Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 07

The preparations for the festival still appear to be going well but Sawako still hasn’t returned, elsewhere however Ryu bumps into Kazehaya and decides to ask him what happened. To him it’s like he was rejected and that all the things he did were just annoying her.

Later on as school is about to end Sawako meets Kurumi who when she tells her that she was rejected as well, tells her that she isn’t her rival anymore and because she didn’t try hard enough she ended up hurting him, something she was at least able to do before being rejected. While Sawako does the dishes she receives a message from Chizu asking her to come over for something related to the festival, something her father is shocked by but her mother lets her go.

At the school Arai Pin catches the boys taking their float out, and while it’s against the rules he doesn’t care what they do as long as they’re not caught by anyone else, since he would have to clean up the mess. He soon finds Kazehaya helping them out and finds it despicable that he gathered all that resolve just to reject Sawako, and doesn’t even listen to him telling him otherwise. However the way he thought that she rejected him instead eventually manages to get through, and putting her reaction with his he laughs him for not being clear enough and tells him that he may as well give up. At Chizu’s house Sawako helps out some of the other girls and when Chizu steps out she takes the chance to thank her, for inviting her other and for what she had said earlier. Ayane follows and she tells them how she when she became friends with them it felt like the first time someone had actually liked her, something that puts a smile on Chizu’s face. As the night goes on she wonders if Kazehaya heard her earlier.

The next morning she passes Kurumi at school who completely ignores her and just as she meets Kento, Ayane and Chizu pull him aside and tell him to stay away. Causing him to get the idea that Kazehaya might actually like her after all, and just as she tries to clear it up Kazehaya arrives as Kento is dragged away. As Kazehaya and his friends walk off, Ryu takes the time to tell her that she isn’t saying enough, causing her to feel as if Kazehaya may not be there for her anymore.

Elsewhere Ayane is particularly pissed off with Kento and has him up against a vending machine, Kurumi then arrives and tells them to get out of the way with Kento asking her what she did after what he had told her had happened. When Ayane and Chizu ask this as well she tells her that it was Sawako’s own fault for being to hesitant, and when Kento realises that she likes Kazehaya and offers to go out with Sawako, she promptly slaps him. As she storms off Kento is about to offer to help fix things, but Ayane tells him that it would be for his own gratification and that he’s already messed things up enough. In the library Sawako realises that she hasn’t been trying at all.

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After last weeks episode it may have been kind of disappointing to see Sawako and Kazehaya just seem to accept that the other had somehow rejected them there, however the point of this episode seemed to be Sawako slowly realising what she had done wrong then and what she would have to do to fix it. Other than that it wasn’t that bad to see Kurumi return in a typical rival way and kind of funny in how Kento was completely oblivious to everything. As short as it was it was also fun to see Sawako’s over protective father again.

To start with it was kind of nice to see how Kazehaya was coping a little better after the latter half of the previous episode had pretty much centered itself around Sawako, where just like her he thought that he had been rejected and that everything he had done along the way was little more than a nuisance to her. Something which given how she really feels was kind of sad to see. However it did lead to a pretty funny scene between him and Pin who saw the whole thing as him leading her on for so long before rejecting her, and while these sorts of scenes can be pretty fun it was almost as if by telling him to give up he was encouraging him otherwise.

After this though it was great to see Sawako still try and find out what she had done wrong after the point that the last episode left off on, leaving her to wonder if she had been trying as hard as she had to and whether her voice had reached him back then. Which she found out hadn’t. With this though the episode felt like it was her slowly realising what she would have to do in order to do that as well, looking back on how she had become friends with Ayane and Chizu and even receiving some advice from Ryu of all people to say more. So in all it felt like there was some progression there, where instead of giving up it was more about finding out what she had done wrong.

To have Kurumi make something of a return was also kind of nice, where this time she returned to take back her proclamation of being her rival to Sawako, telling her that unlike her she hadn’t even made her feelings clear and even cried a bit telling her this. So despite her attempt to take back being her rival she somehow acted a bit like one, and even helped her see what she had done wrong. After this it wasn’t that bad to see her again towards the end of the episode, where this time she refused to believe that she could lost to someone like her, making it seem like these attempts to ‘encourage’ her were a way of making it so that she wouldn’t feel that bad about Kazehaya liking her instead of her. Other than that it also appeared that she wouldn’t have felt right about Sawako being taken out of the way due to how she slapped Kento.

Seeing  Kento completely oblivious to how he had messed everything up also turned out to be pretty fun, with things like how he was completely nonchalant when he told Sawako that he may have been wrong about who Kazehaya liked or the way he reacted around an extremely pissed off Ayane. Where even backed up against a vending machine he still appeared somewhat carefree about the whole thing and was probably pretty lucky that Kurumi showed up when she did. Considering the repercussions of everything that he had done and through Ayane telling him that he was only acting for his own gratification, it was also like he was only starting to realise them, but either way at this point I guess he’s already done what he had to do for the story.


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