Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 08

The Fish Girl/Sakana-chan ends her story with Sam killing the girl he loved in order to power the ship’s engine to explore the galaxy, finding that the fish planet that he had always known was just one among many worlds. Head appears disappointed by this end and tells her that she can leave as he walks off and a tear drips down her cheek.

After Sugata had awoken things between the trio have been uneasy with Wako trying to give him his birthday present but he chooses to go home, and to the likes of Kanako and Ruri it looks like they’re fighting after the date that Takuto and Wako had went on. The Glittering Crux then holds a meeting about the Samekh now having a Star Driver, with how they may have to prepare for facing Sugata as well and how their original condition to decide their leader is still in place. There’s also some emphasis placed on using first phases in combat, after which Head meets with Ryousuke Katashiro who comments on how he’s always thrown away what’s precious to him on impulse when he sees that the Fish Girl/Sakana-chan is gone.

It then shifts to the bus stop where Wako meets Keiko who asks about what she intends to do with the gift that she couldn’t give to Sugata, when the bus arrives a new girl runs to catch up with the Vice President appearing to take a liking to her. On board the Fish Girl/Sakana-chan asks Wako and Keito for directions to the ferry and she tells the three girls on board about how things didn’t quite work out between her and the man she loved when had both still loved each other, as she steps off they each wish her good luck. Kanako meets Midori performing a simulation and can notice that she’s been glowing since things worked out between her and Tsubasa with the same thing happening to Benio when she uses her first phase, meanwhile she pins a picture of Sugata her wall.

As the ferry leaves the island the Fish Girl/Sakana-chan sings Monochrome for what could be the last time and Takuto convinces Jaguar and Tiger to let him speak with Sugata alone. He thanks him for getting rid of them and stresses the fate of the Samekh’s Star Driver, Takuto then asks him about the knife he always carries and confronts him for what he did to Wako earlier. However Sugata grabs his fist when he tries to hit him and Takuto knows that he wouldn’t kill him since he simply doesn’t care either way, Sugata then questions him on how much power he really has and if that’s all he won’t need to use the King’s Pillar.

They all soon find themselves in Zero Time where it’s actually raining, a Cybody grabs Sugata so Takuto apprivoises the Tauburn and Benio is revealed to be the enemy Cybody’s Star Driver as she channels some of the Samekh’s power into her Cybody, the Peshant. However Sugata seizes control and his fight with Takuto begins. They appear to be evenly matched but Sugata is easily putting Takuto on the defensive, they clash once more as Takuto confronts him on making Wako sad and Sugata answers that the knife he carries is to protect her.

After which they crack jokes at one another as they charge towards each other, however when they collide the Samekh’s power overloads the Peshant and it fades away.Time then begins once more and they stand panting for a while before the ferry passes, and on board the Fish Girl/Sakana-chan reflects on how the adventure of life goes on.

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In a way this felt like the end to an introductory part in the story where we were able to get to know the three main characters while some of the characters, the setting, and the story it intends to tell were introduced. It also marked the end of the Fish Girl/Sakana-chan’s story in a particularly interesting way with what could be her last appearance, along with having what I thought could be considered one of the best battles so far in the series.

The way that the Fish Girl/Sakana-chan’s story came to an end was also particularly interesting, as in a way it came across as the whole story had been about Head himself. With the ending of how Sam had chosen to explore the galaxy over the girl he loved bringing up something rather personal to him, that even lead to him ending things with her. Along with how the similarities to what Sam had done to what Head had done in the past were hinted by Ryousuke, the painting that was shown behind Head is also something that was could easily lead to some speculation about who he really is as he seems older than he appears to be. In all though it was actually an incredibly interesting way to develop a particularly enigmatic character, as it didn’t really become clear until it reached it’s end.

The action sequences in this episode were also particularly awesome as unlike some of the others it appeared to have something a lot more personal behind it, with it serving as a confrontation for Sugata into just who Takuto really was and for Takuto for how Sugata had made Wako feel after everything she had told him. So due to that it felt like it had a lot more weight behind it and in no way did Takuto manage to win it easily, if it could really be called a win as Sugata clearly had an advantage throughout and was only let down by the Peshant being unable to contain the Samekh’s power. How it ended with a brofist however was probably the best part about it, and while the time they spent panting after that may have seemed lazy it came across as there simply not being enough content for the episode itself.

In a way this episode also felt like the end to the first part of the story, with things like the three main characters receiving a fair bit of development at the end of it, multiple characters being introduced but not really doing much to upset the status quo, and the story that it intends to tell being hinted at. So in a way it felt like it had been laying the foundations for the later episodes. Other than that it also had what could be the Fish Girl/Sakana-chan’s last appearance as she left the island, so it was kind of sad to hear her sing Monochrome for what could be the last time, but how she got on a bus where there were three other girls (two of the three had also been confirmed to be maidens) was pretty interesting. As if you include her it would mean that three out of four of the girls on board would have been maidens, so it seemed to hint that Keito was also a maiden as if so it would have meant that they were all on board at the same time.


2 Responses to Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 08

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    it’s good to see sugata back to normal and only after an awsome brawl with takuto. we also get a new character that’s on the good side, which is cool, but i’m kind of sad that fish girl is leaving, it looks like we won’t have an epic battle song or weird fish world stories anymore. head is also starting to become an interesting character, so i hope fish girl plays a bigger role and makes a return later on. too bad it doesn’t look like mizuno’s va sings, so maybe marino will do the singing lol XD
    i never noticed it before, but what you said about keito being a maiden is quite interesting since there really wasn’t much of a reason for her to appear in that scene otherwise

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Monochrome and the Fish Girl/Sakana-chan’s stories will be missed, and I kind of think that Mizuno and Marino make up for her. Though not quite so I hope that she does return at some point as well.. But really it was an interesting way to develop Head’s character, especially since he gives off strong vibes that he’ll still be around towards the end.

    That was really the thing that stood out the most about that scene, as while we already know who the North and South Maidens were from the previous episodes (and the West Maiden from magazine scans and such). We still have no idea who the East Maiden could be, so since the three known Maidens were already aboard it seemed to strongly point to that.

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