Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 11

Kanako’s assistant, Simone wakes up from a bad dream relating to something from her past and then goes about her morning duties, seeing that Kanako is already working as always.

They then go to school together, passing Takashi during his kendo practice and during class Kanako starts talking to Takuto in a way that the whole class can hear, talking about married couples cheating and eventually proposes a celebration party to the class. As she looks on Simone thinks about how much she hates her.

The party takes place on Kanako’s yacht where she wears a dress while everyone else wears their swimsuits, and as Takashi plays the piano Wako sings her song. It ends in an applause with Ruri teasing Takuto before pointing out how their teacher is now drunk and pestering Hiroshi, Takashi and Simone then show up with Takashi asking him whether he wants a rematch however Takuto thinks that the piano suits him better. Elsewhere Sugata bumps into none other than Head who speaks to him as a painter about how there’s one last thing for him to paint, also telling him how it’s a sin not to use power bestowed upon by God.

During the Glittering Crux’s next meeting the issue of Cybodies being used for personal reasons is brought up as Simone watches on when Kanako is accused by Marino. After this she meets her with a message from her husband, Leon Watanabe and while no one appears to know, he also happens to be Simone’s biological father. Which she had found out after she was in a car accident and her older sister, Milene had explained how their mother had been his secretary and had also been in love with him. It was then that she also bid Simone to become Kanako’s secretary so she threw away her real identity and became who she is now. Sometime after this she asked Takashi to fight the Tauburn again so while he couldn’t use his Cybody, the Tzadikt he came up with a plan.

When she told Kanako about this she opposed it but gave in when she showed her her badge. Elsewhere Mizuno arrives home telling Marino about how things at the Midnight Flight Drama Club went, but Marino feels that she has to apologise as she had watched her from outside. Mizuno then feels the wind so she prepares to leap onto a bus outside, telling her it’s alright as she liked the person she was watching. Meanwhile Takuto, Sugata, and Wako are talking about how good Sugata is as an actor, Mizuno then starts to sing and Simone steps into the cybercasket sending everyone into zero time.

Unlike the times before, Takuto stands before her Cybody with Takashi just ahead of him, flying into Simone’s Cybody in a similar way to how he apprivoises the Tauburn and pulling out his Star Sword, Amethyst. With Takashi in control they then attack him and even manage to push him back a bit, however Sugata ignores Wako’s attempts to stop him and uses the King’s Pillar to give Takuto a power up, beating them in a single swing.

They’re then brought out of zero time with Sugata leaving as he repeats what Head had said to him, and aboard Kanako’s Yacht she tells Simone how fighting doesn’t suit her. As well as revealing the guest that she had told her about before, Milene who also happens to be a friend of hers. Milene then explains to Simone in private how Kanako had first apprivoised to save her and how their mother had actually been the one to introduce Kanako to their father. She then meets Kanako on the deck where she tells her how thought that the idea that she had in mind was kind of romantic, Simone then leaves thinking about how she still despises her.

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While the last episode may have been the obligatory baseball episode I guess this one could be considered the obligatory swimsuit or beach episode, as during the first half just about everyone were in their swimsuits. It was also interesting to see Simone get some development in this episode as well which really seemed to be the prime focus of it. And it was also great to see Sugata join the fray in order to support Takuto due to words said to him by Head none the less. Even though it may have been brief, the developing love triangle between Takuto and the You sisters also seemed to advance forward a bit.

The first half was kind of fun to watch and it was kind of funny how the atmosphere in the classroom automatically got a lot more awkward as soon as Kanako started talking to Takuto, certainly giving the impression that if anything it was a regular occurrence. As while it may have just been Takuto who was feeling awkward, the entire class including their teacher felt the same as soon as she started talking. After that it then shifted into the part that set it out as the swimsuit/beach episode and if anything Wako’s song definitely benefited from the piano tune accompanying it, though how she sang it for everyone to hear kind of took away from how it was special. Takashi and Simone also made a pretty cute couple in this scene and how they met Takuto was also kind of interesting, with Takashi offering him a rematch and Takuto telling him that the piano suited him more.

How Simone got some development and focus in this episode was actually something that I found kind of interesting, as even though she seems to be placed as a character on an equal standing to the likes of Kanako. Just like Takashi she feels kind of overshadowed by her so while the betrayal plot that was hinted at for her may be interesting, being developed like this wasn’t really something that I was expecting to see at all. And because she usually acts in the background behind Kanako her expressions and thoughts seemed to become a lot more significant. If anything it also made her out to be an interesting character in how she absolutely despised Kanako and had what would have been all too good reasons for it. However when all of this hatred she felt was shown to be misplaced, how she still despised her seemed the same, though it did serve to show just how deep rooted it was.

It was also great to see Takashi get something of a rematch against Takuto through Simone using a similar method that Benio had used only a few episodes. Which also happened to show that he had in fact hindered himself by using the cybercasket when he first took him on, with his movements becoming a lot more faster and powerful (while some of it could be placed to Simone’s support) and even managed to give the impression that he could have beaten him. However the way the fight ended seemed kind of weak and cut short.

As while seeing Sugata back Takuto up had been something that I had wanted to see in future episodes, it didn’t really seem like something that was needed and it also cut short what was a much looked forward to rematch. But how his decision to use it had been influenced by words said by Head was actually pretty interesting and seemed to counter it a bit. In the same scene the words that he had said to him and how he wore the school uniform were also just that, directly showing him as a painter and how he wore seemed to reflect a refusal to grow up, and if that wasn’t all the words he said were also kind of wierd. In the end though, despite how Sugata’s back up felt kind of unnecessary this time around I’m looking forward to how it will play out in the future episodes.

Even though it wasn’t exactly the prime focus of the episode, it was also nice to see the developing love triangle between Takuto, Mizuno, and Marino progress forward a bit. Where from Marino’s standpoint we saw that she was still coming to terms with feelings that she had for Takuto and felt guilty because of them as her sister seemed to like him as well. So as brief as it was, it was still kind of nice to see, and while it may have been cut short by Mizuno leaping out of the window. The words she left her with seemed to leave quite an impression on her.


3 Responses to Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 11

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    it was kind of random how milene just popped up from nowhere to explain everything and then end simone’s evil plot and make kanako look like a good guy… but it does serve to develop kanako and simone’s characters…

    last time we saw funnels and now tauburn has raiser sword XD

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    How Milene popped up was kind of random and to be honest it felt kind of rushed as a way to turn everything that Simone had believed in on it’s head. But I suppose that it’s good in how it did that as well, showing just how much Simone despised her and how despite how Kanako’s a good person at heart. Though the latter will get her turn in the spotlight in the next episode from the preview.

    And nothing says awesome quite like a beam sword over five times as long/tall as the mecha using it.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i thought it was long enough to reach across the galaxy =D

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