Toaru Majutsu no Index 20

When Index arrives Kihara gives the order to get rid of her however Accelerator launches himself into one of the vans, impales the driver and tells him he’ll die if he doesn’t get to a hospital soon. Pulling Index in as they drive by and whispering that he knows a good doctor to him.

Knowing that he’s pretty much trapped himself by doing this Kihara takes up a rocket launcher and even when a woman in yellow blocks his view, he fires anyway. Of course this woman in yellow, Vento of the Front blocks it with ease and is completely unharmed, but Kihara couldn’t care less as he gives the Hound Dogs the order to kill her and leaves.

Soon after this Touma and Last Order make it to the scene where he’s surprised at how she thought that person would make a bigger mess, and when the Hound Dogs return to clean up the site they hide behind the wreckage. In the van Accelerator goes through the drivers equipment and finds a scent sensor, while Index happily reads a story and returns the disposable tissue packet to him. Knowing that it’s what Touma would do she offers to help him find the person he’s looking for as well, so he sends her to the frog-faced doctor for a replacement Misaka network connection terminal battery, however no such replacement exists.

The Hound Dogs spot Touma and Last Order so he picks her up and runs off zigzagging until they make it to the backdoor of a family restaurant, which Last Order unlocks. After preparing themselves to stay alive no matter what they head in to find everyone unconscious and take cover when the Hound Dogs fire inside. Elsewhere Accelerator talks with the frog-faced doctor and tells him that he intends to crush the Hound Dogs, kill Kihara, and save that brat unharmed, however he tells him that there’s no way he can do all of these and that if Last Order is hurt he can heal her. On the outskirts of the city Tsuchimikado looks into what’s happening, and in her car Yomikawa receives a shot of Vento and falls unconscious soon afterward.

In search of something to wipe his scent, Accelerator makes his way to a recycling plant but the Hound Dogs aren’t that long behind. As they search for him though the lights go off and in the confusion they end up killing each other. Since she and Uiharu stuck with paperwork, Kuroko calls Mikoto to cover for her but she hasn’t returned to the dorm yet either. Back in the family restaurant Touma and Last Order are found by Vento who attacks without hesitation and finds his right hand to be amazing. As he manages to either block or dodge them he tells Last Order to run away while he stays behind.

In the recycling plant Accelerator picks off the last of the Hound Dogs with the shotgun he was using as a crutch and activates the garbage compactor, and when one of the remaining Hound Dogs returns to stop it, he steps out and licks the blood off her cheek. around the same time Touma continues to block Vento’s attacks as she tells him that he’s her only enemy at the moment, with everything else coming as a bonus and that they’ll eliminate him no matter what it takes. But before she can attack she starts coughing up blood and retreats.

Back in the Judgement office Kuroko and Uiharu take a break from their paperwork but when a news report showing Vento appears on the television, Uiharu collapses. Having erased his scent Accelerator prepares to leave but finds a trail of blood left by one of the Hound Dogs who wasn’t quite dead yet, however before he can deal with him an Antiskill squad arrives to investigate. Seeing that he’s saved the Hound Dog proceeds to cry out for help and tells him that his days protecting that brat are over, despite this though Accelerator sends a door through the Antiskill van and reduces the Hound Dog into a smear on the pavement.

Along the outskirts of the city Tsuchimikado finds that God’s Right Seat’s plan is to skewer everyone while they’re unconscious and spots a white figure in the distance, thinking that the situation is bad. Elsewhere Yoshikawa finds Yomikawa in her car just as a mugshot and search order prints through for Accelerator on charges of attempted murder.

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Another otherwise fun episode that was still quite serious as well, continuing where the last one left off with so much happening at the same time. One of the things that made it that though was probably that it wasn’t just limited to what Accelerator and Touma were doing, but also the likes of Tsuchimikado and Yomikawa. Of course it also wasn’t that bad to see Kuroko and Uiharu show up again on the side.

