Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 15

Once again Mizuno and Takuto stand outside the window ledge where they had first met, noticing that the baby crow that he had saved has left the nest and Mizuno going to kiss him, only to be interrupted by the crowd outside that need to use the urinals.

A ferry from the mainland arrives with Mizuno’s mother, and elsewhere Takuto and Wako are eating some ice cream together while the same lady from the previous episode find out that Mizuno will be in the kiss scene opposite to Takuto. Who also appears to be quite clueless, leading to Wako taking a large bite out of his ice cream and walking off. Sugata has also met Head again in the exact same spot, with Head reminding him about the seat of Emperor waiting for him in the Glittering Crux, along with how a warrior must have a strong ambition and how he thinks no other warrior driver can beat him because of that. The former makes Sugata raise his hand, yet he continues to talk and as he walks off he comments on how he thinks of the Galactic Pretty Boy as an ally while his completed painting has the same initial as the ones that Takuto’s father had painted.

Later on Mizuno and Marino talk about how their mother has come back to the island, something that Mizuno doesn’t want to dwell on and when they move on to something else she finds that Marino may also like Takuto. In Vanishing Age’s lounge all of their drivers, including two new characters and Takashi meet up, with Head announcing that they have found the West Maiden due to Marino’s easy to see through lie. The next day it starts to rain and the trio are faced with Wako being the only one to have an umbrella big enough to cover two people, so Sugata challenges Takuto to be the one to go with her. Mizuno overhears this and takes it as him liking Wako, and with her hopes crushed she skips school.

When she gets home Marino tells her how worried she was and how they can keep the fact that she’s the West Maiden a secret forever, saying the words to the spell that would make everything okay, Katami Wakachita Yagadanse and telling her that the illusion is true if it doesn’t break. At this point the doorbell rings with their mother’s return, however Mizuno doesn’t want to let her in as they recite the spell. Marino suggests that they let her in just to find out what had really happened back then, however Mizuno can’t see how she could understand her feelings and storms off. As it continues to rain Marino watches her sister cry and returns to the spot from when they were younger.

Morning comes with Marino nowhere to be seen and Mizuno preparing to leave the island while their mother is there, even meeting Mami on the way and sending a message to Marino apologising for how she acted. But just as the ferry leaves the island the alarm clock rings in her ears and she finds herself just as she was when she woke up, she attempts to leave again and again but the same result follows every time. However just when she breaks down Wako finds her and consoles her, realising that as the West Maiden she had tried to leave the island. So she takes her back to her house where her grandmother directly asks her if she’s the West Maiden and Wako tells her how she had also tried to leave the island at one point. As the sun begins to set Mizuno sings her song on the beach and meets Keito who offers to tell her how she can leave the island.

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After what had happened last week I never really expect the things that Mizuno would go through from that point would have been all that good, but still I found that this episode went further than any expectations I had. With her blissful school life coming crashing down as she lost one thing after another. On the other hand though things definitely appear to be moving forward now that Head has finished his painting, signing it with none other than an “R”.

It was probably because of what we saw Mizuno go through in this episode that I found it kind of hard to watch, as after how cute and blissfully unaware she was shown to act it wasn’t really that hard to like her. However this episode seemed to take that blissful unawareness and tear it a part, with her losing one thing after another just as they were going well. Such as they boy she liked when they were going to be in a kiss scene together and if that wasn’t enough the mother she considered to have abandoned her had returned to the island as well. Both of which happening around the same time was a little too much, however I guess I should have prepared for it in advance.

The part that seemed to hit me the hardest though was Marino’s disappearance, where with everything tumbling down Mizuno had lashed out at her and had refused to acknowledge her as her sister, ultimately leading to her possibly disappearing for good. Which seemed to hit so hard because despite everything that she had gone through Marino was always there for her, and even in finding out about the inconsistencies in their memories still resolved to protect her and stand by her side no matter what. Even using the same spell that she was taught, Katami Wakachita Yagadanse, to try to convince her that everything was going to be all right.

The hardest part about what was happening to Mizuno for me was that there was really no way she could escape what was happening to her, and it was foreshadowed quite early into the episode that she would have to face it all. The way in which it was shown that she couldn’t escape also turned out to be pretty interesting at the same time, going to show that what kept the Maidens on the island was actually something physical and as long as their seal was intact they didn’t have a choice in the matter. As it was kind of vague about what kept them there, be it obligation or something similar to what it was actually shown to be. The way the music was used during this scene was also something that I liked about it, managing to show the despair that Mizuno felt as time reset each time she attempted to leave the island.

Once again the talk that Head and Sugata had was one of the most interesting parts of the episode, where unlike the times before it, it was pretty much out in the open that Head was a member of the Glittering Crux when he reminded Sugata about the position of Emperor waiting for him, and while he was prepared he still didn’t use the King’s Pillar right then and there. If that wasn’t enough he even went on to talk about how he didn’t think that any other warrior driver could beat him and that he even considered Takuto an ally, which isn’t too hard to believe considering that he’s been eliminating any competition in the proposition he made for the leadership position. But it was taken even further by how the same scene effectively confirmed that he was Takuto’s father in how he signed the painting, something that while not that hard to see was a lot like how Keito was built up as the East Maiden.


5 Responses to Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 15

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    no mech battle for big story progress looks like a good trade to me =)
    although not very likely, would like marino to return as a real person…
    hopefully starting next ep they will begin to reveal what head, keito, and the crux as a whole are up to and also tell us more about takuto’s background and his mysterious grandfather

    btw i watched the first ep of Level E, before seeing it i thought it looked kinda boring, but after seeing it, i have no doubt it has the potential to be among the best shows i’ve seen =)
    lets just say i enjoyed ep1 more than index and star driver atm

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Same here, when shifts away from the usual formula the episode really stands out in comparison to the ones before it.

    Not really sure whether I’d like that to happen, the thing with the baby crow leaving it’s nest kind of foreshadowed that Mizuno would have to deal with everything that was happening without her. But anyway how the next episode should look into Takuto’s past is something I’m really looking forward to as well, I may have said it before but he really is one of the most mysterious characters in the series.

    Level E is one of my favourites as well so far, it’s great as both something serious and as a comedy. The way it approaches the scifi aspect to it is also pretty interesting in how it plays on how they do exist, it’s just that you don’t see them. I’m actually considering blogging it but I don’t exactly have enough time at the moment.

  3. paper says:

    I never really took it to heart when they said that Cybodies have first phases. I didn’t expect for Maidens to have first phases, too. So then it makes me wonder what’s Wako’s first phase.
    Wait, so the seals of the West Maiden and North Maiden were broken and all that is left is the South Maiden and the East Maiden, right? Has the East Maiden been revealed yet? I can’t remember anything.

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    Wako’s first phase could be her heightened senses in how she was able to do things like ‘smell’ Takuto when he first washed ashore. But then again there are cases when they don’t even know what their first phase is.

    And it’s been hinted for a while now but Keito was pretty much confirmed in the last episode as being the East Maiden, from how she appeared in Marino’s vision and the way that Head referred to her. In all it actually seems kind of odd for a Maiden to be such a high ranking member in the crux, so I’m interested to see what story she will have.

  5. paper says:

    I need to pay more attention to details. I keep missing these things.

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