Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 16

Mizuno returns home and meets her aunt again who reminds her that her mother is on the island and asks about Marino, telling her that she would still be all right even if she was gone.

She then gets the idea that Marino could have left the island so she meets Keito in one of the clubrooms and asks her how she can leave the island before falling unconscious. At Sugata’s mansion he and Takuto are in the bath again where he asks him about what power he sought from apprivoising, this brings back some memories from his past but Wako interrupts it, calling them out on taking too long. Mizuno wakes up surrounded by members of the Glittering Crux where Keito reveals her mark and ponders whether she made it so that Marino would be pulled into zero time instead, forcing her to come to terms with how she was always an only child and her real memories. After this Head uses his Reshball to destroy her Cybody with his Star Sword, Diamant, breaking her seal in doing so.

Everyone is then pulled into zero time again, however with her seal broken it advances to the third phase. Takuto manages to catch Mizuno as Head announces that he’ll be able to defeat the Tauburn, apprivoising and asking whether he really thought he was the only Galactic Pretty Boy. So even though she’s kind of confused with what’s happening, Takuto sends Mizuno to the side and apprivoises the Tauburn. However when he kicked the fight off by using the parts on the Tauburn’s back, Piles, Head used the Reshball’s own Piles to block it and destroy them, following it up by simply overpowering him in melee combat. Once he’s knocked the Tauburn to the ground he then asks whether that was all that he had before powering up Diamant for the final strike, going on to say that a Star Sword’s power is converted from the Driver’s libido and that those with weaker libido retract at the light from his sword.

At this point the Tauburn goes silent as Takuto can’t even move it, however his mark activates and he’s able the push the Reshball back, the Tauburn then transforms and we take a look into his past. Continuing from when he was with his friends from before he came to the island, Hana and Natsuo where the latter intends to fly a makeshift glider in order to hear the voice of the world, simply because it was what he ought to do. So he pedals down the slope and glides over the lake, and even though the wings break he’s still okay. However neither of them would have suspected that due to an illness he had only one more year to live, and so Takuto takes out the glider to see what he meant, flying over the lake and hearing the voice of the world before crashing into the forest on the other side.

The scar he received from this turned out to be in the same shape as his mark and while his grandfather scolded him for being reckless, the shape of the scar and how he told him about the way that Natsuo shone in his last year convinced him to pass on the Tau mark. Asking him if he wanted to see the father that abandoned him for which he wanted to go to the island to give him a good punch. Back in the present he then throws Saphir at the Reshball and with it impaled defeats it by cutting through with Emeraude.

After this he met Mizuno on the bus to the ferry where she tells him how she’s realised how he saw her and how she’s glad she met him. They then part ways and as she leaves the island Mizuno reflects on how she’s going to see her mother to at least say goodbye, her phone then rings and surprisingly Marino is on the other side. Who says what she had said before about the illusion being true if it doesn’t disappear, and Mizuno telling her how she’s going to talk to her for her before breaking down in tears asking where she is. Marino then reveals that she’s right behind her and asks what she would do without her.

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In quite a few ways I thought that this episode was amazing, as not only did it conclude everything with Mizuno as this arc drew to a close. It also finally brought up Takuto’s past and allowed us to see exactly just what had been and is motivating him throughout the series, something that had been a real mystery before this point. And not only that but it also had the first confrontation between him and Head with the Reshball, and with it another incredible fight scene.

The thing that probably stood out the most about this episode was how it allowed us to finally take a look into Takuto’s past, seeing just who was with him in the photograph and the grandfather he had always been referring to were. Because before this point we didn’t really know anything about him aside from how he had come to the island to find his father and that he was a lot more closed up before, so to see these sorts of details explained and expanded along with just what had been motivating him throughout the series was great to see. The story behind how he got his mark and went on to act the way he does now was also kind of nice for what it was, with it being the way that his friend Natsuo had spent his last year alive that made him want to take the glider out. Seeing who his grandfather was and how the marks could be passed on was also pretty interesting, as well as how he was voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata (the same voice actor who voiced King Motherfucking Bradley) which without a doubt added that extra bit of badassery to him.

If there was another thing that this episode had going for it, it was that we were finally able to see Head take action, let alone just after he’s effectively been confirmed to be the father that Takuto has been searching for. There was just so much weight behind it at thid point that it was simply incredible to finally see, just being one of those points where it feels like everything before it had been building up to it. And in a way the fight scene between them certainly didn’t disappoint from as soon as Head kicked it off by asking if he thought he was the only Galactic Pretty Boy, and using the Reshball to completely overpower the Tauburn. Considering the fight itself ended though, there was also some irony in how Takuto unintentionally managed to beat the crap out of the father who he resolved to give a good punch to.

However in some way I was actually kind of disappointed in how the fight between them actually ended, with Takuto receiving a mid-season power up and winning. It simply made all of the build up to how the Glittering Crux would be stronger if they were in the Third Phase meaningless, and if anything I was expecting the Reshball to actually defeat him. Leading to Takuto going through a down phase before he figures out how to repair it and still giving that feeling of uncertainty when he finally gets a rematch with him, however at the same time it still wasn’t something that I minded all that much. As not only did it end in a spectacular way but it also kind of played into the name of the series, and puts the coup that Head will lead in the next episode into perspective.

Despite how we essentially saw her world fall apart in the last episode it was still kind of nice to see Mizuno manage to grow up a bit at by the end of this arc, and finally be able to confront her mother. And while I didn’t think that she would receive a happy sort of ending after that I was surprised in how the arc really did end for her. However while it may have nice for her to finally be able to leave the island after the hell she had been through before, and actually have some resolve to do so. There was still something tragic in how Marino would always be by her side, appearing as a nice extra on the side yet when you really think about it, it isn’t really that good when you consider how she was already acting before it. But anyway how it was from seeing Takuto’s memories that she was able to get some of the courage to face her mother was still kind of nice and I’m slightly disappointed that we won’t get to see the scene between them in Sarina’s play, because if anything they made a nice couple.


4 Responses to Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 16

  1. paper says:

    I was surprised, to think that there was more than one Galactic Pretty Boy.. it might be that a certain few, like Takuto’s grandfather, have the ability to bestow marks upon selected individuals.
    If so, then Takuto’s father may have been the one to give Head his galactic powers? It’s just my guess but I wonder how Head became a Galactic Pretty Boy. Then that would mean that there’s a specific mark just for the powers of the Galactic Pretty Boy, right?

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I was kind of expecting to see more since the title seems to sort of go with just having a real mark, so by extension even Takashi could be considered one.

    Isn’t Head Takuto’s father? There was the way he signed the painting and even Takuto’s grandfather has some of the same purple coloured hair to support it. And aside from there being different phases (first phase, second phase, third phase etc) there seems to be different powers for each mark.

  3. paper says:

    That’s his father? But, I figured it would be someone who looked.. a lot older. I didn’t notice the painting sig. These hints.. they don’t seem to show up or stand out to me.

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    There’s also the extra pupil that both him and Takuto only seem to have, but Head really seems older than he really appears and his branch name is called Vanishing Age afterall.

    So it’s really just multiple little things that pointed to it earlier, kind of like the things that pointed to Keito being the East Maiden. You either see them or you don’t.

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