Toaru Majutsu no Index II 18

While it may still be daytime in Academy City, on the other side of the world in London it’s already late at night as Laura prepares for one of her hobbies, bathing. However before this she messed up some paperwork so Stiyl barges in to get her to realise the responsibility she has, he uses his flames but she’s more concerned about how he barged in and how her robes are now clinging to her skin.

In the Necessarius dorm they’ve received a high tech washing machine from Academy City which no one seems to no how to use as Sherry thinks it would have been easier to wash their clothes in the river, and when Kanzaki tries to put the matter aside Orsola explains that they do have clothes that need washing as she starts to strip with Agnese and Lucia following her lead. With this she even undoes Kanzaki’s yukata and when Sherry tells her about fading colours, she struggles to stop it and ends up ripping the top off.

Back in Academy City Touma has managed to find a brief moment of peace as Mikoto fawns over the cellphone straps, however this doesn’t last long as he meets a girl who he mistakes for her, Misaka 10032. Who asks if he’s seen a small girl who looks like her so that she can retrieve her goggles, he then suggests that she does something to differentiate herself from the original. In Yomikawa’s apartment they receive a call from Last Order so Accelerator and Yomikawa head out to find her while Yoshikawa looks after the apartment.

To Misaka 10032’s disappointment Touma decides on a pendant instead of a ring and when he buys some donuts shaped like baby chicks for them to eat, she gets overly protective of them and is shocked when he eats one right in front of her. At this point the original Mikoto, returns and 10032’s attention is grabbed by her new cellphone straps as she tries to stop her from seeing the donuts, suggesting that she gets him to buy some for her instead. She then starts to question her and seeing that she isn’t being honest with her feelings, takes a more direct path by clinging to his arm and showing off the pendant, if that wasn’t enough Last Order clings to his other arm. The battle between the two clones then starts once more with 10032 getting serious as Last Order runs off without a care in the world, leaving Touma and Mikoto with no idea about what’s happening.

Through using her equipment from work Yomikawa manages to track Last Order down and as she informs Accelerator of her likely location, he tells her off the institute where he was kept and how even there he was considered a monster, having dismantled it Yomikawa has some idea about it and suggests that he should at least perform some acts of kindness to lighten his debt. Elsewhere some Antiskill members meet Kazakiri Hyouka, mistaking her from a hologram. Back in the underground shopping mall Mikoto lets out her frustrations in the arcade while Touma meets Last Order again, at the same time Accelerator finds Index and as an act of kindess, treats her to some food. Eventually he gets her help in searching for Last Order while she tells him about Touma.

The reason Last Order wanted to meet Touma was to thank him for his help in stopping the experiment and when his lethargic response accidentally makes her angry he attempts to calm her down with some food. After they’ve had some popcorn together she shows him the goggles she snatched which to her disappointment don’t exactly fit her, so he decides to adjust them for her, once she does a few spins in happiness she then stops and tells him how she has to go back soon or ‘that person’ will be worried, telling him how since he’s weak from protecting her it’ll be her turn to protect him.

In the search for Last Order, Index hasn’t been particularly helpful and while the way she keeps following and talking to Accelerator annoys him she continues anyway, however the search soon comes to an end as they each spot the people they were searching for. And while it may have been brief they pass by each other for a split second. The first thing that he does after he calls out to her is to tap her forehead a few times for running off, and while Touma has no idea why Index is here she tells him how she was saved by ‘that person’. However due to the amount of people there neither side can spot each other as Accelerator and Last Order head back together.

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Just like the last one this episode was great, and even though one of the things that I had liked about the last episode was how it only focused on the science side characters living their lives in Academy City. I still didn’t mind the way that this one went about showing what was happening on the other side of the world for the magic side, especially the part when Kanzaki got frustrated with a washing machine. However unlike the last episode the skies above had started to change, something that usually foreshadows something particularly ominous.

Given this ominous feeling the slice of life segments that we continued to see in this episode felt like they were covering it up, particularly those for the magic side which felt kind of unrelated to everything else that was happening at this point. But despite that they were still pretty fun, ranging from something like Stiyl having to chase after Laura to do her job to the residents in the dorm struggling with technology where Kanzaki got a good bit of focus when she hit the washing machine. However the aspect that I liked about these scenes the most was probably the way that it showed that even as events were taking place in Academy City the world still turned, that the other characters still lived their lives outside the stories they’re involved in.

Continuing where the last episode had left off from it, it was also nice to see more of the Punishment Game and even how it managed to coincide with the events that took place at the end of the last episode when Last Order took off with Misaka 10032’s goggles, eventually managing to appear show up there. Which in all led to some particularly amusing scenes as Mikoto’s plans for the Punishment Game seemed to go awry as 10032 showed up and took a more straightforward approach, even flaunting the pendant to her. It was like she was doing it all to simply get at her. Other than that it was also pretty interesting to see Last Order randomly show up in front of Mikoto and for her to barely react to her at all, if anything being blinded by jealously due to how Touma had bought donuts and a pendant for 10032 along with the way that she was clinging to his arm.

For what it was it was also nice to see Accelerator receive a slight bit of character development, showing that despite his dark background and the acts that he had committed in the past he still wanted to redeem himself in some way, though thought it was impossible. So to see Yomikawa come into the picture by convincing him that the debt he had could ever slightly be worked off was something that was great to see, as while she may have not understood the full extent of what he was talking about she still had some degree of understanding about it. However if there’s one thing that I don’t like about his character at the moment it’s that he’s too gloomy, as even though he may be in a truly pathetic state and is very well entitled to it, outside of randomly stomping villains he still spends that little too much time moping about it rather than doing something about it. So if anything to see him actually step up at some point is something that I wouldn’t mind seeing.

Other than that what was probably the most interesting thing about this episode was how Touma and Accelerator essentially swapped their effective heroines for a short period of time, with Last Order wanting to thank him and Index just happening to be in the right place at the right time for a free meal. Through this Last Order really got a chance to shine as well as even though she may have started off as being kind of hyperactive and spontaneous, when it the time that she should head back came along she showed a more sincere side when she talked about Accelerator, feeling that it was up to her to protect him in his weakened state. Something which when all added up was kind of sweet to see and touching as well.

Of course it wasn’t that bad to see Index eat her way through Accelerator’s wallet either. But another thing that stood out during this part was how both Accelerator and Touma were completely unaware that the other was the one that Index or Last Order were telling them about, be it from simply just failing to catch their name when they met or just the way that they were referred to as. Which in all really made that scene where they struggled to look for the other in the crowd and that point where Index and Last Order passed by each other a great one. Though I’m curious as to what would have happened if they did actually manage to spot each other then.


2 Responses to Toaru Majutsu no Index II 18

  1. paper says:

    So Accelerator doesn’t know Touma’s name?
    I really like how this episode sort of focused on Accelerator and showing that he’s changed even if it doesn’t show on the outside.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Pretty much I guess, there really wasn’t a chance for him to find out and he would have reacted differently when Index started talking about Touma.

    That was a part that I liked as well, it set him on a good path and a direction to go in plus the way that Last Order talked about protecting him was great as well. Funnily enough it kind of does, compare the colours of the shirts he wears, starting with the one he wore in the first season, the one he wears now, and the outfit he wears in the current novels.

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