Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail 03

With a gun pointed to his head, Revy is able to get the information out of Leroy and they head towards where Roberta is.

Around the same time the US Forces under Caxton start to meet up at one of the hotels where they’ll start their clean up operation, however the FARC commandos out for Roberta’s head aren’t that far away, and so with everything that’s happening Revy decides to call in some help. For this she calls Shenhua and while the two of them aren’t on the best terms, how much she’ll be paid changes her mind. Just as Caxton and his men are about to head out some mercenaries also after Roberta move in, however just about all of them are effortlessly wiped out as they use Claymores to blow out the walls.

They then move up onto the rooftops which puts them into Roberta’s sight as she opens fire from a few buildings away, they don’t know what they’re up against but Caxton and his men carry on. Now with Shenhua, Sawyer, and Lotton the Wizard in the back, Rock’s group finally arrive to find that it’s already started, and just before they head in Rock takes the time to tell Garcia how he was told to stay away from this job, and that if he’s prepared for what he’s going to see, he’ll go with him. Despite this he stays in the car while the others go in, with Revy asking Fabiola if it was the first time she shot at anybody in the bar and telling her not to see them as people but as signboards. The FARC move in on Roberta but are taken out effortlessly before she pole vaults over the building, their commander hears about this and recognises the shots to be from US Army carbines.

Revy’s group run into the FARC and when they’ve beaten everyone they manage to find one survivor on the verge of death, so she has Fabiola ask him where Roberta is with the promise of taking him to a doctor, and as soon as he does tell them Revy takes out her gun and finishes him off. Fabiola can’t believe that someone would do something like that and points her gun at her, Garcia manages to stop Shenhua from just cutting through her and convinces her that what they did was necessary to find Roberta and go home. From outside Rock predicts the way that the situation will turn out and for the US Army to escape he needs one more group to move in, at this point he receives a call from Mr Chang telling him to withdraw. So he explains how he can’t do that but he goes on to tell him to discard the idea of getting Garcia and Roberta out, talking about them like pawns on a chessboard and tells him how much he hates hypocrisy. Rock snaps at this while Mr Chang just laughs at how he was able to read his innermost thoughts, with the reason being that he once served alongside the Hong Kong Police, and in the end he decides to let him do whatever he wants.

Around the same time Roberta tracks down her targets, the mercenaries and FARC clash, and when Revy’s group tries to find a way through this Lotton points out a nearby staircase, simply because it would make for a cool entrance. Meanwhile the Caxton and his men are unsure of what’s going on outside but decide to go for a pincer movement. Revy’s group decides to just go straight through them with a nearby dumpster and Revy and Shenhua fighting side by side, seeing their chance Garcia and Fabiola head off on their own only to come face to face with  some of the FARC, so she sends him on ahead. While she may be outnumbered Lotton shows up only for Sawyer to slice through them in the middle of his entrance.

Garcia eventually makes it inside and hides when he hears footsteps and finds an empty container of the pills Roberta has been taking, who at the moment takes a coat hanger and uses it with some other objects that were lying around to take out the FARC members right behind her. Also messing with them by using one of their bodies as a decoy before she takes them out with a single hit, but having predicted what she would do their commander manages to confront her and beat her in hand to hand combat. While he may have been ordered to kill her he instead offers her a way out by going back with them, she appears to accept it, telling him how boring things were at that mansion and how she’s almost finished what she’s set out to do. She the tells him how she’s turned on and appears to let him have his way with her, and all the while Garcia can only stand outside and try to stay silent.

However when Roberta goes to remove her pants she instead activates a mechanism in her belt buckle which shoots him and dodges to the side, she lets out a laugh at how he wasn’t careful enough and tells him how she would never go back with him, along with how the Lovelace family is the only one she would do all of this for. And when he tells her that she’s only a diseased wolf she proceeds to beat him to a bloody pulp, at this point Garcia can’t bear it any longer and tells her to stop. She lets out a scream and he faints, her hallucinations then appear again telling her that they’re the result of the emotional wounds that she had built up over the years and how they could have healed if she had stayed with that boy. As it ends one of Caxton’s men reports that he’s found a child and Rock lets out a puff of smoke.

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So with this we finally see the action start to kick off and they certainly don’t call it ‘Roberta’s Blood Trail’ for nothing. Aside from seeing Roberta tear her way through just about anything that got in her way it was also great to see the trio consisting of Shenhua, Sawyer, and even Lotton the Wizard again after we had left them before. However what really seemed to be the focus was how Garcia and Fabiola were losing what innocence they had in what was happening around them.

If there was anything that this went to remind us about, it would be just how powerful and unrelenting Roberta is, where even while the action scenes in the series itself may already be far from realistic. She alone definitely took them to a whole new level with the way she used her rifle and all the damage she did unarmed, let alone that feeling of awe that came with the way she pole vaulted from the building. So even among the already unrealistic action scenes they still seemed to stand out as being just that among them, and if all that wasn’t bad enough for those she was after, she also appeared to have lost a fair bit of her sanity as well. With the way she even appeared to be sadistically enjoying what she was doing, and her dellusions and hallucinations becoming a lot more vivid, to the point where she couldn’t distinguish what was real and what wasn’t.

With all of this going on it wouldn’t take much to think that the US Forces under Caxton and the FARC were already as good as dead, however I was actually quite surprised at how competent they were for fodder. Where even up against Roberta in her current condition they were at least able to either evade or counter her, for which the way that the FARC commander was able to match her in hand to hand combat and how Caxton and his men opted for blasting their way through the walls before taking to the rooftops come to mind. It just isn’t something you usually see for these types of characters so it both stood out and was great to see.

It was also great to see the likes of Shenhua, Lotton the Wizard, and Sawyer return where from the time that they had last appeared the latter two were effectively mooching off of the former. Seeing Shenhua and Revy’s teamwork with this was also pretty fun as well as even though they don’t particularly like each other, they still somehow manage to make a great team. As always Lotton was pretty funny as well, suggesting that they use some nearby stairs since it would look cool and even doing an entrance speech and pose, only for Sawyer to walk along and cut them all down. In all they just make for funny yet sometimes awesome characters.

The talk between Rock and Mr Chang was also pretty interesting for what it was, as not only did it manage to show that there would be no easy way out for Garcia and Roberta but it also gave us a look at Mr Chang’s character. With his hatred towards hypocrisy also proving to be pretty interesting where despite now being involved in organised crime he had once been on the other side as a member of the police, two things that easily contradict each other and allow him to see things from both sides. On the other hand how he was able to make the usually calm and composed Rock snap by seeing through how he was still aiming for an impossible happy ending also made for a pretty cool moment, with him even laughing at him when he did.

However what this episode seemed to want to get across was that the city of Roanpur was steadily stealing what innocence that Garcia and Fabiola had, in how they were forced to do, see, and accept things that both shocked them and pushed them to their limits. Where Fabiola who had picked up Capoeira because she didn’t want to kill anyone, was shocked by the methods that Revy and the people that she brought in used, fighting without any regard for the lives of their enemies and even breaking promises of safety to those near death for information, something that while she couldn’t stand was forced to accept. On Garcia’s side of things it was like he was forced to see the true nature of the kind and loving Roberta he knew, seeing her as the sadistic monster that she was in the past, something that made that scene where he had to remain silent while Roberta seduced the FARC commander incredibly powerful for what it was. As he was essentially powerless to do anything but silence himself, to the point of drawing blood as his image of her was destroyed.


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