Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 19

Wako sings her song as she walks to class and sees Ruri kiss her new boyfriend through the glass when she arrives, Kanako and Simone then show up with Kanako pointing out the mark she now has on her neck and Simone explaining that something like meeting his parents doesn’t mean that she’ll meet his parents. So because of this Ruri apologises about not being able to see Wako on her birthday.

During lunch she seems to be envious of the time that Ruri is spending with her boyfriend but Takuto tells her how they have something planned for her birthday, which turns out to be him and Sugata cooking her curry. As they cook Sugata starts to cry so Takuto takes a picture of this one in a lifetime event and since they made him cry, Sugata throws the onions in whole, and as she watches them Wako feels like it’s all a dream. Once the curry is done Takuto gives his watch to her as a present and while Sugata didn’t have one at the time, Takuto pulls out the knife he had to protect her.

The trio then head down town, hanging out in a photobooth and seeing a movie before going to the beach, as this happens Madoka and Kou spot them from afar. They then go to the karaoke place where Keito happens to be working at the time, and when Wako steps out for a second Kou uses her first phase, Eye of the Needle to have her and Madoka switch bodies with Sugata and Takuto respectively. Wako meets Keito before she heads back and asks her if she still sings, making her realise that Takuto kept what happened a secret.

Having possessed Takuto and Sugata’s bodies Kou and Madoka decide to mess around a bit however Wako notices something different about the way Sugata speaks as he steps out, and on the rooftop a crow is paying particular attention to their bodies. Having stepped out Kou starts to hit on Keito and Madoka makes an advance on Wako, however they’re both rejected as Keito can instantly tell that it’s not Sugata and Wako spots it as being due to a first ability as she places the knife to Takuto’s neck. Madoka then tries to use how the body still belongs to Takuto to make her put it away but it’s because of that that she puts more force on it instead. So both having been rejected they return to the rooftop and while they could have beaten the Tauburn like this they don’t think it would be much fun.

After she found them Wako managed to tell Takuto and Sugata about what happened however just as they’re starting to enjoy themselves again, they’re pulled into zero time. Where this time around Kou gets a similar transformation sequence for her cybody the Qophlite. As usual Takuto doesn’t waste any time on pulling out the Tauburn and their fight begins with both of them pulling out their Star Swords, in Kou’s case Opale. And when they clash blades Kou admits that it was her fault for what happened, pissing off both him and Keito. However when he disarms her the Qophlite transforms into a jet like form to take the battle to the sky, once again though Takuto has a counter for this as well, the Pile Jet, which he uses to get close enough to attack with the Tau Missile.

With the battle over Madoka feels as if he’s the first man to excite her like this and as Wako talks with Ruri, she finds that her boyfriend really did introduce her to his parents, something that showed he was serious about her. Ruri then asks her if she’s picked one yet but she keeps it a secret.

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Another fairly fun episode where this time we got to see the trio hang out like we’ve seen in the ending themes, however given just how close we are to the end it felt like it would be their last chance to do so before the story took another turn. Other than that it seemed to help build up Wako’s character a bit with how she eluded to her making a decision for Ruri’s question. However whether she’s actually picked one or most likely both of them is probably something we’ll have to wait to see.

Fr0m as soon as it began it was fun just to watch the trio hang out without a care in the world for Wako’s birthday, where for that day alone it was like they had put aside everything with the crux and the cybodies just to have fun, something that feels like it’s always been interrupted at some point by these things. So given the way that the members of the crux were shown only acting as themselves or of their own accord in this episode it just seemed to stand out. Aside from that it was just fun to see things like Takuto and Wako continuously calling out Sugata on crying when he was cutting the onions and how it was pretty much reversed during the movie.

If how it was her birthday wasn’t enough the way that Keito’s song was switched with Wako’s also gave the feeling that this was an episode to develop her character, with effectively a good part of it coming from her point of view and even some of her thoughts coming through. However the way that she thought that being able happily to hang out with Takuto and Sugata was like a dream was something that kind of worried me, it isn’t usually a good sign. But with that it was also kind of nice to hear Wako’s song again ranging from her just singing along as she walked through the hallways to a more upbeat version to accompany the montage.

There were even quite a few nice scenes for her in this episode as well, like when Takuto gave her the only thing he had left from the fire, his watch that even contained a picture of his mother and the knife Sugata had used a whole thirteen episodes ago to protect her, something I was kind of surprised to see that Takuto had. In all though the way that they both gave her the two things that were important to them also seemed to signify their bond as a trio, it was just a nice scene between the three of them. After that there was also the point where she used that very knife to stop Madoka from messing around with his body, being all to prepared to use it if she had to due to how important he was to her, and at the same time it was also kind of funny to see Kou undergo something similar by being instantly slapped by Keito. Who wasn’t too happy about the whole ordeal and may even have a grudge towards her now for doing something like that.

If anything because of that Kou’s first phase turned out to be pretty fun and while she and Madoka interrupted the trio with something like it, it seemed a bit more personal than the usual crux related business. However once it when it was used there was something particularly ominous about the crow that just stared at them through out, though I guess it was a certain Vanishing Age member using his similar first phase to spy on them. While I had partly suspected that she would fight along Madoka if she got a rematch, the way that Kou got to fight in this episode was also pretty good, giving her one of those transformation sequences that Madoka had and her cybody even being able to transform. Which even though Takuto had a counter for it again was still pretty fun to watch, other than that the fight for him seemed slightly more personal and comical than usual for what had happened.


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