Toaru Majutsu no Index II 10

The nurses suspect that Seiri has heat stroke and as she asks the doctor whether he can help her, the Frog-faced Doctor simply responds by asking her just who does she think he is.

Just as Stiyl reflects on what he’s become simply because he can’t use magic, Tsuchimikado informs him that the counter-spell has been removed with only one innocent student being hurt in the process. So with that out of the way he activates an already prepared All-Direction Rational Formation to locate Oriana and allow Touma and Tsuchimikado to chase after her once more, however she still evades them by hopping onto a nearby bus before they get there. And because there were no other passengers on board Tsuchimikado tells Stiyl to blow the bus up using the rune cards he planted on it earlier.

The bus is nothing more than a charred wreck but Oriana steps off completely unharmed, only soaked due to the very magic she used to evade the flames as she suggestively comments on it. Touma then confronts her about what happened to Seiri so she tells him that she didn’t intend to hurt her as she activates another flashcard that causes Tsuchimikado to drop to the ground, and while Touma tries to stop it with his Imagine Breaker the only way to save Tsuchimikado will be to beat Oriana. Which he does as he resolves to stop anymore needless violence.

But even as he charges forward smashing through her spells, she still has more prepared and even uses the board she’s carrying to attack him. For her next attack she warns him to stay where he is or he’ll die, however with what had happened to Seiri still in his mind he moves forward dispelling everything that gets in his way until he can swing his fist at her. With the resulting punch sending her flying, breaking the single button that kept her work shirt closed and exposing her chest. As she stands up she tells him how he isn’t that bad and how she’ll be getting serious as she escapes, along with how the spell cast on Tsuchimikado will only last another twenty minutes.

He contacts Stiyl after this who tells him to destroy the Stab Sword, however what he finds when he unwraps the board wasn’t what he was expecting at all, making all their past efforts for nothing. Elsewhere Oriana has no other choice but to change out of her work clothes and into something else, contacting Lidvia as she does so and trying to convince her that she won’t let anyone get in their way if it will make everyone happy. Back in London, Laura Stuart finds that the Stab Sword was nothing more than a fabricated legend, however what it really is is something far worse. As the curator to the British Museum, Charles Condor shows her that by flipping the replica she had it becomes a cross known as the “Croce de Pietro” or the “St. Peter’s Cross.

In Academy City Stiyl receives this news and explains just how grave their situation now is, as anywhere that this cross is erected will fall under the dominion of the Roman Catholic Church and how it was originally used in what is now the Vatican. Tsuchimikado then continues this by explaining how if this goes ahead the Roman Catholic Church will break the careful balance between the magic side and the science side and become the dominant power.

As Touma thinks about this Index spots him and isn’t exactly happy about how he’s ignoring her or that she couldn’t cheer for him, and still embarrassed from what happened earlier hits him instead of biting his head. Meanwhile Touma’s Parents, Touya and Shiina Kamijou meet up with Mikoto’s mother, Misuzu who tries to get her to make a good impression as they’re the parents of the boy she likes. Before they can head off for lunch however, a certain women bumps into Touya and Shiina isn’t happy about it at all while Mikoto can see the resemblance between him and his son.

Touma and Index eventually arrive at restaurant where his parents and Misuzu and Mikoto are waiting, with the latter demanding to know who the girl with him is. His parents are also curious to know as well, bringing up how she came with him to the beach during summer vacation and luckily he’s saved by both Mikoto’s reaction to this and Index questioning whether she’s Touma’s girlfriend. Misuzu manages to calm her down and surprises them by revealing that she’s her mother instead of her sister.

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Once again the chase scenes benefited by being animated and the fight with Oriana also looked pretty good, as dragged out as it was. However while the animation took a slight dip in the second half it was somehow saved by what it actually covered, as we saw things like Index catching up to Touma and even the start of the lunch scene that takes place around the midpoint of the arc itself, something that I had kind of been looking forward to seeing. Aside from that it was also good to have a better look at Oriana’s character and to get an idea of what exactly she and Lidvia are up to as well as what’s actually motivating the former.

While seeing Touma punch his way through all of Oriana’s defences and even blowing up the bus she was on to start the fight was all fun to see, the part between those two actions felt like it dragged on a bit too long. As even though it’s a well known fact that Touma likes to give his enemies speeches on morals and such, it just didn’t really seem appropriate when Oriana had seriously injured one of his classmates not too long ago and even had Tsuchimikado withering on the ground in pain. After this though it kind of managed to redeem itself a bit, in how each of Oriana’s spells were unique since she couldn’t use the same spell twice and it wasn’t like she absolutely relied on them. So because of these two things the fight was a bit more interesting and it was great to see Touma still get up no matter what was thrown at him.

Another thing this episode did was develop Oriana’s character and reasons for what she’s doing through both her conversation with Lidvia and what she had said to Touma both during and before the fight. Giving the impression that what she ultimately wanted was a happy end for everyone and while she didn’t exactly want to hurt anyone, she was still prepared to do what she had to do for that as only the end result mattered to her. Which both makes her a bit more easier to understand and even adds some ambiguity to whether she’s either good or bad, as while her actions may be bad what she wishes for and does them for aren’t. Sadly it looks like it will take an0ther punch from Touma to do the trick, when the last one was enough to knock the button off her shirt.

The sudden change in what Lidvia and Oriana are up to was something that was pretty interesting as well, as instead of exchanging something like the Stab Sword how they planned to erect the St. Peter’s Cross definitely made the situation a whole lot more dire. Shifting away from something that could potentially shift the balance in the world by lowering effecting the show of firepower in the magical world have, to actually breaking the balance that the two sides had. Since if the Roman Catholic Church were to be successful in erecting it in Academy City not only would the science side be significantly weakened but the very balance of the world would be in their favour. It was also kind of interesting that how this worked by only making the end result be in their favour, also mirrored Oriana’s methods somewhat and Laura’s smile at the mention that Academy City could be destroyed should also be noted.

Even though the animation looked like it took a dip in the second half it was still great to see some of the scenes that are thrown between the plot with Oriana still kept in. Like how Index caught up to Touma and was still embarrassed about what had happened when they last met up, along with the interactions between Touma’s parents, Mikoto’s mother and even Mikoto herself with the latter being teased for liking a certain boy. It was also great to see the beginning of the lunch scene that takes place around the midpoint of the whole arc, which showed that Touma still hadn’t explained the situation with Index to his parents (simply because he can’t remember it) and Mikoto’s reactions to things like how they had all gone to the beach were also kind of cute. However what makes these great to see is that they serve to space out what would have just been an elongated chase scene, and add that little bit more that makes it a lot more enjoyable to watch.


4 Responses to Toaru Majutsu no Index II 10

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    so what exactly is worng with seiri? she is awake and talking… frog doctor ftw =)
    and i loved the restaurant scene at the end, i like how their parents are like buddies now XD

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Apparently her life force was sucked out by that flashcard, so it sort of gives the impression of heatstroke and at the moment she’s just recovering from that.

    And yeah, the lunch/restaurant scene is awesome. It’s kind of funny I also remember reading somewhere that their parents actually live close by after what happened during Angel Fall, so there’s a point when Misuzu and Shiina are hanging out together. If that wasn’t enough Touya sort of became bros with Mikoto’s father, Tabikake after they met up on a business trip around the start of the series.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    =O this is the coolest show ever. there’s progress and developments between charactes’ parents =)

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    The ever expanding universe is probably the thing that I like most about this series, as while the stories it tells and the characters it surrounds vary in quality a bit. How the world that Kamachi has created continually spreads outwards redeems it in my eyes.

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