Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 04

As Sawako leaves the school she tries to figure out what Kazehaya meant by telling er to forget about what he told her last time, feeling embarrassed due to thinking so much about it.

Elsewhere Kento has pulled Kazehaya aside where he asks him if he has a girl he likes and tries to get him to see that if he becomes involved with her she’ll be isolated just as she managed to fit in when the other girls see it. However he asks him what he knows about it and tells him that he’ll take care of it if it comes to that, so he tells him how in all he feels sorry for her due to the expectations she has, something that he’s not close enough to notice. As Kazehaya walks off Kento offers to help him with the girl he likes but he refuses with his words about not being close enough still in his mind.

Meanwhile Ayane and Chizu have been looking for a dress that Chizu could wear to Ryu’s brother, Toru’s wedding which she’s actually surprised to be able to go to after it was supposedly limited to family members only. After she separates from Ayane, Chizu bumps into Kazehaya and shows him the dress, and when he asks if he understands Sawako she offhandedly says that he doesn’t. So he goes on to tell her how he thought he did and she puts it in terms of experience for him, wondering if something happened between them as they separate.

As she walks to school Kurumi hears about how Kento had volunteered Sawako for the study session and at the school Sawako meets Kazehaya, while she tries to say something he greets her before heading off to his friends. To her it felt like he was avoiding her, so Ayane takes her aside to ask what had happened between them and sees it as him getting impatient, telling her that she still could have called him or gave him her chocolates. This makes her tear up and she tells them how she’s nervous and afraid, so Ayane tells her that it’s all the more reason for her to actually do something to change the status quo.

While she may have been acting friendly before she greets Kazehaya with a kick to the back and tells him to stop making Sawako think that he’s avoiding her, all the while Ryu has no idea what’s happening. After this Ayane tells Chizu how she feels sorry for Kazehaya, however only now does she realise that Kazehaya likes Sawako and Ayane tells her how any attempt at getting them to confess to each other would end up failing at this point. Chizu remembering what she had said to Kazehaya the day before decides to keep her mouth shut. Just as Sawako is about to enter the classroom she hears her classmates talking about her study session, and when Kento gives her a push in they all start thanking her for it and the other things she had done. Kazehaya remembering Kento’s words wonders what he should do.

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Another fairly good episode where unlike the ones before it in this season there wasn’t really any sort of time skip between it and the one before it so it was nice to see exactly what had happened after the last episode. It was also nice to see some things from Kazehaya’s perspective, as well as some of the side characters receiving a fair bit of screen time. However what this episode really seemed to go about was Kazehaya’s struggle with what would happen if he were to get closer to Sawako and what he meant by those words he said to her in the classroom.

To start with one of the things that I liked about this episode was how it went about giving some of the side characters some more screen time, as it goes without saying that the side characters in this series can be pretty awesome. So this allowed us to see some things like Chizu preparing for Toru’s wedding which had been mentioned back in the first season during what could be considered a short story arc that revolved around her and Ryu. So it was great to see this brought up again and accompanied by how clueless she was about Kazehaya liking Sawako along with how she thought that Ayane would kill her if she knew what she had said to him earlier, so in all her scenes were pretty fun.

Let alone to see this accompanied by Ayane attempting to at least make sure that neither Sawako or Kazehaya went astray from the slow pathes they were taking was also great, giving Sawako that push to make sure she still did something when she was afriad and giving one to Kazehaya as well when he was starting to feel that getting closer to her wouldn’t be for the best. As in all, like the audience she appears to be the only one who actually knows that Sawako and Kazehaya like each other, let alone still tries to help them without having any interests of her own to interfere.

What this episode really seemed to focus on however was the way that Kazehaya viewed things, allowing us to see just what he had meant by those words he said to Sawako back then and coming to terms with how things really were, along with what would happen if he got closer to her. Both being things that he would need to overcome. The way that Kento worked with this was also something that I liked, presenting to Kazehaya that if he were to get closer to Sawako that the jealously that the other girls would feel from it would isolate her, undoing everything that he had done to help her fit in with the class. However given the possibility that Kento may have fallen for her as well at this point makes the way he said these to him kind of amibuous, especially given the way that Kazehaya now seems to be avoiding her. Making it seem as if he’s almost given up on the prospect of being with her for her own sake, and given that these are all things he will need to overcome in the series how he does this will be something I’ll be interested to see.


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