Toaru Majutsu no Index II 19

As Sasha Kreuzhev reads a book on what would happen if an angel were to possess a human body, seeking to find out more about what happened to her body, her superior Vasilisa leans over her shoulder and takes a hammer to the face just as she offers to investigate what happened to her body personally. She then explains how she finds the idea of Gabriel possessing her body hard to believe and presents a new costume for her to wear, a magical girl outfit. Causing Sasha to make a run for it.

It starts to rain while Accelerator and Last Order make the long walk back however despite his attempts to stop her, Last Order still ends up slipping over and grazing the skin on her legs and while he tells her to keep walking at first seeing her like this makes him head to a nearby convenience store for some bandages, telling her to stay put for the time being. As he does this he reflects on Yomikawa’s words but just before he can step into the light a black minivan slams into him from behind, quickly activating his esper mode just before it hits. Thinking that they work for a research department after him he then sets about tearing the car apart after the occupants, killing them both and joyfully blowing the car up when more of them arrive.

The one leading the Hound Dogs, Kihara Amata then steps out to intervene personally after he knew that this plan wouldn’t have worked with Accelerator greeting him like an old friend. Asking him what the fuck was up with that impressive entrance and remarking on how he didn’t expect to see someone like him, with him telling him how he’s going to have to destroy him now. Accelerator then tells him that if he’s going to die he can do it alone and asks him why he should remember him among all of the scientists who messed with his body, slowly becoming pissed off Kihara reflects on how he should have just killed the brat back then and how he’s going to do it now. However even with his auto-reflect Kihara’s fist still makes contact with his face, asking him just who gave him his power.

He then crushes the bandages under his foot and reveals that who he’s really after is Last Order, and with her in mind Accelerator summons a windstorm only for Kihara to abuse the blind spots in his ability and dispel it. Thinking that it’s his gloves doing this Accelerator destroys them however Kihara slips through his second attack and hits him again, revealing that all he’s doing is pulling back his punches at the point where auto-reflect kicks in. With him on the ground Kihara then starts to stomp on him, telling him that he knows everything about his ability and asking him to think about why clones of the railgun instead of him were used for the experiment.

After this some of the Hound Dogs return with Last Order, however believing that she’s still alive Accelerator uses his last ounce of strength to blow her away to safety, so Kihara sets about reorganising some of the Hound Dogs to retrieve her and when one objects he makes it perfectly clear that to him he’s only one piece of crap on the garbage pile. With this Kihara then returns to kill Accelerator once and for all, and as he steps forward he begs Lady Luck to save that brat no matter what, however at this point a certain white haired nun shows up.

Back in the underground shopping mall Touma looks for Index who ran off to return the tissue packet that the nice pale person she met lent her, thinking that he might need it and telling him that it should also be his goal in life to be as kind as him. As he steps out he sees that it’s raining and that there are more Antiskill around than usual, at which point they all start to collapse with one of their radios sending out an intruder alert however before he can race off to find Index, Last Order appears before him again, this time begging him to save ‘that person’.

Elsewhere the perpetrator behind all the collapsing Antiskill, Vento of the Front picks up a nearby radio and knowing that Crowely is eavesdropping she calls him out. Telling him that she’s a member of God’s Right Seat and that she’s just killed three members of the general board of directors and that Antiskill and Judgment mean nothing to her. However Crowely tells her that they’re replaceable and that she’s failing to understand what the city really is. After she proclaimed that she would destroy everything, he sees his chance and decides to deploy Fuse Kazakiri, smiling as the fun showtime begins.

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While those last two episodes may have been relaxing and filled with fun antics, it was in this one where it all came to an end as just what comes with those overcast skies arrived. With Kihara making an explosive entrance and Vento making her move, both working together to kick off things off on both Touma and Accelerator’s side of things.

Seeing Sasha again was also kind of nice for what it was as I didn’t really expect her to appear much after the Angel Fall arc, however the scene that she was in seemed to suggest otherwise and that the fact that she had been possessed by the Archangel Gabriel back then may gain some importance later on. As there still appeared to be some residue Telesma in her body from that. Other than that her interactions with Vasilisa were kind of amusing for what they were, where she’s shown to pretty much exert her authority over her just to get her to dress up in all sorts of costumes, even the one which she wears now.

Once again the scenes between Accelerator and Last Order were also great and even if the last episode may have already shown it, they did a good job at showing that despite how much she irritates him and how he acts towards her, he still cares for her. Where  while he acted like he didn’t care at first he still went out of his way to buy some bandages after she had grazed her knees, and after he had been beaten by Kihara he used his last ounce of strength to get her away from him. Even desperately praying for someone to save her. In all though they simply made that moment where Last Order begged Touma to save him an incredibly emotional one when you also consider the way that she talked to him about him in the last episode. Other than that it was also quite sad to see that the silent promise that he had made about always being the strongest in her eyes being pretty much broken.

Kihara Amata also made for a good villain as well, where against the strongest esper in Academy City who other than the one who taught him everything should face him, and being another messed up villain sort of role Keiji Fujiwara did an amazing job voicing him. It was also interesting to see just how much he had influenced Accelerator as well, as despite how he had stated that he couldn’t really distinguish him from the countless researchers that worked on him, he still appeared to have influenced him quite a lot from his way of speaking to even the style of shirts he wears. Being the one who knows all the loopholes in his ability he also made for a great opponent for Accelerator and the feats he pulled off could really only be done by him. As while the idea of just pulling back your punches may be simple, it has to be at that exact point where his auto-reflect kicks in and one simple miscalculation could end up breaking his arms. In some sense due to him arriving as Accelerator was reflecting on Yomikawa’s words about slowly working off his debt, it was also as if he was fighting to break away from his dark past.

For what it was the scene between Touma and Index towards the end was also kind of ironic, where after just parting ways with him Index had ended up with the thought that Accelerator was a perfectly nice person since he treated her to some food, even telling Touma how it should be his goal to be as nice as him. It just made for a somewhat funny scene when you really compare the two of them. However the way it led to him and Accelerator swapping their respective heroines again was also kind of surprising, as of all things Index’s clueless obligation to return the tissue packet had ended up saving his life. Other than that I’m liking the ambiguity that lies with the way that Accelerator isn’t exactly referred to Touma by name, leaving him absolutely clueless as to just who “that person” or “pale person” is.

However even though Kihara may have made a good enough villain on his own it was taken further by Vento of the Front being brought in, setting this arc apart from the rest by how there is essentially a science side antagonist and a magic side antagonist acting in parallel yet independently. As not only does it give Accelerator and Touma their own opponents, but it also provides some great opportunities for these two plots to cross over. Other than that as a member of a group like God’s Right Seat she serves to show that the Roman Catholic Church is slowly growing tired of Touma and Academy, and her conversation with Crowely also happened to be pretty interesting in how he saw her arrival as a chance to have some fun.


2 Responses to Toaru Majutsu no Index II 19

  1. paper says:

    It was really touching to see Accelerator pray desperately for someone to save Last Order despite being so haughty and blood thirsty when the Hound Dogs showed up.
    I wonder how Touma and Accelerator is going to react when they see each other.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Seeing Accelerator act like that can be kind of fun but it was great in the way that it showed just how powerless he was through that. His scenes with her are just great though, they may be kind of simple but they feel like they just hold so much weight at the same time.

    It may be a spoiler but as far as I know they won’t exactly meet face to face again in this arc, though there’s one point that comes kind of close in a way.

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