Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 03

It’s already been one month from where the last episode left off and the plants that Sawako planted back then have sprouted, and she still wonders how she should have responded to what Kazehaya said to her back then as well.

She arrives back while Kazehaya is acting lively as usual and when he greets her she’s able to at least rigidly respond. Just as she manages to sit down Kento sits down in the seat next to her, happily greeting her and when she responds he tells her that she’s being too tense and attempts to instruct her on how to do it naturally, catching the attention of Ayane, Chizu, and Kazehaya. When lunch time arrives she decides to do something to help out one of her classmates but they’re kind of confused by it, during their PE class Kazehaya talks with Ryu about how he thinks he’s made Sawako feel uncomfortable and how he wants to speed things up between himself and her but want to make it hard for her. Of course he’s clueless about Sawako liking him and is uneasy about the idea of her being with someone else, and as he thinks that she looks like a doll Ryu tries to encourage him.

After one of their classes Sawako invites Ayane and Chizu to see her medicine corner but the tags that she’s written to identify them have ended up looking like curses, at this point Kento shows up and reads Sawako’s mind on how she was expecting someone, telling them that he’s an esper. She’s amazed by this as he goes on to tell her how he just can’t abandon a girl in their time of need, and trying to make her smile by smiling at her. In doing so creeping Ayane and Chizu out a bit and when she finally gets it Sawako forces out a smile, accepting him as her esper-instructor. Soon after this Ayane finds him talking with some of the girls from his last class and goes on to confront him on what he’s up to, in doing so he’s able to find out that Sawako likes Kazehaya and tells her that it’ll be okay since he isn’t that bad.

As their teacher tells them that what he’s writing will be in the midterm, Kazehaya and one of his friends talk about how their class did well due to Sawako’s notes. Kento overhears this and after hearing about it from Tomo announces that she’ll be holding study session after school. While she’s shocked by this she accepts the honour and is relieved when some people actually showed up, with Kazehaya and his friends arriving just before they were going to start. Just before he heads in Kento hears how some of the people that came heard about it from Kazehaya, and with all the people that showed up they convince Sawako to use the black board. And with the joy from helping everyone she truly smiles for all to see.

When the study session ends Kento congratulates her and she thanks him for being her teacher before theirs a moment of silence between them, as they’re about to leave he tells his friend that he has something to take care of. Kazehaya then appears and Ayane and Chizu run off to leave them alone, she then gathers the courage to thank him and he tells her not to worry about what he had said last time before leaving the classroom. And as he heads out he finds Kento who tells him that he was waiting for him.

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While the pacing may be slow as far as things are happening, it’s without a doubt one of the charms that this series has so in all this was another nice episode. This time allowing us to see things from Kazehaya’s side a bit and it was kind of funny to see him completely oblivious to all the signs that Sawako liked him, on the other side we were also able to see Kento move closer to Sawako and finally start to put some pressure on Kazehaya to do something.

To start with considering how slow things are happening I’m actually kind of surprised at how fast time is passing by, where while it’s only been a few episodes since this season started over two months have passed in the series. Yet at the same time it feels completely natural, even if there really isn’t much happening, with most of it being the interactions between the characters and at the moment Kazehaya and Sawako being awkward around each other, potentially misunderstanding each others feelings. It’s just that these sorts of timeskips don’t really feel disjointed and can actually be entertaining to watch as well.

It was also interesting to see things a bit from Kazehaya’s side through the talk he had with Ryu, where deep down he’s shown to have some qualities that contrast against the way that people would normally have seen him. In how he admitted that he was selfish and possessive with the idea of Sawako being with someone else, which if anything showed that Kento’s presence as something of a rival to him was starting to do it’s work. Even making him impatient with how things were progressing between him and her, so if anything it would be great to see it add up and get him to do something aside from occasionally greeting her.

Once again Sawako also proved to be a fun protagonist with those sorts of scenes where she wanted to show Ayane and Chizu her medicine patch and the way she looked forward to being able to tell the ghost stories showing that. And even though show didn’t exactly make much progress with Kazehaya in this episode we were able to see her accomplish what can be considered one of her goals in how she surrounded by people and getting along with everyone when she was teaching, eventually leading to another one of those moments when she genuinely smiles.

Along with that, without a doubt one of the fun parts in this episode was the way that Sawako and Kento interacted, where Kento took on the role of her esper-instructor in order to try to teach her to act a bit more cheerful, and with it get her to smile as well. All the while with her actually eagerly playing along with things like how he was teaching her to happily say good morning naturally and the way he tried to get her to smile, while at the same time Ayane and Chizu were uncomfortable around him. Let alone from his talk with Ayane his motives seem kind of vague at the moment, whether it be to encourage Kazehaya or attempt to take Sawako for himself.


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