Amagami SS 22

Tsukasa draws closer and tightens her grip on Junichi’s tie however he grasps her left breast when he tries to get away, which seems to make things worse for him as she changes her tone of voice, asking him to come with her.

She drags him to a nearby shrine and begins interrogating him about the notebook and is prepared to get rid of him if he had read the contents, but while he looked through it he didn’t read what was inside so she blushingly tells him that he should of said that to begin with. Junichi then guesses that her kind personality is just an act and she’s prepared to let him away with swearing that he saw nothing along with that she’s a good person with nothing to hide, even using what had happened before against him and he gets chills down his spine when he gets an idea of what was written inside.

The next day at school he tries to tell Umehara about this, thinking that no one would believe him however Tsukasa shows up and drags him away to ask him why he was talking about that, and only forgives him by having him do all sorts of odd jobs regarding the Founder’s Festival.

When he finally finishes for the day at the end of this montage it’s already dark outside, but he finds Tsukasa still working by putting a coat of paint on the robot model outside after Haruka ran off halfway. So he brings her some canned coffee and he takes the chance to ask why she’s doing so much work again, with her answer this time being for the credit she would get for it regarding entrance to any colleges or universities, and while Junichi offers to help but she’s more confused about why he’s offering to help and sends him home. As he leaves he suspects that she doesn’t want to go home.

The next day he learns from Kaoru that Tsukasa had collapsed from overworking herself, so he decides to visit her after school and bumps into her sister, Yukari when he’s trying to find her house. So Yukari enthusiastically drags him to her but it’s only when she leaves that Tsukasa wakes up, and didn’t even realise that Junichi was there when she first woke up. They talk for a bit after that, with her thinking that it’s weird and him being surprised by how her personality contrasts with her sister’s, at the mention of this Tsukasa goes silent but thanks him for visiting her as he leaves. He meets Yukari after this and tells her how her sister is doing, it also turns out that she had tried the same thing with a sports drink but it didn’t work so she’s trying to give it to a stray dog which isn’t exactly warming up to her at the moment.

Junichi meets Tsukasa at school the next day and she thanks him for what he brought her. Haruka and Hibiki soon come to them to ask something, but Hibiki is too embarrassed to say anything so Haruka outright says it. She wants to participate in the Miss Santa Contest and the reason they’ve came was to make sure that Hibiki doesn’t where anything outside the rules, as Haruka wants to take full advantage of this rare chance but every time Junichi tries to imagine what they have in mind Tsukasa stomps on his foot as she just tells her not to go too far.

While he’s in the middle of carrying some boxes Junichi hears a scream and finds Tsukasa in a funny position, with one sock off and her foot wet after a stray dog had peed on her leg after it warmed up to her. She doesn’t think that it’s anything to laugh about and even though she didn’t expect it, he offers to carry her to the fountain to it clean up. On the way she’s worried about people seeing them like this, accusing him of groping her and calling him a pervert when he redoes his grip, however when he points out that someone is more likely to see them if she’s yelling she embarrassingly stops and smiles. At the end of the day she finds herself curious about him and is stuck with the thought that she might like him, also blaming him for her inability to study as she resolves to mess with him again tomorrow.

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At only two episodes in this arc is definitely starting to live up to the expectations I had for it, where Tsukasa’s true character has been looked at it bit more with it also making for some interesting situations when ever she threatens Junichi. Even the appearances that the other heroines have appear to be a bit more natural, though I’m slightly disappointed that we didn’t get to see Hibiki in a bikini through Junichi’s imagination. If that wasn’t enough Junichi and Tsukasa also appeared to get significantly closer and she even proved that she’s more than capable of keeping his perverted side at bay, which is something that I think is kind of important to keep him as he is now. As he tends to get pretty weird otherwise.

Tsukasa’s true personality is definitely one of the interesting things about this arc, as while she was shown as kind and helpful in the previous arcs we’re slowly gaining a better understanding to how she feels and who she really is. With her true reasons for helping out so much being an almost complete opposite to what she had said in the last episode, in how all the work she does is to upkeep the good reputation she has and later help her get into her choice of college or university. It was something that I’d found interesting as it contrasted with just wanting to bring everyone happiness quite a lot. Other than that there’s also the relationship that she has with her sister, as while Yukari resembles the act she puts up with a dash of air headedness, she doesn’t appear to like her at all and even goes as far as to act like she’s asleep to avoid talking to her. So I’d be interested to see whether it will look into this in the next two episodes.

While there really wasn’t that much to it in this episode, the appearances that the other heroines made were also nice to see in that they appeared to be a bit more natural and didn’t intrude on the story that it was trying to tell all that much. As most of them had come from a montage showing Junichi meeting them and some of the other characters, however the ones outside this even served a role in the story itself. With Kaoru being the one to inform Junichi that Tsukasa had overworked herself and Haruka showing up with Hibiki, who she was trying to get into some revealing outfits which embarrassed her quite a lot. However this served to show off how Tsukasa managed to channel some of her true personality to stop his perverted side from going too far, while still keeping up her helpful and kind facade. So though I’m actually kind of disappointed that it had to be when Hibiki was going to get some focus in this sort of area, as it’s bad enough that she doesn’t have anything like her own route or ending (even if it would overlap with Haruka’s route itself).

Without a doubt though one of the things that I’m liking the most about this arc so far is how Tsukasa and Junichi interact, as through the mutual secret that her kind and helpful side is just an act, she’s able to vent some of it off through him by acting like herself more around him. Through this they also appear a bit more closer because of this as well and things appear to have progressed a bit further, as through that curiosity she has about him offering to help her and how she’s messed around with him it’s already at that stage where she’s wondering if she likes him. The way they interacted after he found out her secret was also one of the more entertaining things as well, with how she handled him to make sure he didn’t tell anyone her secret making for some interesting situations and she even appeared to warm up to him a bit towards the end.


2 Responses to Amagami SS 22

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    tbh i’m slightly disappointed at how tsukasa isn’t as evil as she appeared to be at first. she’s actually been pretty nice to junichi right off the bat, which kind of reduces the emphasis on her true personality being different. i thought she was going to be more evil(in a playful way, not yandere, that was a joke =D) and really instill some fear into junichi before exposing some weak sides to him. the way things went, she’s just the same as usual but with a little more attitude XD
    and why no yukari route >=(

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I was expecting her to dominate him a bit more as well, but I don’t exactly think she’s evil she just doesn’t seem to really like people after all the stuff she has to do. And how she was automatically being somewhat nice to Junichi did seem a bit odd (considering that she had threatened to “get rid” of him just one night before had he seen the contents of her notebook). But I guess that’s the benefit of the mutual secret about that, however it would have been nice to see her like that a bit more.

    Something like a Yukari route would be nice but she’s one of those characters who really only appear in one route/arc, like Kanae was like in Rihoko’s arc. A Hibiki route/arc however I think would be glorious even if it did overlap with Ai and Haruka’s, it could still be good and from what we’ve seen Haruka can be bro tier outside her route.

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