Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 01

Before school even starts Sawako is a hard at work making lunch for the day.

As she eats it with her friends, Ayane Yano and Chizuru Yoshida they talk about how things have been since the winter break, where a girl called Takahashi jokes with Sawako and the boy who now sits next to her, Yagi will start conversations with her. Something she thanks them both for, and just as her gaze shifts towards Kazehaya, Takahashi appears from behind and tickles her. Though she felt like they grew closer on New Years Eve she also feels that there’s been some distance between them ever since they shifted seats, and they day before Valentines Day she sets about making chocolates for everyone but can’t help but notice the slight differences to the ones she made for Kazehaya.

However she still intends to give them to him as thanks for all he’s done, but when she first meets him in the morning neither can get a word out and she notices him putting some chocolates into his pocket. So Sawako gives her handmade chocolates out to everyone and they all appear to enjoy them, she then runs off to the bathroom where she over-thinks about how Kazehaya has probably already received so many chocolates along with how she should give them to him. Back in the classroom Kazehaya finds Ryu with some of the chocolates that were made by Sawako and given to him by Chizu, after which he notices how other people have them as well and has to turn down a confession from another girl. Something Sawako saw as she returned to class.

Later in the day she continues to think about this, with the chocolates she saw him putting away earlier must have been obligatory chocolates out of courtesy and gratitude while the ones she saw after this must have been homemade ones containing her feelings. This leads to her wondering about what it would mean if she were to give him the ones she made, as she doesn’t want him to see them as a confession. Before she knew it the school day ended, and Sawako only has one more chance to give Kazehaya her chocolates when she sees him dragged away by their teacher, Arai Pin. Ayane and Chizu accept this and go on ahead, and the job that Arai Pin had in mind was just for him to rub his back. Something he uses embarassing things from when he was younger to make him do, however he notices some chocolates from Sawako out of thanks on his desk. This leads to Kazehaya driving his elbow in and putting the idea that he’s been cursed into his mind, making him eat all of the chocolates in an attempt to purify himself.

Meanwhile Sawako waits outside readying herself and when the chance shows itself she goes to give them to him, however if chance is snatched away when Kurumi appears in front of him at the exact same moment. Giving him her chocolates for the first and last time, so having already turned her down Kazehaya accepts them and afterward Kurumi finds out that Sawako had been just around the corner. Telling her that he doesn’t accept homemade chocolates and how she’s special in having already been rejected, she then sets about asking her whether there’s another meaning to the chocolates that Sawako intends to give him.

Leaving with thoughts that it would be only due to herself if Sawako couldn’t move forward, afterward she bumps into some boys from her class with one of them asking if she has any for him. The boys then walk go their separate ways the same one spots Sawako as he passes by and sees that she wanted to give her chocolates to someone. And as the episode ends, Kazehaya feels as if he was hoping for something and Sawako feels that she can’t give them to Kazehaya as a thanks due to her hidden feelings for him. Stuffing them into her bag and running off.

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So with this episode the second season actually begins and something like Valentines Day provided was a good beginning point for it, it was also pretty nice in how it started off with a somewhat happy mood as it went about doing things like reintroducing some of the other characters and messed around a bit. While towards the end it got a lot more gloomy as Sawako started to run out of time, in which the new guy seen in the opening and ending themes was also introduced.

To start with the way it reintroduced us to some of the characters who were really only mentioned in passing in last week’s recap, like Sawako’s friends Ayane and Chizu, voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro and Yuko Sanpei was pretty nice, as not only did it do that but it also went about reestablishing the setting as well. Showing that in the short space of a month and a half from where the last season had left off from, that while things at first glance may have appeared the same there was actually quite a lot that had changed. With Sawako starting to make more friends and was able to speak more easily with those in her class, when before it was if they were avoiding her.

Other than that there also appeared to be a bit more distance between Sawako and Kazehaya, and not because of the new seating plan, as when ever they met neither of them could really get any words out. Showing that there was now some awkwardness between them from the month and a half ago when they had gone to the shrine together on New Years Eve. It also goes without saying that this sort of awkwardness was one of the many things that seemed to get in the way of Sawako’s pursuit to give Kazehaya the Valentine’s Chocolates she made. Being accompanied by a multitude of little things that she seemed to worry about continuously in her inner monologue. Such as whether there were too many in the bag, what he would think by receiving them, and the right time and place to give them to him. Which in all worked to remind me about how adorable she is.

In the end though seeing her unable to actually give them to him was something that I was kind of disappointed by, something that I found pretty odd given how simple it was. But it seemed like everything was against her as while she wanted to give them to him and he wanted to receive them from her, it just wouldn’t be the case. With even Kurumi showing up at the worst point to stir things up, which even if her intentions were to give Sawako the courage to act in this sort of situation was still something that irritated me a bit. As even if Kurumi’s actions were intended to actually encourage her to do something, it just seemed as if that point was her only chance and when it was just in sight it was snatched away. However seeing her give up on it due to the fear of revealing her feelings to him was probably the saddest part about it.

Even if it was brief, taking part in those last few minutes of the episode, it was still great to see the new guy from the opening and ending themes show up, Kento Miura voiced by the incredibly fabulous Miyano Mamoru. Who looks to be acting as the rival to Kazehaya also after Sawako’s affections in a similar way to how Kurumi acted in the first season as Sawako’s rival. Something that I’m looking forward to seeing the way in which it will turn out, as even though Kento won’t exactly end up with her or anything. Him simply being there as a rival to Kazehaya, should at least serve to help him realise and reinforce how he likes her, along with speeding things up on his half like Kurumi did for Sawako.


2 Responses to Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 01

  1. wonton jr. says:

    Miyano Mamoru! One of my favorite male seiyuus ever! I’ve always thought Sawako’s and Kazehaya’s relationship was sweet, but kinda boring since Sawako is too pure to be teased, and Kazehaya is just to nice. So having a new rival in here should be probably interesting ^-^ I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    He does have his fair share of awesome roles. And I’m interested to see how this rival sort of character will work out as well.

    I kind of agree with you, it’s sort of slow and dull because of that, but at the same time I think it’s part of what makes the series so good. It makes Sawako a fun protagonist and how Kazehaya is like that is part of why she likes him.

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