Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 20

Ryousuke Katashiro looks back on old times as he sees a familiar rainbow. In the mine Kou and Madoka have had their Cybodies repaired with the latter volunteering to test a new system.

In Vanishing Age’s lounge Tsukihiko brings up what would happen if a nuke was dropped on the island as soon as they broke all of the seals, and when Ryousuke tells them how a Cybody could withstand it Ginta sees that the safest position to be to be the one who breaks the South Maiden’s seal. But when he confronts Head on how he’s delaying it he counters with how he’s been intentionally losing at the dart game. Seeing Head like this reminds Ryousuke of when they were young, where he would pick up his fiance, Sora from school while he worked on a secret project in the underground ruins. During one of the times he did this they stopped to see a rainbow and as she tried to reach out for his hand they met a young painter, Tokio Tsunashi.

Ryousuke found himself meeting him from time to time and he eventually asked if he could paint Sora. Back in the present Takuto helps out with hangs around the mansion when he sees Wako napping in her favourite spot, followed by Sugata leaning down to kiss her. At the restaurant Keito bumps into Ginta who exposes her and they confront each other on what they’ve been doing, him about how she used the Hegent and her about him using his first phase to spy on people around the island, other than that he also sees through her as the East Maiden. The man in the coma has been moved to Head’s house while Ryousuke wonders if Head even loved Sora, seeing through what her spending time with him really meant and how he had used him to get closer to the project he was working on. And upon seeing what each of the paintings meant, Ryousuke gouged out his left eye. However not that long after this Head introduced him to a young man who was going to give him the Sin mark, Shingo Makiba and started referring to himself as Reiji Miyabi. Back in the present Ginta sees that the only reason for Head to delay things is so that he can acquire the Sin mark and Cybody.

After seeing Wako and Sugata together Takuto heads to the eastern side of the island where he meets Keito, who thanks him for keeping her secret and he asks about how she was friends with Wako and Sugata when she was younger, to which she tells him how she thought she was in the way. However at this point a viper controlled by Ginta strikes and just as he’s taken away in the ambulance, he’s pulled into zero time where Ginta is waiting. In his weakened state he struggles to keep up with him let alone defend Wako when his Cybody splits in two, seeing his intention though Kou approvoises her Qophilite and refuses to let him break Wako’s seal when Madoka’s Cybody hasn’t been repaired yet. So given this chance Takuto launches a counterattack, defeating Ginta.

Some time after this Ryousuke spots Takuto messing around with Wako and Sugata and sees his old watch, reminding him of how Shingo fell into a deep sleep and when Sora left the island. Where he told her that Head was consumed by ambition and saw that she was pregnant, and when she tried to defend him by asking if he ever loved her, he gave her the watch he always had where a picture of her was inside. Once she left he revealed to Head why he had gouged out his eye and seeing no use for it anymore, he offered to give him the Resh mark, and when Head tells him in the present about how he can’t remember when Sora left, he wonders if his heart is really trapped in zero time.

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Considering how enigmatic Head is, it was great to see an episode that went about showing what he was like in the past, and even what his friendship with Ryousuke really was not to mention some more information about the man in the coma, Shingo Makiba. Along with that it was also great to see Ginta/Camel Star take action and actually put some planning into his fight.

The part of this episode that seemed to stand out the most was how it allowed us to see what had happened in the past from Ryousuke’s perspective, someone who doesn’t seem to receive much focus and tends to be kind of overshadowed by Head. However one of the interesting things about this were the parallels between the relationship between him, Head, and Sora, and that of Sugata, Takuto, and Wako. Where Ryousuke even happened to end up meeting Head in the same place as Sugata would later, and even had an arranged marriage with Sora. Aside from that it was also kind of nice to see the meaning behind his missing left eye and the watch that Takuto gave to Wako, something that stood as all too late proof that he had always loved Sora when she thought that he couldn’t care less about her. Other than that Ryousuke proved to be a pretty cool character, and considering all the things that he’s lost because of Head I’m also starting to wonder why he even still hangs around him.

Another thing that was interesting was how this look at the past mirrored the fish girl’s/Sakana-chan’s story quite accurately, with parallels being able to be drawn between Head and Sam, the girl and Sora, and either Shingo or Ryousuke taking the role as the king and his ship. Let alone what the secret act between Sam and the girl ended up being. All being things that worked to show why Head hadn’t taken too kindly to the end of the story, as just like Sam he had cast away the girl he loved in order to sail out into the galaxy, in this case casting aside Sora for Shingo just to get his mark. Aside from that it also elaborated on Head’s character, showing that everything he had done was for the motives he had, be it befriending Ryousuke just because of what he was working on or casting Sora aside to seduce some guy out of his mark. In all it showed just how much ambition he had, to the point that he was consumed by it, however aside from acquiring another mark his true goal still seems unclear at this point.

While it still may have not went into much detail about what had happened to separate Keito from Wako and Sugata, it was still nice to see it hint the reason for what had happened. Where just simple acts between them as a couple reminded us that they were still arranged to married each other, and gave the impression that anyone hanging out alongside them would feel out of place, something that she had once felt and that Takuto was starting to feel as well. Which seemed like it would slowly put tension between him and them as he drifted away.

Seeing Ginta take action wasn’t that bad either, and among all the fights so far it was nice to see someone at least attempt to plan ahead before battling the Tauburn. As those before him had pretty much had a few encounters with him and left it at that. But this time around instead Ginta went out of his way to ensure that Takuto would be weakened before he fought him, which while it could have been thought of as cowardly or unfair was actually pretty smart. Also answering why the members of the Glittering Crux didn’t just attack Takuto outside of zero time. Even though I had already known about it, considering that his first phase is to control animals it was also something of a surprise to realise that he could have been the one controlling just about every animal in the show, be it the crows, Kanako’s crocodile, or even the Vice President. Other than that it also brought up why some of the characters could be more hesitant than usual due to the possibility of the island just being nuked as soon as the seals were all broken, showing that Ginta had been buying time by intentionally losing and Head was delaying everything just to acquire the Sin mark.

After seeing someone actually put some thought into their fight with the Tauburn it kind of goes without saying that I was disappointed in how it actually ended. As even though Wako having her seal broken at this point may very well meant the end for the series at this point, to have Kou barge in pretty much just because her girlfriend’s Cybody wasn’t repaired yet wasn’t really something that I liked. As even though they may have been fun at first, they just don’t seem to mesh with the other characters all that well and all they really do is barge in and ruin things. Making them feel like comical villains more than anything else, so given that Madoka will be testing out a new system in the next episode I can’t say that I’m not hoping for anything bad to happen. As being voiced by Yukana can only go so far.


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