Toaru Majutsu no Index II 16

As soon as Angelene falls Luccia runs to her side with Saiji throwing the two of them a way out, and even in her current state Angelene is more concerned about everyone else. So Touma steps up and tells Luccia to say something to her that will make her feel like what she did was still worth something.

Inside Biagio is surprised at how long it’s taking and looks forward to crushing Agnese’s hopes. Touma, Index, and Orsola manage to head inside where Touma just uses his Imagine Breaker to shatter anything that gets in his way, be it doors, walls, or ice golems. After getting separated from Orsola and Agnese he recieves a call from Index about what the Appointed Time of the Rosary, because even in all of the 103,000 grimoires she possesses there’s no mention of it and just when things were going easy for Touma, Biagio takes action.

He comments on the way Touma is using his right hand like a weapon and belittles him as he introduces himself, he then takes some of the crosses from his robe and explains the uses of the cross. With the crosses themselves either growing in size, shooting down, or even waying Touma down, and when Touma questions what he intends to do to Venice he tells him that he has something else in mind before dropping more crosses on him and leaving him for dead.

Index and Orsola manage to make it to where Agnese is with Index running off to distrct the ice golems after them, leaving Orsola to go to Agnese who can’t understand why she would come to save her after what she had done to her. So she tells her of how Luccia and Angelene had resolved to save her as all the more reason to do so, however before they can escape Bergio returns, telling them how he hates things that are tedious. Which because of he crushed Touma and intends to use Agnese for the spell no matter what, going on to suggest that the Appointed Time of the Rosary is merely used to shift the Queen of the Adriatic’s target to none other than Academy City. Something that would crush the Science Side. He then attacks Orsola who confronts them on how they can’t act on hope, only suspicion and even while Agnese has her doubts about whether they can beat him she still defends her, readying the Lotus Wand. Biagio then uses his crosses to way Agnese down and just as she can see how it works, Touma makes his return, telling him that he should have at least made sure he was dead.

Touma then jumps forward and drives his fist into Biagio, however before they can go about making the Queen of the Adriatic unusable Agnese collapses, showing that Biagio still has some fight left in him. Explaining how he already has what’s needed to make it selfdestruct with an explosion that would encompass everything in a ten kilometre radius, and with Agnese’s condition getting worse Touma tells Orsola to get everyone out, promising to come back once he’s beaten Biagio.

Biagio then tells him how he intends to eliminate him as his last act and sees his choice to at least destroy the coast of the Adriatic sea as reasonable given his position. However Touma can’t believe this and their fight begins with Biagio using multiple crosses only for Touma to punch his way through them, before feinting with his left hand to deliver the final punch with his right.

Touma wakes up on a stretcher with Index by his side and a phonecall waiting for him, it turns out to be from the Frog-Faced Doctor how they can’t have any doctors outside of Academy City looking at his body, so there’s a Jet on it’s way. So in the end he only spent one day in Italy and if that wasn’t enough there was a message from Mikoto tellin him to look forward to the Punishment Game. In London Kanzaki here’s about what happened in Italy from Tsuchimikado who goes on to tease her about how she should have to cosplay for Touma this time, and while she slams the phone down she still fantasises about it. At this point Orsola arrives back with Agnese. As the epilogue continues, Vento of the Front talks with the Pope and presents to him an overdue order to sign, the elimination of Kamijou Touma.

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Another fairly fun episode and with it we reach the end of the second to last arc of the season. There was really just something fun about the way that Touma would use his right hand for anything this time around and I don’t know whether it was due to Wakamoto voicing him but Biagio made a good antagonist. Finally it was also great to see that after what could be considered a whole season of punching them around, the Roman Catholic Church were seriously starting to get sick of Touma.

Continuing with the reversals from the previous arc that included Orsola and the Book of Law, it was also great to see Orsola be the one to show up to rescue Agnese, something that she didn’t quite understand at first, and even Agnese taking up the Lotus Wand with the intention of protecting her from Biagio. And to even continue this sort or trend again, there was even the way that Saiji and the Amakusa stood by Luccia and Angelene, which also added up to these reversals, with former enemies becoming their allies being all nice to see for what they were. Managing to further prove how awesome and good hearted the Amakusa and Orsola were, but also standing to make Agnese more likable accompanied with what we saw in the last episode.

Touma’s approach to resolving things in this episode definitely made it a whole lot more entertaining to watch, as afterall just what else do you do when you’re on a fleet of ice ships being held together with magic and have a right fist that can destroy any magic. So whether it was a wall or an ice golem seeing him just punch his way through them was definitely fun to watch, with Index even trying to hold him back at some points. Along with this he even had his fair share of awesome moments in how he told Bergio to at least make sure he was dead and even showed some ingenuity in the final fight by using his left hand as a feint.

Whether it was simply the legendary Norio Wakamoto voicing him, or even just the way he acted as the antagonist Bergio definitely made for a badass villain. And while the idea of using crosses as weapons may have seemed boring he certainly used them in a way that was exciting to watch, with the way he explained the way that they could be used somehow coming off awesomely. Let alone his no nonsense attitude and the way he just wanted to get things over and done with was certainly worthy of the way that the opening and ending themes weren’t included.Which also worked to make the whole arc a lot more climactic. The plan that he had in mind was also kind of worthy of that, as changing the Queen of the Adriatic’s target to Academy City would have meant the end for the science side in a way that went further than what Lidvia had in mind in the arc before.

The epilogue for this arc was also great, as when you consider how Touma was afraid that something bad would happen at the last minute before he set off for Italy, it finally happened with how he only spent one day there before being dragged back. Even taking it a bit further through Mikoto waiting for him to come back for the Punishment Game he lost, it was like he had been dragged half way across the world just to save someone and that was it. It was also fun to see Kanzaki appear during the epilogue as well and even though she still appeared to be annoyed by the way that Tsuchimikado was teasing her, there was just something about the way that for a few seconds she actually fantasised about dressing up in the fallen-angel costume for Touma. Aside from that with the way that the Roman Catholic Church has acted as a reccurring villain in this season so far it was great to see them finally start to get serious by not only sending out an official order to eliminate Touma but even one of their apparent higher ups, Vento of the Front getting involved.

Overall this has probably been my favourite arc in this season so far, as while there wasn’t anything ultimately terrible about the arcs we’ve seen before. Just in one way or another they were kind of held back, be it the amount of time they were given, the amount of QUALITY, or even the way how the events were connected, they just weren’t exactly as good as they could have been. So it really gave the impression that this was the only arc the staff had been trying with so far, and if that wasn’t enough the way things happened one after another and how it could be considered the first arc to take place outside of Japan definitely made it fun to watch. Not to mention the way that all the characters from first arc with Orsola and the Book of Law all made a return in some way worked to make it a sequel to that arc, even replaying some scenes and character roles in reverse.


2 Responses to Toaru Majutsu no Index II 16

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i was enjoying orsola being slow that i was caught off guard when she elbowed touma XD
    at the end it looked like agnese will live with orsola, but what happened to luccia and angelene?

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Any Orsola screen time is great, I didn’t really think much of her at first but with things like this arc and how she even managed to be useful during the stuff with Oriana and Lidvia I’ve come to like her quite a lot. If anything I wonder if she acts like that on purpose, as aside from that elbowing moment we’ve seen her make subtle jokes and even make a few good speeches.

    They would have went with her as well but weren’t shown, and we should be seeing them in the next episode (18), when Kanzaki gets frustrated with a high tech washing machine.

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