Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail 02

Following Garcia’s insane request for Rock to help him and Fabiola, Dutch immediately turns it down however Mr Chang tries to convince Rock to help them. So he tells them how he still needs some time to think about it and it’s as if Mr Chang has replaced Balalaika with the loaded gun.

On the way back Dutch tells him to drop the job if Roberta ever does clash with the United States Army, and so in order to predict what will happen he takes the various syndicates in Roanapur into consideration along with how they would react. Even going as far as to ask Dutch what Balalaika is indebted to him for.

At the Church of Violence Eda manages to beat Revy in a game of poker but she freezes up when Revy tells her what Roberta intends to go after the US soldiers that killed her master. The next morning Rock and Benny meet Garcia and Fabiola and proceed to ask around about Roberta, leading to Bao telling them how Roberta had arrived popping pills and wanted to know the stores she would need to wage a war. So following the what he had said they try to ask the store owners but none are willing to talk. And of course at the end of the day Fabiola isn’t happy about how they didn’t find out much, which Benny puts to her appearance. We also learn a bit about Fabiola’s past as well, as she grew up in the slums around Caracas known as the Barrios and had mimicked capoeira for self-defence purposes there since she saw it as something she would have more control over, the latter of which Garcia didn’t know about.

It then goes to Eda informing the Sister in charge of the Church of Violence about the clash between the CIA and the NSA as a CIA informant, meanwhile some of the heads of the various syndicates hold a meeting and Rock sees that the prediction he made is starting to come true. The heads gather around a table and only Mr Chang and Balalaika seem to know just how serious this matter is, as they point out how it could also mean the end for them and the town. Elsewhere Rock goes over his predictions with their reactions matching them, yet he’s still uncertain about where Roberta is. In a cave Roberta prays and has started to hallucinate, where the ghosts of her victims try to convince her to go back and she almost snaps when a man called Leroy brings her some supplies, also asking who she was talking to.

While Revy works out and showers she talks with Rock about what had happened with Yukio Washimine and how he considered it to be something of a hobby. He then makes the comparison to him being a bullet while she’s a gun, she then extends it to him being a silver bullet, which though invincible will only work under the right conditions and can fail at any time and as they head out she throws him a bullet. Aboard Mr Chang’s Yacht Fabiola decides to check out the pool while Garcia is asleep and is caught when Revy and Rock come to pick them up.

With Revy on board they go to a weapons shop where the owner happened to meet Roberta, who while she wasn’t interested in buying anything wanted a 18th century flintlock refurbished, the very same flintlock on the Lovelace Manor’s wall. Elsewhere Mr Chang visits the Church of Violence and receives information over the phone by a disguised Eda, who informs him about why Grey Fox is there and what they’re currently doing. As this ends she compares the United States government to the mythical Hydra simply so he doesn’t look down on them and referring to him as some punk.The next person they meet however isn’t as welcoming but they’re still able to get the information out of him that leads them to Leroy, the missing piece.

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Considering that I still haven’t read through the manga for this part of the story,  it was actually kind of confusing at times. As while the last episode served to introduce the situation, this one seemed to flesh it out a bit by explaining a few details about it. Also working as what could be considered a calm before the storm so that the situation could be explained a bit better before Roberta made her move and kicked things off with a bang.

For an arc that revolves around Roberta how she isn’t really shown is something that I kind of like. As even though we know far too well that she’s likely to fall into her old ways in this kind of situation, given the actions she took when Garcia was initially kidnapped. along with how she has started to in response to his father’s death. At this point it still remained something of a mystery to just how far she had fallen. With everything we saw about her being loose third hand reports regarding either what she had done since then or what she’s currently up to, corresponding to things like the people she tortured and how Bao had met her after the Yellow Flag was destroyed, again.

