Bakuman 14

In order to be able to write better battles, Takagi has Kaya beat the crap out of him in the middle of the park.

Opening theme:

“Blue Bird” by Kobukuro, download.

All he really learned from it was that fighting is scary, and when Kaya goes to congratulate them on coming third they remind her that the first place was all that mattered. Other than that Mashiro is trying to figure out how to draw battle manga by copying pages from prominent series that he likes, seeing them and Kaya so devoted to their dreams reminds Kaya of how she quit Karate, which gets Mashiro to send a message of encouragement to Azuki. Her response however shows that she knows about Kaya’s meddling and when she wishes that she had a thing that she was good at, Mashiro tells her how nice she is while Takagi can only tell her that she has big boobs.

In the Shonen Jack editorial department, Yujiro has to bring in the first chapter for Eiji’s newly serialised work, Yellow Hit but he isn’t picking up the phone so he has to go over in person. When he gets there he finds Eiji blasting music and when he reminds him to keep his phone on the desk, he throws a fit. Back at the studio Mashiro is trying to figure out what art style to go with and Takagi shows him his idea for the story, a boy having to fight demon after demon with a magic sword.

The next day Yujiro meets up with the assistant applicants to introduce them to Eiji, warning them that he’s weird, and when they get their Yujiro’s troubles increase when he finds that Eiji hasn’t bothered to do the first chapter of Yellow Hit and has done Crow instead. At the very same time Hattori is also having trouble with his young mangaka, finding that Mashiro and Takagi have completely ignored his advice, going for a mainstream battle manga instead. He tries to get them to go back to what they were doing, bringing something fresh to the magazine yet they argue that all of the popular series are like this. The editor-in-chief Sasaki and the assistant editor-in-chief Heishi overhear this with the latter saying that he actually liked their work over Eiji’s.

News about what Eiji has done comes in sending them all into a panic as there’s only two days until the deadline, so Sasaki tells Yujiro to bring Eiji to them with the first chapter of Crow. When he finds out about this he’s delighted to be able to see the editorial department while Yujiro realises just how unpredictable he is, so they part ways with the assistants and race over to the Yueisha building and on the way, Yujiro tries to figure out how long it would take him to draw with assistants. When they get there Mashiro and Takagi finally see who their rival is while Yujiro apologises and shows Sasaki the first chapter of Crow, the news about Eiji’s serialisation is also new to Mashiro and Takagi.

After reading it Sasaki gives the go ahead to serialise Crow instead if they can get names for the next few chapters, but when Yujiro tries to find Eiji he finds him by sitting by the same desk as Hattori, Mashiro, and Takagi. Telling them all how much he loved Money and Intelligence while Mashiro and Takagi are surprised that he’s a genius, let alone that he wants to be friends with them. Yujiro manages to find him and gets even more frustrated that his names are only in his head, so he decides to draw the manuscripts right then and there, with Hattori thinking it’s something that Mashiro and Takagi should see. Leading to them all watching in amazement as he draws the next two manuscripts in under an hour. Once he’s dragged away Hattori uses this as a way to try and convince Mashiro and Takagi to go back to their old style, and when they refuse to he tells them that he will step down if they can prove him wrong within six months.

Ending Theme:

“Genjitsu to Iu Na no Kaibutsu to Tatakau Mono Tachi” by Takahashi Yu, download.

Next Episode:


Once again it was great to see the two chapter per episode rate kept up, since it really is amazing how something like this can vastly improve the episodes themselves. Where instead of being slow and dragging, they’re actually pretty entertaining and it might mean that the it will actually get somewhere before the end of the first season. Above all else though, it was great to see an episode that for the most part revolved around Eiji.

As not only is he an extremely fun character but he hadn’t really received as much focus in this way until now, usually being shown drawing away in his apartment while being proclaimed as a genius. Where this episode went on to show that he was completely unpredictable as even his editor, Yujiro couldn’t control or predict what he was going to do. Which in this case lead to him paying a visit to the editorial department when he simply decided to do something else while there were already firm plans for what he was supposed to do in the first place.

It was also kind of interesting to see just what made him a genius and how much he differed from Mashiro and Takagi, in that he kept all of the names in his head and could draw out two chapters worth of manuscripts within half an hour. While in Mashiro and Takagi’s case, both were something that were shown to take far more time and actually having the names on paper was essential. Other than that it was pretty funny to see his unpredictability come into play when he met them, as not only was he a big fan of Money and Intelligence, but he also wanted to be friends with them. Both being things that were even unexpected for Mashiro and Takagi as well.

How Eiji’s unwillingness to do what his editor wanted him to do paralleled what Mashiro and Takagi were doing was pretty interesting as well, where they went against Hattori by going for a typical battle manga. Even though they backed it up with how ‘all’ of the popular titles are battle manga, Hattori had already made the point that they’re just not cut out for it already. So hopefully how he’s agreed to step down as their editor if they can actually come up with something good in this category is something that will get them to acknowledge it.

It was also nice to see Kaya get a bit of development as well in how she had given up on what she was good at, and pretty fun in how she beat the crap out of Takagi in a completely one sided fight. In which the fact that it took place in public with the kids at the park cheering them on made it even better. Aside from that it was also fun to see the scene where when they Mashiro and Takagi both take turns in trying to cheer her up, Takagi could only come up with how her boobs were big.

With this episode there was also new animation for the opening and a completely new ending theme, and while I was disappointed to see the same un-befitting song reused as the opening theme I still thought it was good in how we were able to see some of the other characters. Meaning that in this season we will at least get to see the likes of Fukuda and Aoki before this season comes to a close, who are already confirmed to be voiced Junichi Suwabe and Ayako Kawasumi. So I’ll be looking forward to how that will turn out. The amount of time that Azuki had in the opening was also pretty interesting as well, possibly meaning that there may be a bit of development on her behalf. The animation used for the ending theme was also something that I liked, managing to showcase all of the other characters, and the way colours were shown flying from the pens was a nice effect.


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