Toaru Majutsu no Index II 08

The streets of Academy City are covered by both the families of the students and tourists as people from all over the world c0me to see Daihasesai, among this Touma’s parents, Touya and Shiina bump into Mikoto’s mother, Misuzu who’s looking for her daughter’s school. When Touya tries to help her out Shiina isn’t too happy about the trait that his son inherited, and they spot Touma and Mikoto deciding to have a penalty game as they walk by. Where the one who’s school scores the lowest will have to do what ever the winner says.

In London the Archbishop of the British Puritans, Laura Stuart speaks with the General Director of Academy City, Aleister Crowely, where she informs him of how two magicians have sneaked inside in order to exchange something called the Stab Sword. Back on the streets of Academy City Index is hungry at the sight of the food stands that line the streets, however he can’t buy her anything yet and hands her a booklet before heading to his school. Here he sees that his class have already exhausted themselves with his classmate who’s on the executive committee, Seiri Fukiyose blaming their lack of spirit on him and hands him a sports drink when he despairs about it. But as he backs away and accidentally causes water to spray all over her white shirt, after this he overhears his teacher, Komoe being belittled by another teacher so he rallies his class together.

Up in the stands Mikoto finds Index and she mistakes his classes determination to win as him wanting to win the penalty game, and while his class faces a barrage of esper attacks from their opponents they end up winning in the end. Touma then realises that he left his phone back in his class but when he goes to get it he walks in on Seiri changing clothes and gets a sports bag to the face for it. After this he meets up with Index again but her phone’s battery is dead and Yomikawa closes the road to the food stands. This causes her to try and bite his head but Mikoto grabs him as part of the scavenger hunt she’s in and while he’s not to happy about it, she shoves a towel in his face and gives him her drink. Meanwhile Kuroko has managed to sneak out of the hospital with Uiharu’s help and she suddenly wants to kill Touma when she sees him with the drink that Mikoto had.

While he tries to find Index Touma spots Stiyl and Tsuchimikado together who as if waiting for him, inform him of the two magicians in the city, Lidvia Lorenzetti of the Roman Catholic Church and her courier, Oriana Thompson. Along with the trade for the Stab Sword that’s being made, which Tsuchimikado tells him is capable of killing a Saint in a single strike, meaning that Kaori can’t take part in this. After the second event Tsuchimikado explains that the Stab Sword works by using and refining the principles of how the Son of God had died on the cross, but even then by killing a Saint the balance in power can change drastically. And due to the scale that this is on Index can’t be involved no matter what.

Meanwhile Komoe finds and feeds Index and because she can’t participate in the events she comes up with a way that she can be involved, and while Touma looks for her Himegami and Maika point him towards a park, where he finds Sphinx and accidentally walks in on Komoe helping Index into a cheerleader outfit. She tries to bite his head again but misses and just when he was glad that no one else was around to see this, Seiri walks in on this and drags him away.

Seiri takes his hand to drag him to cheer for his class and on the way asks him if he thinks Daihasesai is boring, since the reason she became a member of the executive committee was to make it so everyone would be able to enjoy it. A student bumps him and their faces end up centimetres apart which makes her headbutt him away and into the chest of a woman  who was passing by. She offers him a kiss as an apology but Seiri won’t let him get that far, something breaks as he shakes her hand and she quickly makes an exit. As walks away she rips a flash card and contacts her superior and is revealed to be Oriana Thompson, and while referring to herself as this “Nee-san” she tells her that she’ll have to deal with the boy following her first.

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After being hinted at before in the previous episodes we finally enter the part of the story covering the Daihasesai Sports Festival, and with it some old characters are brought back while some new ones are introduced. But while the premise of an arc for something like a sports festival where the participants are espers would be incredibly awesome, it’s actually quite a shame that it’s going to practically look right past this. As even how Aogami evaded the barrage of esper attacks with ease (until he was distracted) in the first event had been cut out with the event itself being reduced to a few frames.

With this episode quite a few characters were introduced where even right from the start we were introduced to Mikoto’s mother, Misuzu who was voiced by Emi Shinohana, who’s interactions with Touma’s parents were actually kind of ironic to see. As both were unknowing of how their kids already knew each other and it seems that Touma’s habit of attracting women had actually been inherited from his father. Other than Misuzu we were also briefly introduced to one of the antagonists to this arc, Oriana Thompson who was voiced by Ryoka Yuzuki, who showed up at the end in a rather revealing work uniform.

Another character that was introduced was Seiri Fukiyose who was voiced by Ayumi Fujimura, another one of Touma’s classmates who’s on the executive committee and holds an otherwise friendly relationship with him. With one of the things that makes her stand out is that she doesn’t really hold any romantic feelings towards him at all compared to other members of the female cast, and if anything dislikes his stance on blaming his bad luck and giving up. She also seemed to supply a fair bit of the fanservice aspect for this episode as well, through Touma accidentally soaking her shirt and walking in on her changing clothes because of it. Her reason for working so hard being that she wanted to make sure that everyone could make some happy memories at Daihasesai was also pretty nice as well.

From start to finish this episode also did a pretty good job at presenting how busy Academy City was due to the families of the students and tourists alike coming in to watch the events and check out the otherwise closed off futuristic city. Where almost throughout there were crowds of people all over the streets along with all sorts of stands being set out along with a constant chatter in the background during this. Along with this it was also fun to see some of the past characters reappear amongst all of this like when Uiharu helped Kuroko sneak out of the hospital, and even Himegami showing up with Maika to point Touma towards Index.


2 Responses to Toaru Majutsu no Index II 08

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i was looking forward to the sports festival especially after seeing some many old faces with more new ones added to the cast, but it got overshadowed by some serious matter, which made me a bit disappointed. it’s nice to finally see how touma’s mom really looks because last time she appeared… but it was good to see more of aogami, he really needs more screen time with more bro interactions with touma and tsuchimikado, especially since the two haven’t really acted like friends ever since the latter revealed himself to be a magician/double agent.
    seiri is also a nice addition to the cast although i can’t see why she has so much screen time in this arc becuase it seems like it has nothing to do with her other that fanservice. her rack is seriously overdone but i ❤ her voice and that hammerspace full of drinks that she has somewhere between the left pocket and sleeve of her jacket =D
    hopefully next ep will have some action to make of for skipping the sports festival =)

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    The sports festival was the part I was looking forward to as well and I was also kind of disappointed by how something with so much potential like that was overshadowed by the matter with Oriana. Though at the least there’s plenty of fun interactions between some of the characters (like the lunch scene) and the second half should be Himegami heavy.

    Aogami definitely needs more screen time for bro antics with Touma and Tsuchimikado, however I can see why Kamachi hasn’t had a chance to include him as much as a predominately school based story might not be relevant. But really Aogami is pretty mysterious and his lack of screen time only adds to that, heck, Aogami Pierce is only his nickname.

    I like her as well and she probably received so much screen time in this episode because it was her introduction episode, and I think that she’s kind of important in this arc despite that. As what she said before they bumped into Oriana will be one of the things that will give Touma the resolve to keep going in this arc. And Ayumi Fujimura suited her quite well.

    Also, though I’m trying to catch up with The World God Only Knows/Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai more, I’ve started watching Ika Musume and while it feels like they’re trying too hard to make her look cute at times. It feels a lot like Yotsuba& in a few ways, which is one of those series that can always put a smile on my face so I’ll keep watching it.

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