However while to some degree this may be partially true, it was sort of countered by the brief appearance she made that sort of served to give a glimpse to her descent. Showing that in her pursuit of revenge she was beginning to lose her mind to the pills that she was continuously swallowing like candy, even hallucinating about one of the people she had killed in the past and even snapping on her supplier. In which case the latter showed just how tense she was and the former that there was still some part of her that wished she could go back.

It was also nice to see some character development thrown in on the side, primarily on Fabiola’s behalf where we not only learned about her harsh upbringing in the slums but also how she felt embarrassed about certain things, from how she waited until Garcia was asleep until she swam in the pool on the yacht. At the same time it was also as if Eda received a bit of character development as well, being shown to be a member of the CIA stationed in Roanapur which was characterised by how she would remove her headpiece and sunglasses when she acted as so. It should also be noted that there was something scarily ominous about her talk with Mr Chang, serving as just another reminder to what scale the events of this arc are on when she described the United States as a Hydra.

On the other hand there were also things like the meetings among the heads of the various syndicates in Roanapur and the extent that Rock went to in order to predict the way that things would turn out, that also worked to convey just how serious the matter at hand was. As for the few who knew just what Roberta was capable of among them, being Balalaika and Mr Chang there was the impression that it could be something that would tear not only themselves but also the town apart. While on Rock’s side just how complicated it was could be seen as he looked for a point where they could intervene but had still managed to convince the way that the syndicate meeting would go.

Rock’s talk with Revy was also kind of interesting for what it was, taking Revy’s comparison of her self to a gun to him comparing himself to a bullet. Not only showing how they work together and how his life had completely changed when he met her, but also Revy taking it further by making said bullet a silver one, in that he had the power to annihilate the monster yet mistiming the shot, even in the slightest way could lead to the complete opposite. In this respect it also meant that there was something kind of nice about how she gave him a bullet as she agreed to help him.


4 Responses to Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail 02

  1. paper says:

    I’m kind of disliking Rock because he’s so afraid at even the slightest hint of precariousness. The scene where he decided to leave the life of an officer worker to join Revy was just awesome; it showed this reckless and kickass side of Rock that was dormant but began to awaken. Somehow, that feeling was lost as the series progress.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    He does seem unwilling to do much at the moment, but it sort of shows how he’s having trouble coming to terms with what he’s steadily becoming. So a feeling of progression is still sort of there, and he still gets some pretty awesome moments. Like when he influenced Balalaika to just go ahead with wiping out both of the Yakuza groups.

  3. Αγγελος says:

    Could Rei Hiroe explain us what exactly happened to Rock’s parents? Are they alive,or something horrible has happened to them?Their absence gives me the odd feeling that Kageyama might have orderd their murder,and that should look as “accident” just for a cover-up.Whatever happened we have to know,if the latter did will Rock find the truth?Will Revy stay on his side cementing and admitting her love for him?I want nice developments between Rock and Revy.Rock and Revy!
    Questions we ought to think,and Hiroe has to answer:Were the Okajima’s told their son “was dead”?If so what was their reaction?Did they demand explanations about Rock’s “death”,and compensations as well?About how much far would the unscrupulous (and maybe trickster!)Kageyama go just to ensure the dirty deals and cover ups of Asahi industries?!Even ordering a murder that would seem as “accident”?!
    Hm,will the Iranians enter Roanapur?I don’t think Balalaika would be pleased to encounter Qassem Suleimani.He’s so Tough,so tricky!

  4. Αγγελος says:

    I suspect that the reason for Rock’s estrangment from his parents has to do with his older brother.The older,as I suspect,must have abusing Rock by various means.Could ‘ve he discredited him openly,while taking all the favor for the one,or other work? “Rokuro,why don’t you do it like your brother?When are going to learn something usefull from him?”!
    If yes then these must have been a great pain for Rock,and therefor never got over with.He’s such gentle soul.He’s not holding a grudge to them.
    Any one might say that all these I’ve written(my early suspicions and questions) are mere speculations.No prooves for the one or other…yet.Well we ‘re waiting to see what’s coming.

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