Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 18

As a send off to their summer vacation the residents of the dorm have a barbecue and due to how most of them had gone home instead, Takuto invites his friends in the drama club.

Things eventually progress to a game where they have to confess a secret before a firework goes out, something Takuto always seems to lose and with it his clothes. Kou and Madoka happen to be passing by and head over but it quickly changes to a fight between them and Benio and Tetsuya, with Takuto trying to stop them and knocking the fireworks onto the barbecue, firing them everywhere and into his room.

The principal was glad that no one was hurt and that it was put out while it was small, but due to his room being burnt down Takuto will now have to mooch off Sugata. Of all the things he lost he’s glad that his watch was still in his pocket, and before he goes to bed he meets Wako who shows him a photo album from when she, Sugata, and Keito played together when they were younger.

As the new term begins they find that Kou and Madoka have transferred into their class and that Ruri and the boy she went out with over the summer have become a couple, with Wako teasing her about it and her asking if she’s picked one again. Around the same time Kanako asks about the fire and offers him a place on her yacht, in order to avoid this awkwardness he asks Keito about the album he saw but she tells him how the dream of being an idol that Wako still has is childish. Despite this though he still walks in on her singing along and doing a dance routine at his part time job at her family’s karaoke place. In the underground mine Professor Silver tells Kou and Madoka about the steps and risks to restoring the cybodies, also suspecting that it could be done by will alone in the fourth phase and that they should still be able to use their first phases due to their marks. At the same time Professor Green reflects on the consequences that will come if they have their cybodies when all of the seals are broken and thinks that she’s become boring.

The drama club holds another recruitment drive in the wake of Mizuno’s departure and how Takuto had promised to keep what happened a secret is still in Keito’s mind, she meets Kou and Madoka and as she walks off they have their suspicions about her. During the afternoon Takuto trains with Sugata and while he isn’t too enthusiastic at first he quickly changes when he promises to write off his rent if he can beat him. As the fight begins Sugata manages to knock one of Takuto’s swords away, however not long after Madoka interferes with her first phase, Miroir which makes everyone look like her. And while things are confusing at first Sugata simply drops the King’s Pillar down on them.

Madoka managed to survive this with a few burns and at the restaurant Takuto tells Wako about it, who goes on to tell him how Sugata would sit back and watch as she and Keito sang and danced around, giving him the idea that Keito could like Sugata. In Vanishing Age’s lounge Head tells Ginta about the job that he’s left Keito to do, where at the same time she arrives at Sugata’s mansion and meets Tiger and Jaguar. Who greet her as if it’s happened before as they show her to a room where Sugata is unconscious, as she enters she happily looks upon him and drops her robe.

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Once again we’re met with another one of those episodes where while there isn’t any cybody combat, what it chooses to do instead is develop one of the maidens, in this case being Keito. With that the slice-of-life aspects of the show were was also as fun as always and while Takuto’s room burning down had been something that caught me off guard when I first read about it, I was kind of surprised to see how it turned out.

Which instead of being part of some sabotage attempt on the Glittering Crux’s behalf, but instead it turned out to be a complete accident from when Benio and Tetsuya had gotten into some random fight with Kou and Madoka, so in some way they were still kind of connected to it. For what it was it also managed to further show why randomly shooting fireworks around isn’t so much of a good idea in a pretty fun way, with the way that Benio and Takuto’s expressions changed from this to this being kind of funny. Other than that it was great to see Tetsuya again after he had pretty much faded into the background.

However the prime focus of this episode seemed to be establishing Keito as the heroine of this part of the story, going about giving her some focus and development as we took another look at how she, Wako, and Sugata had been friends when they were younger and the way that she still seemed to hold onto the dreams she had from back then. Leading to what could be considered the highlight of the episode when she was given a whole song and dance routine lasting over a minute, that wasn’t only fun to watch but was also nicely animated ( and her expression when Takuto walked in on her was priceless). If anything her song also seemed better suited to this sort of thing as well. So given how I was looking forward to seeing the story she had I was happy with how this episode went about beginning that, and at the moment one of the things that I want to see is how exactly she ended up separated from Wako and Sugata. Since it’s like there’s a gap between that point and where we’re at in the story.

The way that Kou and Madoka acted was also pretty interesting as while it could have been considered that they were just doing what ever they wanted to do, it still gave the impression that they may have plans of their own. Due to the way that they were suspicious about Keito and how Madoka had went out of her way to attack Takuto once her cybody was destroyed, and considering how she talked with Professor Silver it was also clear that things may not be over for her yet. So considering how Kou hasn’t had a chance to fight yet it would be pretty interesting to see them fight alongside each other. Around the same time it was also pretty interesting to see that Midori/Professor Green may regain some relevance as well.

One of the other things that seemed to stand out was how the consequences that Sugata must have faced after each use of the King’s Pillar were shown, as come to think about it just about every time he had used it what happened to him shortly after it wasn’t exactly shown, giving the impression that he could just drop down blasts from the sky without any real consequences. So it was like that was all reversed and increasing that feeling that we’re starting to see a darker side to the story as the way that Tiger and Jaguar greeted Keito definitely implied that it wasn’t the first time that it had happened. Who’s duty we got a glimpse of towards the end of the episode was also pretty interesting in how while she may have not intended it, she was actually acting as part of Head’s plan. Which whether it’s to weaken the King’s Pillar or to keep Sugata as a viable potential leader for the Emperor division is something that I’m interested in, either way though he still got a bullseye.


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