Fate/Zero anime adaptation green-lit

Advertisements for the February issue of Kadokawa’s Young Ace magazine and the sixth volume of Type-Moon Ace have confirmed that an anime adaptation to the Fate/Zero Light Novels has been green-lit, with the latter even confirming that the studio that animated Type-MOON’s Kara no Kyoukai Light Novels, Ufotable is involved.

The Fate/Zero novels were the result of a collabouration between the Visual Novel companies, Type-Moon and Nitroplus where the former had come to a writer of the latter, Urobuchi Gen. To write the prequel to their first and incredibly successful commercial release, Fate/Stay Night. Depicting the events of the fourth holy grail war ten years prior to the events of Fate/Stay Night in which Emiya Shirou’s foster father, Emiya Kiritsugu and the antagonist Kotomine Kirei participated.

Words cannot describe the excitement I’m feeling right now, the thoughts of something as awesome as Fate/Zero with the same sort of animation quality that Kara no Kyoukai had simply amazes me to no end. And if anything while it may feel kind of incomplete in how only the Heaven’s Feel route hasn’t been animated with all three of the routes in Fate/Zero needing to be read to fully understand it, it was still something long overdue. The thing I’m most glad for however is that Studio Deen doesn’t appear to be involved, as while their adaptation of the Fate route was passable how they crammed Unlimited Blade Works into one movie was just plain stupid, resulting in what appeared to be one fight scene after another, skimming over fairly important details.


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