Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 12

During their lunch break Takuto sees that Keito has given up on trying to curb Kanako’s behaviour. Later on Kanako would start talking to Takuto again, telling him how she hasn’t kissed him through the glass yet and how she finds herself staring at his back when she gets bored in class. To Takashi and Simone it looks like she’s having fun.

At the Glittering Crux’s next meeting Professor Green reports that they’re now able to repair any of the Cybodies that had been destroyed, but more tests are required before they can repair the Ayingott and the reparation process requires an input of libido from the Cybody’s Star Driver. This is also suggested as the reason for how the Samekh’s Star Drivers all fell into a deep sleep with Sugata’s awakening possibly meaning that the Samekh has been restored. As she’s being massaged by Takashi, Kanako notes on how breaking the West Maiden’s seal will give them a better chance and how her stocks haven’t been so good recently. Unable to accept Takashi’s apology that the Tauburn is on another level she stresses how her group must secure the ownership of the Cybodies.

She then asks Simone if she can do something for her, which is to deliver an invitation for a date to Takuto and when she does this Simone tells him that the reason for the way Kanako acts is that due to the life she had lived before she simply doesn’t seem to know how to really act. He then takes how kindly she had spoken about her to show how much she really likes her and makes Simone blush even more when he notes on how nice it is to have a pretty girl deliver him a letter. So Takuto goes to meet her at the cafe where the owner is somewhat surprised that the beautiful girl that walked in was his date, giving her something on the house. They then start talking about kissing through the glass with Takuto being unable to see any significance in it, so Kanako takes a dash of cream and places it to his lips before returning it to hers. Once again Sugata has met Head in the same place as before and though he hasn’t started painting Head notes on how they’re alike.

As she’s looking for Takuto, Mizuno comes into their class and explains how it used to be possible for anyone to use magic until it was blocked when Kanako asks her about it. In the middle of the night Kanako meets Takuto in her Glittering Crux persona and tries to explain that what she’s doing may be for the greater good. She then has the captain of the Boxing Club, George Honda meet her in her own personal ring to box, he doesn’t think much of her but Kanako ends up knocking him out with two punches. Which she thinks makes him pretty strong for someone in a high school club as it’s revealed that Kanako could have participated in the Olympics, but she feels some regret about it as she won’t be able to do so if the Glittering Crux succeeds.

She then leaves to challenge the Tauburn, afraid that she might end up killing him and as Mizuno sings she steps into the Cybercasket to apprivoise her Cybody. Bringing everyone into Zero Time where Takuto is already waiting for her, however as soon as he apprivoises the Tauburn a boxing ring appears around them as Kanako kicks things off. Managing to beat him around with ease as Sugata can’t intervene due to the distance between them, eventually beating him down. However he refuses to give up and gets right back up, causing Kanako to pull out her Cybody’s claws in delight as she charges towards him once more, only for him to use the parts on the Tauburn’s back to use the Pile Crusher.

Upon her defeat she accepts that Takashi may have been right, and hands her badge to Ryousuke commenting on how at this rate none of them will be able to become the leader. On her way to school, Kanako then meets Takuto and asks him if he’ll kiss her through the glass. So he reluctantly accepts only for her to lower the window at the last moment, leaving as she tells him how she’s still married and telling Simone how she’s just singing out her youth.

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Shifting away from the obligatory types of episodes that the school/slice of life segments were like in the last two episodes, this was still a pretty fun episode by giving the somewhat promiscuous high school wife Kanako (voiced by Ayano Nina) an episode to shine in. As even though there was some development on her part in the last episode, the focus wasn’t really on her at all and we primarily saw her from Simone’s point of view. So this time around it was kind of nice to get a different view of her with some of her actions being kind of fun, while she adds that bit of gray to the otherwise shady organisation that the Glittering Crux is so far.

Seeing the focus placed on Kanako in this episode was something that was kind of fun, as while some of her actions aren’t really like those you would expect from a married woman, they tend to be just that. Ranging from her weird fascination of pseudo kissing through the glass to even how the entire class goes silent out of complete awkwardness as soon as she starts talking to Takuto, which like the last episode proved can be kind of amusing. So to see an explanation for these sorts of actions was actually kind of nice, as not only did it give an idea to what sort of past she has as school life was apparently new to her and Simone had noticed that she had only started to have fun after she came to the island.

At the same time it also presented a different side to her by showing that one of her hobbies was boxing, and she was exceptionally good at it. Beating down George in only two punches and how she was even set to participate in the Oympics for it, showing some disappointment towards how she may not be able to. Meaning that in order to do what she was doing for what she saw as the greater good, she had sacrificed quite a lot. The other side it really showed to her though was more of a battle hungry fighter. As if anything she appeared to enjoy fighting George and taking on Takuto and the Tauburn, so when compared to her promiscuous side this was kind of nice to see.

How Simone’s feelings towards Kanako had appeared to change was also kind of interesting, as while she had be shown to despise her in the last episode, how she talked about her in this episode suggested quite the opposite. Showing that underneath all of that she still liked her a lot, and whether this can be taken as there being another layer to her hatred or maybe how she had possibly come to terms with it between the end of the last episode and this one was kind of nice for what it was.

One of the other interesting things in the episode was how Sugata seems to be meeting Head more and more, and how the latter had noted on how they’re alike. Which was kind of intriguing considering how mysterious Head is but more so that if this continues, there’s more chances for him to slowly influence him like he had for him to use the King’s Pillar. Possibly even guiding him in a similar direction to the one he had taken.

How Mizuno had talked about how everyone used to be able to use magic was also kind of interesting for what it was, as while it could be taken as her just being weird. There appeared to be something else to it, so how it could have possibly tied in with the ancient civilization that had created the Cybodies along with the strange abilities that First Phases give their users was interesting. With what had actually stopped anyone from being able to use them being something that seemed to stand out amongst it.

Once again Bones still continues to amaze me with how they animate the action scenes in this show, sure there may be fair amount of reused stock footage used for the maiden’s song, the Tauburn’s apprivoisation, and Takuto’s transformation sequence to the Galactic Pretty Boy. But it easily redeems itself for all this with the action sequences that follow them along with the various animation styles that go along with them, and this episode was no exception. I don’t really know what it was but there a great feeling to Kanako’s fight, it was simply fun to watch and to see Takuto finish things with another finishing move, the Pile Crusher was amazing.


2 Responses to Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 12

  1. paper says:

    The conversation Kanako had while Takuto was walking home at night… Does that mean that Kanako believes that Kiraboshi is a group with good intentions of protecting the island? Also, it’s interesting how they believe that Takuto’s actions are antagonistic.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I saw it as more that she had good intentions in what the Glittering Crux are up to, as there would be some bad intentions somewhere within it. So in telling him not to fight she sought to become their leader and carry them out by guiding them in the right direction.

    Considering he would stand in their way of breaking the Southern Maiden’s seal I think it’s kind of warranted. But really Takuto himself is kind of a mystery, we hardly know anything about him other than his grandpa told him about the island and he’s looking for his father.

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