Nurarihyon no Mago 22

Inugamigyoubu leaves Shikoku with the Nurarihyon and Natto Kozo and as they walk through the mountains he tells them how he had originally named his son Tamazusa. After the legend of a former emperor had tried to usurp control form the current emperor and was exiled, and in his exile he found himself moved to tears by the call of the nightingale as it reminded him of the capital. So saddened by this the nightingale had wrapped a leaf of Tamazusa around it’s beak, it was this way of telling right from wrong that he wished his son would learn, however he changed his name to ‘aim for the throne’, Tamazuki.

On the outskirts of the Nura clan’s territory a Tengu just manages to escape from a black shadow to deliver news to the Nura household, that an army of Shikoku Youkai had moved in from the west. Gozumaru and Mezumaru feel that this wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t stuck where they are. On their way to the Kanto province, Inugamigyoubu tells the Nurarihyon how he had tried to take a human castle in his youth, and though it shouldn’t have been a problem they were all wiped out by one man wielding the Maou’s Hammer. He then goes on to explain how this legendary blade works, as with each swing it gathers the hatred of those it cuts down and grows in strength.

While Inugami has locked himself away, Tamazuki walks the streets and eventually meets Kana, using how he knows something about that ‘man’ to get closer to her. All he tells her is how he’s just like him however she doesn’t believe him and they’re soon interrupted when Yura comes to her rescue. Telling him how while they can kill each other, she won’t allow any of them to harm a human, and sickened by this display he leaves after learning her name. At the Nura household the clan heads are feeling uneasy about the current situation, yet they find Rikuo at the entrance drinking before battle. He invites everyone to join him before he heads out and Shoei smiles a little when Keijourou tells him how Rikuo is about to do something.

Tamazuki returns to the high-rise building and tells him how he’s starting to understand the envy Inugami feels, as though he inherited his father’s powers the most out of his siblings. There was ultimately no use for them as his clan had lost their fangs long ago, and as they head out to battle he slashes down everyone of his allies in his way with the Maou’s Hammer. The crows of Ukiyoe town inform the Nura clan of his army’s movement and Rikuo prepares to lead the clan to battle. However while Hitotsume stands in his way, they’re able to convince him that this is better than doing nothing and though he laughs at how they’re outnumbered, the Tengu arrive back to tell Rikuo that their nearby reinforcements have arrived. And with this confidence they all walk by Rikuo’s back to battle with Gozumaru and Mezumaru only tagging along because of what Gyuuki said.

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Even though this has deviated quite far from the source material in how events have been set out, I’m actually enjoying they way they’ve been set out a lot more in this. As while it was just Rikuo standing up to lead his clan to battle there, we saw the uneasiness they felt as Tamazuki’s army moved in and how they were in danger of being overrun. Aside from that it was also great to see some of the previous details that had been overlooked back then be introduced, which were things that I was worried about just being outright cut out.

These sort of details included some of the things that Inugamigyoubu and Tamazuki had talked about in this episode. As they worked to establish Tamazuki’s character and show just how powerful the Maou’s hammer really is. With Tamazuki being shown to be someone who had been shunned because of the powers he had received because there wasn’t really a use for them in his clans current condition, aside from that it also showed how he didn’t even care about his allies as he slashed down a group who was just unlucky enough to be in his way. So it was great to see both of these things shown to get a better understanding of his character.

His meeting with Kana was also kind of interesting in a way as he played on her curiosity about “that man” who had always saved her, it was able to show that while he was similar to Rikuo in what he is. Even she could tell that in reality they were completely different in how they acted. Yura’s words about how she would kill them as soon as they stepped into the world of humans were also kind of interesting, though I doubt she’d be able to back this up in her current condition.

It was also good to see some details about the Maou’s Hammer shown, as aside from being a legendary blade taken as being a sign of the conqueror. There really wasn’t that much that was known about it in this, until Inugamigyoubu explained that it was something that grew in power with each foe it cut down. Something that he had also experienced in the past as it had been this very sword that had ripped his clan’s fangs out. It was actually quite ironic for Tamazuki to now be wielding it considering that as well.

However what I thought it did best was establishing the mood that was at the Nura household as it looked like they were just waiting to be defeated. Where there was that constant fear that they would be overrun as soon as Tamazuki made his next move, as they had even crushed one of the fortresses on their way to Kanto. This feeling seemed to almost be felt throughout the entire episode as the actions there became a lot more frantic, however it all worked to make Rikuo’s actions that little bit more cooler as things headed towards the final battle, as despite the current situation he was more than ready to still march out. Though it was nice to see this change towards the end when news of reinforcements arrived, it however shifted into more of a just as planned moment, so I would have preferred something more along the lines of Rikuo unifying his clan as he headed out.


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