Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 17

The episode begins with Head, or Reiji Miyabi visiting a comatose patient in the hospital before going to Simone’s sister, Mylene’s report about Takuto, Sugata, and Wako to Mr Watanabe, after seeing them hanging out at the beach he comments on their youth.

It then goes back to before the report was written with the members of the Midnight Flight drama club hanging out at the beach where Takuto would strangely rather go surfing with Sugata instead of oiling up Sarina. Not too far away Ruri is burying Wako in the sand while she tells her about how she went on a date with the boy she likes, which makes her somewhat jealous. Two girls then arrive and challenge Wako and Ruri to a game of beach volleyball where the will get to be oiled up by Takuto, and while they fought valiantly the two girls, Madoka Kei and Kou Atari still win.

During the Glittering Crux’s meeting Head reveals that he knows where the East Maiden is but withholds the information, as the fourth phase may make the driver unable to cancel the apprivoisation causing them to be trapped in zero time. So due to this he enforces that they must be able to break the South Maiden’s seal at the same time which means that the Tauburn must be defeated, and before Benio can ask about his mark he begins his coup with the aid of Professor Silver. Destroying the cybercaskets and revealing that all those with artificial marks are now useless as the drivers of Vanishing Age take the stage. Later in their lounge Takashi feels that they may still need the backing of some of the other groups and Madoka as Window Star requests to be able to challenge the Tauburn, Ginta/Camel Star appears to have ulterior motives. Aboard Kanako’s yacht, she’s worried about Madoka and Kou now being in Vanishing Age and while Simone was surprised about Takashi’s mark, she feels that not having someone to massage her is more worrisome.

Madoka and Kou wake up and watch the sunrise together and as Keito sings on top of the school building everyone is thrown into zero time, grabbing Wako when she was doing her duties as a maiden and Sugata and Takuto who were both still asleep at the time. Madoka then steps forth with her Cybody, the Hegent where she even gets a transformation sequence similar to Takuto’s, where Kanako tells Simone how she thinks Madoka’s habit of taking what she wants is dangerous.

As Takuto meets her with the Tauburn she pulls out a Star Sword however he refrains from dealing the final blow as he could potentially kill the driver, and Sugata finds that the King’s Pillar is now useless on third phase Cybodies. So Takuto finds a way to defeat it without killing the driver, the Tau Missile. As the battle ends Benio and Midori wonder why he’s so strong and Kanako acknowledges the way he won. With the battle over Ginta taunts Head about his destroyed Reshball however he still smirks about it as Professor Silver informs them that there’s only a fifty percent chance of restoration now, knowing this Madoka gets excited.

Ending Theme:

“Pride” by SCANDAL, download.

Next Episode:


Another great episode, it’s almost as if this series is only getting better and better the longer it goes on, as while the last featured the climactic finish to what had been an eight episode story arc. This one still seemed to keep that sort of pacing as we went into the next one, introducing some new characters and shifting things with the crux and the Cybody battles themselves forward.

One of the interesting things about this episode was how it began with Head/Reiji Miyabi visiting someone in the hospital, and while who this person’s identity could be guessed from their comatose state. The way that Head had went to visit them and seemed interested in when they would awake was something that stood out, as the only character he appears to be close to at all would be Ryousuke. So if anything I’m interested to see who this person will turn out to be and what their relationship with him was.

As always the slice-of-life hijinks were as fun as always and this time we saw what could be considered the proper beach episode, leading to things like seeing Sarina in her swimsuit and even some fun scenes with Wako and Ruri. Beginning with the way they talked when Ruri buried her in sand and eventually leading to a beach volleyball match when the two new comers, Madoka and Kou voiced by the amazing Yukana and Mitsuki Saiga made their first real appearances after previously appearing on Kanako’s monitor. The match itself also turned out to be pretty fun as well with Madoka and Kou overpowering them until they decided to get serious (with Wako even imitating Takuto at one point), which despite doing so they still lost.

Things at the Glittering Crux also appeared to step forward in the way that Head properly took charge by withholding Keito’s true identity from the others and even made it impossible for those with artificial marks to use their Cybodies by blowing up the cybercaskets at the click of his fingers. Essentially kicking Filament out and limiting any sort of power there to his drivers in Vanishing Age. At the same time it also showed that Ginta has some motives of his own, and even seemed to bring up a flag for Kanako joining Takuto’s side against them in how she felt that Madoka and Kou were dangerous and the way he was in her mind, even acknowledging the way he defeated Madoka.

As far as the fights went it also appeared that they would become a lot more difficult for Takuto from this point, not in the way that the Cybodies he faced were any stronger compared to him. But the conditions he would now face during the battles with them, now being unable to rely on Sugata for backup with the King’s Pillar and even one wrong move leading to him possibly accidentally killing the challenging driver, in the way that the driver also became one with their Cybody in the third phase. Something that seemed to make them more challenging for him and even led to him beating the Hegent in a spectacular way with the Tau Missile. It was also interesting to see the Hegent again after its brief appearance in episode four, with its true driver turning out to be Madoka and even the way that she referred to herself as a Galactic Pretty Boy coming off oddly, as the origin of the name aside I was still expecting her to use Galactic Pretty Girl/Ginga Bishoujo instead.

With this arc’s focus shifting towards Keito it was nice to see her have a song as well, which in itself also turns out to be pretty catchy, though the way that no one appears to notice her singing is something of a mystery. It was also nice to see the ending theme shift its focus from Mizuno to her through the frame that appeared back then changing to one of her, similar to how Mizuno had replaced the fish girl/Sakana-chan on the bus. In all though with this shifted focus to her I’m interested to see what her story will be.


3 Responses to Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 17

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    just watched 2 eps together, and i really don’t get what happened to marino but it’s good that she came back
    this ep threw a ton of stuff out, and now things really seem to have gotten messy
    i would like to see what sort of role the coma person plays
    mylene and the old dude seem to be interesting too. i think they might be a separate faction and maybe kanako is working with them.
    the yuri duo seem to have their own story
    and ginta also sounds like he’s up to something
    i also think the crux members seen in the back row at the last shot of of the ed might have a change of heart/reveal their true intentions and assist our heroes towards the end

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    For me it was more worrying when you consider that Mizuno was already talking to birds, so it was kind of bittersweet.
    Same here, especially in how they’re connected to Head outside of the Crux, and the old dude was Leon Watanabe so Kanako should be working with them, something that caught my eye was the shape of his desk but I don’t really expect it to mean anything.
    That would be nice to see, especially since Head seems like he has his own agenda outside of the one that the Crux has as a whole.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    forgot how kanako’s husband looked XD

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