Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 05

Once their midterms are over everyone is thankful for Sawako’s study sessions, feeling that they wouldn’t have done as well without them, at the same time she also appears to have become quite popular.

So when it comes to the school festival Kento presents their theme and Jo suggests something along the lines of “Sadako’s Black Magic Cafe”, seeing a chance to take advantage of her popularity the whole class agrees. After this Sawako shows some girls the garden she’s been tending to and when they beckon Kazehaya over she gets nervous, causing him to leave without a word, with this she feels like they’re drifting apart. Ayane has also noticed how Kazehaya has been acting and puts more pressure on Chizu about what she said, so she considers asking Ryu to say something to him, and when Ayane overhears her mention him she asks about the details for his brother’s wedding.

On the morning of the wedding she attempts to do her makeup but completely messes to up, luckily though Ayane had foreseen this and comes over just in time to help her do it.  She then goes to the wedding with Ryu’s family and the ceremony appears to go well, as she’s able to congratulate Toru on it and even have a photo taken with him, his wife Haruka, and Ryu. Not long after it things go back to normal and she manages to catch Ryu in the middle of one of his runs, deciding to take the chance to ask him to say something to Kazehaya. Something he refuses to say but will at least ask him about it, leaving as he thanks her for the drink.

During their lunch break at school Ayane and Chizu look forward to some of the Sawako themed stands at the school festival, putting pressure on her yet convincing her it’s still something she’s good at. So as their classmates go about the preparations she waters her garden where she meets Kento. In the cafeteria Ryu catches Kazehaya off guard by asking him if he’s confronted Sawako yet, leading him to tell him what’s been bothering him and how he doesn’t know what to do, at this point Arai Pin shows up and having seen Sawako and Kento together tease him about how his girl is cheating on him. Even laughing and further teasing him about it more when he finds out that he hasn’t even confessed to her yet, once this is over though Kazehaya decides to head over to them.

Outside Kento talks to Sawako about how she’s started to fit in with the class and how she won’t need Kazehaya to help her anymore, and while she’s achieved this goal she starts to think that he only payed attention to her due to her inability to do this. So Kento further proves his esper abilities by reading her mind about this and telling her that he was kind of insensitive for it but she tells him about all the kind things he’s done for her, thinking to herself about the reasons for how she fell in love with him and how she’s become greedy. Seeing this Kento starts to tear up and suggests that she go on and enjoy her youth, the reason being that Kazehaya likes someone.

This shocks her and even as Kento tries to soften the blow she gets up and walks away, not getting that far until she starts to cry. Feeling that she was too naive as Kento tries to comfort her by telling her how she’s cute and that there’s still other guys out there, including himself. At this point Kazehaya arrives.

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Considering that the past two episodes had mostly been focusing on Kazehaya’s side of things this episode was kind of refreshing in how it managed to slowly shift things back to Sawako’s side as it went about using what had been developed over those episodes. With this it was also nice to see the part about Toru’s wedding continued and concluded and the way that this episode ended made for a perfect cliffhanger.

With all of the build up towards it from as far back as the first season it was also great to see Chizu go to Toru’s wedding, as short as it was. As not only did it allow us to see another side of Chizu but it also showed that she had grown past the crush that she had had on him to be able to congratulate him on the wedding  and even have her photo taken with him and his new wife. Other than that it also seemed to move things forward a tiny bit on the front she has with Ryu, and it was great to see her go to him for help about what she had said to Kazehaya, with him doing so for his own reasons and just thanking her for the drink. It was just a nice scene that they had together.

In all this episode felt like the beginning of the conclusion to this part of the story, which had served as something to show Kazehaya’s side of things and move them forward a bit before getting him to do something. However while we were still able to see some things from his side it was almost like the focus had been shifted back to Sawako, showing how she thought that the way he was acting around her was due to them continuing to drift apart accompanied by a few of those random moments when she wondered if she could live up to the expectations that her class had on her. Something that was in the last episode as well but didn’t seem to stand out as much.

The point where this episode ended was also a great one where while Kazehaya was motivated to do something after Ryu had asked about what had been bothering him and Arai Pin’s teasing, at the same time Sawako was with Kento who after his talk with Kazehaya was attempting to convince her to give up on him. For which we were able to see Sawako think about why she loves him and with it the prospect of him liking someone else, something that absolutely destroyed her, and while I had suspected that Kento’s actions were for himself the way that it carried out suggested otherwise.

With them being based around how he thought that Kazehaya had liked someone else, so what he was really trying to do was to make sure that Sawako wouldn’t be as badly hurt when she found out, however when she was it was kind of sweet to see him suggest that they could be together to comfort her. There was just a different feeling to his voice that showed he was completely serious when he said that. As while it’s obvious that this will end with Sawako and Kazehaya as a couple, Kento also just happens to be a good match for her at this point. However with the way that it ended with him by her side and her in tears as Kazehaya arrived I wonder how the next episode will carry out, though I don’t expect for Kazehaya to hit him for something like this. As not only can’t I see it happening in a series where sparkles and bubbles cover the screen, it would also just be out of character for him.


2 Responses to Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 05

  1. paper says:

    I’m hoping that the next episode will continue from there and Kazehaya will reach out, holding Sawako tightly. I really loved this episode and seeing how sincere Kent can really be. I never thought he would offer himself to be Sawako’s object of affection but I feel that it’s wrong for him to tell her that she can like him when it doesn’t seem like he has feelings for her.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    If anything I just hope that all of the development he received doesn’t go to waste and he actually does something, but there’s still room for him to misunderstand this sort of situation.

    That part really was pretty nice to see and it felt like he was honestly considering it at that point, and while he doesn’t have any romantic feelings towards her I think that he just wants to see her smile. So they could grow from there.

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