Puella Magi Madoka Magica 04

When Sayaka goes to see Kamijou she finds that he’s busy with his rehabilitation treatment, and as she leaves the nurses talk about how he may never play the violin and Sayaka asks herself why it had to happen to him instead of her.

At the Kaname household Madoka is still reeling after what happened to Mami and breaks down in tears during breakfast, and when she tries to ask Sayaka about it on the way to school they decide to talk about it later. For them it’s like their world has completely changed which Sayaka wishes they had found out about earlier, when the choice to become a Puella Magi comes up Madoka is afraid and Kyubey tells them how another Puella Magi will come to fill Mami’s place, heading off to find someone who will make a contract with him.

Madoka pays a visit to Mami’s apartment where nothing has changed since she left and apologises, she meets Homura outside who tells her how she’s happy that she could save someone and that Mami’s fate couldn’t be changed. Along with that she’s seen it happen many times and how no one will know that Mami died, as it’ll be as if she just disappeared. To Homura it’s the price for fighting for their wishes, and when Madoka tells her how she’ll never forget her or Mami, she tells her how she’s too kind. Sayaka manages to visit Kamijou again and when she tries to talk about music, he lashes out at how she’s torturing him when he’ll never play again with only a miracle being able to change that, to which Sayaka says exist as Kyubey appears in the windowsill.

As Madoka walks home she spots her friend, Hitomi ahead of her however on her neck is a Witch’s Kiss as she and others are drawn to an abandoned warehouse. She follows her thinking that she should call Homura but she doesn’t have her number, and when they arrive she spots them starting to mix chemicals together, something her mother had warned her against. So she tries to stop them but Hitomi gets in her way and tells her that they’ll be going to a better place, but instead she takes the bucket and throws it out the window before locking herself in one of the rooms to the side.

While she may have thought that she would be safer here instead she slips through the witch’s barrier where she’s put face to face with what happened to Mami again, and as she thinks that she should pay for her sins something blitzes it’s way through the familiars. This turns out to be Sayaka having made a contract with Kyubey, and so armed with a sword she cuts down the witch. Homura also manages to arrive and can’t believe her choice, and at the hospital Kamijou can move his left hand. From some of the powerlines overlooking the city Kyubey meets the Puella Magi who’s arrived to fill the position left by Mami, however with Sayaka there now she isn’t needed, something she doesn’t take too kindly to thinks that she just has to beat the rookie.


In all this was a pretty good episode, as not only did it show that Madoka and Sayaka were still grieving over what had happened to Mami but it also continued the things that lea to Sayaka’s choice to become a Puella Magi. It also even managed to introduce a new character towards the end, Kyouko who looks like she may play an antagonistic role for the time being.

Seeing the way that the characters reacted after what had happened to Mami was something that I had liked, showing that even after what seemed like a few days it was still fresh in some of the characters minds. With Madoka appearing to take it particularly hard along with the way that it influenced her choice to become a Puella Magi, as while she may have been enthusiastic about becoming one back then, the way she was now was almost the complete opposite. In how the whole ordeal made her afraid instead.

When she was in this state it was also nice to see Homura come into play, allowing us to see a little bit more into hercharacter with how she appeared to be relieved in the way that Madoka had accepted her advice. Along with her gloomy and stoic nature appearing to be from seeing the worst things about becoming a Puella Magi over and over again. So as mysterious as she is she almost appears to represent that, acting as the possible result as to what awaits on the other side to Madoka’s choice.

It was also great to see Sayaka’s choice to becoming a Puella Magi c0ntinued as well, as unlike Madoka she was shown to have something that could act as a wish. Kamijou, which while not for herself still would have been enough. and it was also interesting that the way that they acted around each other before this ended up torturing the other. With Sayaka asking herself why it couldn’t have been her instead and all her attempts to comfort him had actually ended up torturimg him instead. So in all it was good to see all of this continued and ending with her choice, the sadness in it though is what she wished for may not exactly be what she truly wanted.

With all of this it was also interesting to see a new character introduced towards the end, Kyouko voiced by Ai Nonaka and the girl with the red hair who had appeared for a few frames in the opening. As brief as her appearance was then, she still looks like she’ll play an antagonistic role in how she intends to claim the city as her territory by simply kicking Sayaka out. Which should be interesting in how it contrasts with the idea of friendship in the magical girl genre, something this series has done quite well so far. Because if anything Puella Magi so far have mostly been portrayed as being out for themselves alone with the rewards in mind, of course with a few exceptions.


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