Amagami SS 23

Due to the preparations for the Founder’s Festival being behind schedule Tsukasa is advised by Maya out of concern for her that some things could be cut to make it a little easier for her, however she declines any such attempt.

She tells Junichi about this afterward along with how she’s isn’t going to cut out anything but before she can ask him about what they should do, some underclassmen arrive asking for his help. They talk about this again the next day during lunch where Junichi is happy that she made lunch for him, for Tsukasa however it’s like treating a dog when they do good. His idea for getting things back on track is to ask for people to help them, and though she’s opposed to it at first he manages to convince her that she’d get more credit that way. They joke around a bit afterward but some of their classmates can’t help but see it as them flirting with each other.

So they ask for help after this, eventually getting more people to join up after Umehara and Kaoru volunteer. The same girls from before aren’t really willing to help though and think that things are only behind schedule with things needing to be cut because they’re too busy flirting. But when they confront them on this Junichi is pushed aside and while Tsukasa tries to reason with her at first, she snaps pointing out that the Founder’s Festival will go on as planned along with that it isn’t like she could do any better as she verbally tears her apart.

Junichi and Tsukasa later go to the same shrine where she took him before, where she also burns her notebook, demanding that he become hers. Though it may have been a bit up front, this was more of a confession as she tells him how she’s happy when she’s with him and asks he will stay by her side. So he gladly accepts and in order to seal the contract, kisses her. While things may have been going smoothly after this, she has a nosebleed and slaps him when he tries to help.

The atmosphere at school the next day is completely different, with all lines on them however it becomes more obvious during PE when all of the other girls single out Tsukasa in a game of dodge ball. Kaoru was able to deal the finishing blow, however she decides that it would be more fun to team up with Tsukasa and just when she gets Keiko to help, Junichi finishes his laps ahead of the other boys to help them out. Because of this the girl from before gives up and storms off. However because of what Tsukasa said, they’ve also lost a fair amount of the people who were helping them, with only Umehara, Kaoru, and Keiko remaining.

They finish late once again with Tsukasa returning to get something, with it really only being an excuse so that she could work more, Junichi comes in and she happily runs into his arms. Where he suggests out of concern that she should apologise to those other girls, as well how refusing to do so is out of character for her. She snaps at this though and demands to know how he really knows her and slaps him with tears when he makes the same suggestion that Maya did at the start.

The next day at school the atmosphere has gone back to normal with the girls from before strangely cooperating with Tsukasa, Kaoru then goes on to explain how Tsukasa had broken down in tears when she apologised and the girls had accepted it as the rest of the class looked on. She then cheerfully greets him and when he later asks her something, it’s like her personality has completely changed as she acts just like the facade she had put up before and has even separated what was her true personality as some girl that’s gone away.

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Well this was pretty interesting, not only did we see Junichi and Tsukasa grow closer but the main issue of the arc also seemed to arrive, as to whether Tsukasa could really keep up her facade in the middle of the already behind preparations for the Founder’s Festival. Which if anything the help they received at first in order to get things back on track didn’t really do any good, and to say what happened to Tsukasa at the end of the episode is worrying would be an understatement.

While I may have said this for quite a few of the episodes in the series, things actually did seem to progress quite fast in this episode as while Junichi was more or less the helper that she bossed around in the last episode, they really took a big step from that. With her accepting the feelings she had had at the end of that episode and going on to confess to him, opening herself to him even more in the process. But what made all of this feel fast the most was the kiss that they shared at the shrine, as something like that would usually be saved for the last episode of the arc as something to end it on. However while it may have seemed that way it was still something good to see and Tsukasa herself was kind of cute during and after that. It should also be noted that she burnt the notebook that she was so adamant on allowing no one to see in the same scene, possibly showing that she didn’t need it as long as he was there.

The actions of some of the 0ther girls in their class were also kind of bitch-like to say the least, as while it may have looked a bit like that. They still took something as simple as Junichi and Tsukasa joking around together as flirting and the very reason for why the preparations for the Founder’s Festival were behind schedule. When in reality their unwillingness to help simply came down to them being lazy and expecting Tsukasa to do all the work like she usually has. So needless to say while it may have alienated her from the class, it was pretty satisfying to see Tsukasa put her in her place in the sense that she was good for nothing more than manual labour and really should have just shut her mouth and worked instead. It was really one of the points that seemed to stand out in this episode as well as fitting in with whether Tsukasa could really keep up her facade in front of her classmates without remaining distant, which this episode showed that she couldn’t.

After she was alienated by the other girls, Junichi really seemed to step up a bit for Tsukasa, going as far as to finish all his laps as quickly as he could so that she wouldn’t be completely outnumbered. And as a sign that he was starting to shift away from just being her helper and more towards what he had to become when he accepted her feelings. It also happened to make him look pretty cool as well. Other than that Kaoru also proved just how much of a bro she was when she gave up and switched sides when she could have beaten Tsukasa in the same scene which was nice to see as well.

Tsukasa’s sudden personality reversal at the end was also worrying to say the least, as it was like she had thrown away who she really was along with the pride she had in order for the Founder’s Festival to be successful. But what made it worrying though was how she referred to that side of her as if it were a completely different person with her cheerful and helpful facade taking it’s place. So at this point I just hope that Junichi can break that facade once more by bringing her true self to the surface before her arc ends.


2 Responses to Amagami SS 23

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i think this ep went too fast. they got together too abruptly, and then she suddenly hated him for suggesting her to ask for help again, which resulted in a massive creepy personality change… kinda too abrupt for me, but i might change my mind depending on how the final ep plays out.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    It was kind of abrupt and it’s kind of like she snapped under all of the pressure, but still I thought that the personality reversal was still a bit too much as well. So hopefully he can bring her back in the last episode to her arc.

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