For what it was, Accelerator’s challenge in this episode felt like some sort of test to see if he has what it takes to play the hero, whether he would save Last Order or would he fall into his old ways and possibly lose her. As part of this, his conversation with the frog-faced doctor did a good job at getting this across, acting as something of a voice of reason for him when he was intent on killing Kihara, and crushing the Hound Dogs, still intending to rescue Last Order unharmed while doing all of that. By pointing out that he couldn’t accomplish all of these and that Last Order would still be harmed, telling him to prioritise her safety above everything else. So in a way this felt like a test for him, asking him whether he could really let Kihara and the Hound Dogs go to save the girl, as well as forcing him to come to terms with the limits of his new weakened state.

However in choosing to wipe out the Hound Dogs behind him it was almost like he failed to do that, and in failing to take in the frog-faced doctor’s advice there’s just an unshakable feeling that it forebodes something bad happening to Last Order later on. Where in crushing everything that was in his way he would ultimately forget what was important, let alone who he had done it all for and that either way she would get hurt along the way. But at the same time it could also be argued that the methods he used were really all he knows as someone who’s only destroyed things instead of protecting them. To have this choice backfire on him was also great, where when he killed the remaining Hound Dog out of desperation it happened to be in full view of some investigating Antiskills, with the mugshot and report that Yomikawa received giving the impression that there would be some consequences because of it.

What Touma faced in this episode also happened to be pretty interesting in how it answered one of those questions that is usually asked, why don’t the people he tends to face (putting aside the technology illiteracy/dislike that magicians tend to have) just use a gun to beat him. To which he handled quite smartly, as instead of taking the Hound Dogs head on he knew that he had absolutely no chance against them no matter what he did. So instead of taking them head on he chose to zigzag away until he could find a crowded area where they wouldn’t risk attacking him or Last Order. After that his confrontation with Vento almost asked him the same question that Accelerator was asked, though was almost the complete opposite. Where Vento targeted civilians as well as him, forcing him to not only dodge or block any attacks that came his way but also protect those unrelated around him.

To see them both swap their heroines around somehow again was also kind of fun, ranging from Accelerator picking up Index as he hurtled by in the van to Touma carrying Last Order as he dodged any bullets flying towards him. Let alone just how clueless Index was to the pole shoved into the backseat and into the driver, aside from that though it was actually kind of nice to see her offer to help him just because it’s what Touma would have done in her situation. Following last weeks emotional end point it was also great to see Touma and Last Order return to the wreckage, with him still wondering just who ‘that person’ was to have caused it. Either way though with both of them now on their own now I’m interested to see what will happen next.

As brief as they were I also liked the scenes with Tsuchimikado investigating the outskirts of the city, as even with everything happening with Kihara and Vento around, they showed that there was something larger at foot. Where depending on the circumstances, people falling unconscious could have been harmless, but with the part about how they would all be skewered while they were like that made the situation a lot more urgent. Turning it into something where the entire fate of Academy City would be at stake, aside from that with Antiskill for the most part down it’s main defence was significantly weakened.


2 Responses to Toaru Majutsu no Index 20

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    it always frustrates me to see the good guys not teaming up to beat up all the bad guys, but i know if that happened, the show would be boring. XD it was quite fun to see touma carrying last order around dodging bullets and cracking security doors, they make a good team. it was nice to see touma able to keep up. at the same time it was weird how clueless index was, and accelerator turning into a killer psychopath again is kinda creepy. the moment i saw tsuchimikado, i started grinning, cause it just meant the story would get more complicate. =D
    i didn’t get the random part with sash/not quite the angel person… but i’m assuming it has to do with the spikes attacking tsuchimikado.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I actually kind of like the way that they still haven’t met despite how close they’ve been, but really I can’t see Touma doing much against the Hound Dogs or Accelerator handling magic that well. And even if he could, he’s got far too much on his plate at the moment and is quickly running out of time. When they do actually team up though it should be pretty fun.

    Seeing them do that was something that and the swap itself was fun as well, and Touma and Last Order really did make a good team for what they did together. Tsuchimikado showing up like that was great as well, and in a way as a esper-magician hybrid he represents the way that science and magic are starting to collide in this arc.

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