Puella Magi Madoka Magica 05

As the episode begins we’re able to see what exactly happened to Sayaka as she made a contract with Kyubey involving him reaching into her and pulling out what can be considered her soul gem, telling her it was her destiny to take it.

The next day at school Hitomi has no recollection of the events from the previous night but still has to have some examinations done, later on Madoka asks Sayaka if she was scared then so she tells her how she feared losing her friends more and how Mami might have survived if she made the choice earlier. If anything the only regret she feels is not having found what it took to put her life on the line for her wish earlier, and just before they leave she tells Madoka that she doesn’t have to become a Puella Magi.

She then went to visit Kyousuke Kamijou again after this where he wonders if it really was one of the miracles that she talked about that made him able to move his right hand, he also apologises for lashing out at her and they both make their way up to the rooftop. Up here they find a group of people waiting for them with Kyousuke’s father handing him the violin that he couldn’t bear to throw away, and with this in his hands he begins to play.

From observatory in another building Kyouko manages to spot Sayaka with Kyubey questioning whether she really intends to start something with her and warns her about there also being an irregular Puella Magi in the area, however Kyouko welcomes the challenge. Meanwhile Madoka has asked Homura if she could talk with her, trying to convince her that she and Sayaka could get along since deep down she’s still a nice girl, but Homura goes on to tell her that if a Puella Magi must cast away such characteristics and that she should just give up on her. Also blaming herself for how Sayaka became a Puella Magi and the end she’s doomed herself to, telling her that the contract means putting ones life on the line for one wish and how she’ll keep fighting no matter what.

After this Madoka managed to meet up with Sayaka as she was about to go patrolling for witches and asked if she could come along, which she agrees to since she won’t be alone. And as they go on Kyubey reads Madoka’s thoughts and tells her how he’s ready to accept her contract at anytime. They eventually manage to break through a barrier belonging to a familiar instead of a witch, so Sayaka transforms and attacks it by throwing swords at it. However her attacks are deflected by none other than Kyouko who tells her to leave it alone until it kills a few people and becomes a witch, and while Sayaka can’t accept this Kyouko explains that it’s just the way it is and questions why she became a Puella Magi.

Sayaka then attacks her but Kyouko just pushes her back with ease as she continues to eat her taiyaki, and while this should have defeated her due to her wish being to heal someone her she also has accelerated healing powers, she then speaks up and Kyouko decides to teach her a lesson in respect as they clash blows. During this Kyouko still has the advantage but Sayaka continues to get up each time, as she watches on Madoka wants a way to stop them with Kyubey suggesting that she could make a contract with him to do so. However before she can Homura arrives and stops Kyouko from striking the final blow.


This series just keeps getting more interesting, while it may have continued Sayaka’s plot in how she became a Puella Magi so that Kyousuke could play again and featured the confrontation between her and Kyouko. It still had things like the talks that Madoka has with Homura or Kyubey, where it’s as if the former is trying to stop her from forming a contract at all costs while the latter is trying to force her into it, one way or another.

The way it continued Sayaka’s plot was kind of nice in that we were able to see how she honestly thought about her wish, appearing to have no regrets towards it and wishing she had made the choice sooner. Through things like the way we saw her being able to witness what she had wished for when she listened to Kyousuke play the violin again, or the way she possessed so much confidence that she could protect the city when she talked with Madoka. And towards the end of the episode we were able to see all of this put to the test in her confrontation with Kyouko, which showed just how readily she would fight for it all. Seeing the contract itself between her and Kyubey taking place was also pretty interesting along with how the wish they make reflects on what powers they’ll gain as a side effect.

At the same time the confrontation also made for a good moral standoff between them, with Sayaka wanting to kill the familiar before it killed someone and Kyouko wanting to leave it to do just that so that there would be a Grief Seed at the end of it for her. It was just something that seemed to present the differing points between Puella Magi nicely as before we only had Mami or the enigmatic Homura to draw an opinion of, so this was able to easily show that not every Puella Magi went out witch hunting with the safety of those around them in mind and were purely acting for their own benefit. The fight scene between them was also pretty fun to watch in just how fast paced it was, reminding me of just one thing I like about SHAFT’s animation style, quick and sometimes lacking but with quite a few awesome moments along the way.

Throughout the series so far one of the things that seems to have stood out is the way that while Kyubey has said that he’s not allowed to force them to make a contract, it still doesn’t mean that he’s not allowed to push them in the direction in which they would. As whenever the opportunity arises he will always suggest to Madoka that it’s still an option and at the end of this episode he was certainly pressuring her to make it, however at the same time Homura is always there to stop it, sometimes arriving at just the right time to do so. So with just how determined Kyubey is for Madoka to make a contract and how Homura always arrives at just the right time to prevent her from it, let alone how Kyubey appears to have no knowledge of Homura all has me curious in how they will be connected and the true intentions they have regarding it.


3 Responses to Puella Magi Madoka Magica 05

  1. wonton jr. says:

    I pretty much have a feeling that Sayaka will die soon, since there’s been a lot of foreshadowing about that. Also Kyube creeps me out whenever they show it, I mean, those close up shots are so creepy. -__-

  2. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i think madoka should just let everyone die, and then wish for them to all come back to life stronger than ever XD
    or just wish for the witches to be completely erased along with all the damage they’ve caused 😉

  3. Ginnodangan says:

    @ Wonton jr.

    I can see that happening as well, if anything she’ll be lucky to survive two more episodes and either way I can see this arc of the story ending with or either her or Kyouko’s death(s). And yeah he is creepy, though I think it’s more to just how uncaring he really is, like he has no regard to whether they live or die.

    @ Point Blank Sniper

    To be honest I think it’s quite likely that just about every character will die by the end, but I’m not sure whether I’d like an ending where magic brings everyone back to life. If anything I just don’t expect for the ending to be all that happy, especially since it’s written by the same guy who wrote Phantom and Fate/Zero after all (a prequel to something else but still counts due to how it ended for Kiritsugu).

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