Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 02

As the new school year begins Sawako puts on her school uniform and makes her way to school.

Once again she finds herself in the same class as her friends Ayane and Chizu and a lot of familiar faces, including Kazehaya, someone she would have felt lonely without. While she tries to smile and greet her classmates she ends up creeping some of them out while Kazehaya still happily says good morning, so Chizu introduces her to their new classmates and they make their way to the entrance ceremony. During the wait outside Ayane looks back on how Sawako couldn’t give Kazehaya her chocolates, wondering just what they were doing and thinking that love is all about timing. In the ceremony itself Sawako thinks about what happened on Valentines Day, taking it as if he could already have someone that he likes, and considers herself greedy for wanting more time with him like on New Years Eve.

With the ceremony over they go to their first class where the boy who appeared towards the end of the last episode, Miura Kento is surprisingly seated right next to Sawako. The way he acts towards her is also kind of close, with how he brushes aside her hair to see her eyebrows immediately grabbing Kazehaya’s attention. It’s soon time to pick who the class representative will be, a job no one really wants, and just as Sawako raises her hand to volunteer Kento beats her to it. So she lowers her hand but one of her friends from their previous year, Tomo nominates her to be the one to do things like watering the flowers after the good job she did the year before. Something that makes her smile as Kento happily looks on.

Once class ends he gets dragged away by Arai Pin while Sawako, Ayane, and Chizu go their separate ways, with Sawako staying behind to plant some seeds in the garden outside, and even though Kazehaya takes a moment to say goodbye to her she still has trouble saying it to him. He then goes to leave with his friends but after remembering a few things he turns back. Chizu then meets up with Ryu outside to ask him about the date for his brother’s wedding, and though he can’t remember when it will be he still has to practice for the Spring Tournament. As Sawako goes about filling her watering can Ayane bumps into Arai Pin to thank him for getting them all into the same class again, however her bribe wasn’t needed as he simply chose all the students that he liked to be in his class with his parting words about having a good time this year catching her off guard after this.

Ayane then bumps into Kazehaya in their classroom, she teases him about how he should get a girlfriend and how she’ll help him if she can, and though he acts nervous he can see through what she’s up to. Telling her that he’d like the girl who he likes to be the first one who knows that he likes her, and with her plan having failed Ayane thinks that it should be something that the two of them should handle themselves. After she’s finished planting the seeds in the garden below Sawako returns to the classroom where she sees Kazehaya, she gets nervous about how they’re alone together, but he tells her how he’s happy that they’re in the same class again and how he was waiting for her. If this didn’t catch her off guard he goes on to tell her how he considered himself to be closest one to her but has realised that he was too conceited. When she can’t put a response together he apologises and says good bye, as she thinks about how she couldn’t say anything to him without giving a glimpse to her feelings, Kento spots Kazehaya stepping out of the classroom with Sawako inside.

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In all this was a pretty nice episode, the way it showed everyone entering a new school year was something that I would have preferred for the season to start on, but what we got instead was better in how it eased us back into the story. It was also fun to see the characters mess around a bit, with little things like Ayane trying to set Kazehaya and Sawako up and Ryu being more preoccupied with his training than his brother’s wedding. Seeing the new character from the previous episode, Miura Kento be introduced also made for a pretty fun scene.

Once again it’s also kind of sad to see the sort of misunderstandings that this series is already known for coming back into play in Sawako and Kazehaya’s side of the story, where this time she suspects that he may like someone else and him not really knowing how she feels. With her fear of showing him the hidden feelings he has for him that even stopped her from giving him her chocolates, appearing to increase the distance between them a little further. Despite that they still appeared closer than they were in the last episode, with things like how he said good morning and waited for her in the classroom giving that impression. Either way though the way it’s progressed from how they were just friends before is still something I kind of like at the same time.

Seeing all those little scenes as everyone began their second year was also pretty fun for what it was, it was just something that had a nice feeling to it as we saw things like Sawako putting on her uniform again and walking under the cherry blossoms. Almost like a new beginning to it all which is probably why I thought it would have been more befitting for this season to start off on hadn’t what we saw in the last episode be a bit more conclusive. Other than that it was also nice to see things like Ayane attempting to set Kazehaya and Sawako up together after they appeared to be taking longer than she had expected on their own, and in a way accepting it at the end of the episode.

It was also great to see a short scene between Ryu, voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura and Chizu thrown in around the middle of the episode, showing off the way he can easily forget things and how he’s on the baseball team at the same time. Though the way he forgot when his brother’s wedding would be seemed almost intentional. Other than that he’s a fairly awesome character and the romantic subplot he has with Chizu works nicely as just that, if anything it’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing more of. Around the same time it wasn’t that bad to see a scene with Ayane and Arai Pin, where if anything he proved that her attempt to bribe him to get them all in the same class again was unneeded. Even managing to say something kind of cool at the same time, something that definitely stands out through all the times he’s used as comedic relief in the series.

The way the boy, Miura Kento from the last episode was introduced was also pretty fun for what it was, it was almost like he was taking advantage or Sawako’s shy personality in the way he shook her hand and the way he poked her forehead when they had only really just met not that long ago. How it got a reaction from Kazehaya was good to see as well, with it being a sign that Kento may very well be the thing that will speed things up between him and Sawako. What Kento’s motivations for wanting to get closer to her were also kind of nice in the way they appear to be related to just wanting to see her smile so far, making him almost similar to Kazehaya but different at the same time.


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  1. paper says:

    The relationship between Kazehaya and Sawako regressing a bit might possibly prompt for a gathering or some sort of event for the two of them to get a bit closer.
    I liked how this episode didn’t just focus entirely on Sawako and Kazehaya but also shifted a bit and showed the relationship between Ryu and Chizuru.

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