Angel Beats! OVA

As part of their next operation, High Tension Syndrome Yuri orders them to do everything in high tension in order to give Angel/Tenshi the illusion that they’re all living a happy and fulfilling high school life yet are not disappearing. If they succeed it could possibly get them a lead on God and if they fail they will be going without food or water for a week.

This leads to them all doing things in an excited and flamboyant manner with Yui going off to practice and Hinata and the other boys heading out to play baseball, even though they’re all supposed to be acting in high tension Otanashi is acting completely normal as he’s dragged away. Fujimaki, Oyama, and TK on the other hand are heading to the dining hall and are eating as much as they can, on their way to play baseball the other boys meet Angel/Tenshi and decide to go to class instead. Where Hinata reacts to the names that the teachers say while Noda and Takamatsu excitingly yell out things that they’ve already passed with Matsushita saying things related to the lesson.

After class they finally prepare to play baseball but have to do the cleaning instead, leading to them all racing down the hallway as fast as they can while Otanashi goes at his own pace. Elsewhere Yui and the other members of GirlDeMo are practicing in high tension and Hisako has to be reminded that they’ll have to fast for a week, hitting Yui when she accidentally insults her and after which they then decide to do a live show. Back in the Dining Hall Fujimaki and Oyama have eaten a bit too much and feel like they can’t act in high tension, so they decide to ask TK to teach them how to dance.

It doesn’t take long until the plans that they had to play baseball, do a live show, and learn how to dance collide as they all intend to use the outfield, so Otanashi suggests that they just have a Sports Festival and manages to get everyone on board. Oddly enough Yusa is also acting in what could be considered high tension for her as she reports to Yuri, in the storage room Shiina is in the middle of sewing up her plush dolls when some NPCs come in and accidentally abduct one. The Sports Festival then continues with the cavalry event where Noda has to be reminded that he’s not allowed to use his halberd and Fujimaki attaches the plush doll to his headband in order to stand out. The event then starts with each team charging forward in order to grab the other team’s headbands, up above Yuri laughs manically but stops when she spots Shiina running across the field, who takes out everyone in order to retrieve the plush doll.

Angel/Tenshi then leaves the student council meeting and confronts Shiina who blows out the Tension Meter with how cute she thinks the plush doll is and makes her opponent unwilling to fight, with her parting words grabbing Yuri’s attention. So she rounds up the SSS members and has them follow her, expecting her to contact God about all of the injured NPCs as she goes down a secret passage way and through a top secret door. However what’s behind this door is nothing more than her underground hydroponics garden where she tends to the turnips that she thinks are even more cuter, and not only that just about anyone can simply walk in.

Of course due to failing the operation they all have to fast and reach their limits one week later with Yusa being the last one to collapse, reaffirming her opinion that Yuri would be the best the villain. The ending this time features everyone fading out around the start with Yuri remaining until the very end, finishing with a “Bad End” screen.

Another Epilogue:

Other than the extra episode there is also an extended epilogue where an unnamed student breaks down under why he has to do all of this, but no of the NPCs answer him as Otanashi marches in and grabs him by the collar, asking him what he needs. As he indirectly tells him about all those who had came before him and disappeared, with the unnamed student telling him how he wants the courage to face him. It then ends with Otanashi coolly returning to the Student Council room with some of the NPC’s talking about how he’s waiting for someone.


As something extra this was kind of fun and while it didn’t serve to fill that gap in the last few episodes where everyone magically disappeared, it reminded me of just how much potential this show had if it had been longer and just how fun it was early on. Before the serious story kicked in and it devolved into Kanade unnecessarily acting cute, with there still being that extra bit of mystery about her back then. If that wasn’t enough it was also great to see an extra epilogue thrown in that shows just what happened to Otanashi after Kanade disappeared and even implies a possible sequel.

Even though it didn’t go into detail about those last few days between the final episodes what we got instead was great and it was pretty fun to watch the members of the SSS run around like idiots. Reminding me just how much I liked Jun Maeda’s style of comedy and the fun sort of episodes that it lead to early into the series, where for one reason or another Yuri would have them all do some sort of operation in order to ‘find God’. And ranging from Hinata and the others shouting out random things in class, to Oyama and Fujimaki eating a little too much and running around, to Yui and the other members of GirlDeMo enthusiastically practicing it was just a fun extra, something that the series could have really done more with.

As through more episodes like this we not only would have had some fun episodes, but we also would have got to know and like a lot of the other characters a whole lot more. Further convincing me that Maeda was shafted by the episode count and that those that were handling the money are now kicking themselves for it, in just how well it did and the way that the Another Epilogue hints at a sequel with some sort of Visual Novel/Video Game adaptation just on the horizon as well. Along with how rushed the series itself felt as it progressed from one thing to another at a rapid rate, with this episode showing that it could have quite easily filled in any extra time that having another twelve to thirteen episodes would have gave it.

How something like the “Tension Meter” that was on the screen for most of the episode was also pretty fun, fluctuating constantly depending on the way that the characters acted. Bouncing around as Hinata and the others forced themselves to yell as they flamboyantly ran around while dropping to absolute lows when ever Otanashi appeared, who certainly wasn’t taking it seriously at all. What was really odd about it though was how it would usually stay at the same level whenever Kanade appeared as Angel/Tenshi, either working to show that she was separate from the SSS or just how bluntly she acts. Above all else though I liked it when it hit what could have been the maximum when Yuri laughed maniacally and loved it when it exploded when Shiina revealed just how cute she thought her plush dolls were.

What else seemed to stand out was how it played to Yusa‘s remarks about just how much of a villain Yuri is, something she certainly has the laugh for which if taken out of context would make her seem pretty evil. With how she made them all go without food or water for a week because her plan failed for reasons unrelated to them while she most likely drank and ate as much as she wanted in front of them being outright sinister. It should also be noted in kind of an odd way she would have been like a villain at this point in the series, as while it progressed to Otanashi helping everyone pass on and disappear in the latter half. She was constantly trying to find God in order to ask why she had the life she had instead of coming to terms with it, in doing so also keeping the other members of the SSS from doing so as well. It was also kind of funny to see the episode end with a “Bad End” note at the end of it, not only fitting in with how Maeda is a prominent Visual Novel author but also providing a funny what if scenario. Though everyone would have revived not long after they had died from starvation so it could fit in quite easily during the events early into the series.

For what it was the Another Epilogue was great, not only managing to fill in part of that mystery about what had happened to Otanashi but also hinting at a possible sequel in the future featuring a new protagonist while Otanashi fills the role as either a mentor sort of character or as the antagonist. However while these hopes that it introduced were all good and fun, it was also kind of sad to see what path Otanashi had went down after he lost Kanade, who with his friends from the SSS he obviously was still quite attached to. Choosing to wait for her to come back and starting to become more and more like the programmer, and we all know how well that story ended. Despite that though, a sequel still wouldn’t be that bad, as it would serve to show just what had led him to Kanade during the final moments of the series.


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