get the help of the one who had saved them in the past, Last Order was also taking part in this but Accelerator tells her to shut up. Back at the restaurant Awaki goes on to tell Kuroko about how she’s interested in whether esper powers are only limited to humans and how the outside group she’s working with will rebuild Tree Diagram to allow her to find out.

At Touma’s apartment, he’s currently busy putting up with Index and finds Misaka 10032 at his doorstep who asks for his help, Mikoto is busy trying to find Awaki and finds out about a battle between two espers in a nearby restaurant, after which she bumps into Touma and while wondering why he’s here again they head off together. Meanwhile Awaki continues with how she and Kuroko are alike in that they’ve used their power to hurt people before, however Kuroko turns down her offer to join her and rejects everything she just said. She then gets up and picks up a nearby lamp to attack her with and in order to protect herself Awaki fires the gun in her hand with the coin Kuroko had falling onto the street.

This action also causes Awaki to go berserk and she starts to continuously teleport everything around her, when she calms down she finds a spoon embedded in the gun she had so she decides to kill Kuroko by pushing her ability to the limit by hitting her with a 4520 kg object. She then teleports herself away with the case and space begins to distort above Kuroko, on the street Mikoto picks up the fallen coin and uses her Railgun to create a path for Touma. Who by moving up the debris runs up, catches her and hits the distorted space to cancel the teleport. As Kuroko fades in and out of consciousness she sees his face and wonders why he saved her, on the street below Mikoto sits back with a smile.

Around the outskirts of Academy City, Awaki finds that the group she’s working with is busy defending against Antiskill where Yomikawa refuses to forgive them for using children for their dirty work. So wondering what she should do she continues on, however she finds her path blocked by Accelerator and she knows all to well that she wouldn’t stand a chance against him. The look of despair in her face quickly changes as she remembers how he should be powerless after what had happened to him on August 31st, but Accelerator quickly shoots this down as though he’s weaker now it doesn’t mean she’s any stronger. He then demonstrates this by smashing the concrete with a simple stomp of his foot and follows it by shattering the windows of the nearby buildings, in order to avoid the rain of broken glass Awaki is then forced to teleport herself multiple times. But Accelerator’s attack doesn’t end there as he propels himself upward, smashing the case and landing a punch on her that sends her flying into a building. With his job done he reflects on how he may not
hold the title of the strongest anymore but he’ll still act like it in front of that brat.

In the epilogue Index finally figures out how to buy juice from the vending machine at the hospital, where Touma bears a slap mark on his face from when he walked in on Kuroko getting changed and is feeling down from being unable to properly visit her and Misaka 10032. Index then asks him about Remnant so he tells her that though it was destroyed he doesn’t know who did it, meanwhile Last Order tells Accelerator how Yomikawa and Antiskill were able to take down the group that were after Remnant but he just wants her to be quiet. As Kuroko and Mikoto look out to see the sky Kuroko tells her how this was all due to her own inexperience and how she’ll be able to get right back up if Mikoto keeps smiling.

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With this episode we’ve reached the end of the second arc, and though it only being covered in two episodes made it kind of rushed it was still pretty fun. As not only was Kuroko and Awaki’s dual pretty fun to see we also got some Accelerator action out of it as well, where he proved that even after taking a bullet to the head he still wasn’t exactly someone you would want to piss off. Other than that it was kind of nice to see Kuroko’s devotion to Mikoto portrayed in a not so comedic manner.

To start things off, as short as it really was the teleporter dual between Kuroko and Awaki was fun to watch, where by how they were both able to teleport things made it pretty unpredictable and who had the advantage wasn’t something that could be clearly seen. Because as soon as one of them would attack the other would either teleport it or herself out of the way, until of course the injuries that Kuroko had taken earlier hindered her ability.Which speaking of, she also managed to get Awaki back for by using the exact same corkscrew and nails on her.

I don’t know whether it was portrayed differently in the novels, but Awaki’s goal seemed kind of stupid because something like seeing whether manifesting AIM is only limited to humans seems like something that would have already been researched by Academy City of all places. Let alone it didn’t really seem all that interesting to me other than how it was part of how Awaki wanted to know why she of all people had the powers she had, and it was interesting to see how she talked about the Sisters Project/Radio Noise in front of Kuroko. Seeing Kuroko tear this apart and force her to go berserk when she was forced to shoot her was pretty fun as well, after which it seemed like her mind had almost cracked.

It was also nice to see Kuroko’s devotion to Mikoto portrayed in a bit more serious way instead of the usual comedic way it had been shown as before, as we were able to see just how far they would go for one another and how much they cared about each other. With it being the reason that Kuroko had done everything she had in this episode and Mikoto seeming to grow far more worried once she found out that Kuroko had gotten herself involved with what she was up to, more so at the end of the episode when she told her how she could get right back up if Mikoto continued to smile. Seeing Touma come back into the picture in the same way he would as a side character was also something nice to see. Where Misaka 10032 had sought the help of the one who had saved them in the past and how he ran up the bridge that Mikoto made to save Kuroko and knock out Awaki’s 4.5 tonne teleport was pretty awesome.

Seeing Accelerator back in action was awesome as well and how the mere sight of him reduced Awaki, who had been so sure of her abilities only seconds before to a terrified mess was amazing. Though how he was “weaker” doesn’t seem like something that was portrayed at all, as while he said that, there wasn’t any clear difference between before and after he was shot other than his new look, which kind of reflects how he now strives for light when all he knows is darkness. Which without a doubt definitely makes him a rather intriguing character.

Overall though I hadn’t read the novel and didn’t really know what to expect, or how much would have been cut out this was a fun way to spend two episodes. As not only were we able to go back to the science side with some of the previous arcs being continued in a way. It was also nice to see Kuroko portrayed in a not so comedic light and even as the protagonist for them, while still Touma returned to save the day at the end. I also kind of felt sorry for Awaki as though her reasons other than wanting to know the origin of her powers were kind of stupid she made for an interesting antagonist, and getting vector punched into a building like that isn’t really something anyone deserves. Most of all it was great to see Accelerator back in action making what could be considered one of his first heroic moves as a main character in the series. Anyway next week will bring the Daihaseisai festival that had been hinted at before and though they haven’t really been confirmed, I’m definitely interested to know who will voice the likes of Oriana Thomson and Fukiyose Seiri.


2 Responses to Toaru Majutsu no Index II 07

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    awaki having kuroko, mikoto, touma, and accelorator foil her plans must have been some major bad luck lol. that vector punch at the end was really kind of overdone, it was a little more than she deserved so i was happy she survied. i hope she appears again in the future. i was thinking kuroko’s relationship with mikoto and touma might change after learning the secret of the former and especially after being saved by the latter, but it seems everything is back to the same old, which is a little disappointing to me, but it was still an awsome ep. =)

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    It really was kind of overdone but it was still kind of awesome, though being vector punched like that is probably more than anyone deserves (especially how she slammed into a building and fell ten or so floors). Funnily enough (though it can be considered a spoiler it’s more of something that just happens later on) she ends up being blackmailed to form something similar to ITEM with Tsuchimikado, Etzali, and Accelerator who all were also blackmailed.

    Even after he saved her, I couldn’t really see Kuroko’s relationship with Touma changing since he’s pretty much her biggest rival. But it was still nice to see her bonds with Mikoto strengthened.

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