Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 21

Sometime between this episode and the last one, Kou challenged the Tauburn again only to be defeated again as well.

Even after this she intended to restore her Qophlite again, finding the way that the Tauburn always defeats them without harming them to be humiliating, leading Madoka to feel like they have to do something else about it. Around this time Kanako arrives to see how construction of the Overphase machine is going, and aside from that she also speaks kind of familiarly with Madoka. Later aboard her yacht she tells Simone how she had cut her ties with her in the past but seeing her as a monster who could potentially break the world, she felt that she had to keep an eye on her, and when Simone asks about Takashi she shows her a letter from his father. In Vanishing Age’s lounge, Takashi considers whether he should leave as he pours drinks while Madoka and Kou play darts, however when he asks them whether they’re afraid of the risks associated with restoring their Cybodies, they start throwing their darts at the glasses.

During their school lunchbreak Wako spots Takuto thanking Keito and soon after he joins them, Madoka and Kou ask if they can eat with them. Over lunch they talk about the drama club’s upcoming play and the kiss scene that will be in it, where they find that Takuto, the mascot boy will be appearing in it, however who will be playing opposite to him hasn’t been decided yet, with Madoka considering whether she should join. Elsewhere as Professor Silver goes over Shingo’s body he explains to Head that his machine will allow a Cybody to artificially reach a phase between the third and the fourth, yet doesn’t understand why Star Driver’s take the risks they do. To which Head tells them how they are both drawn to and aspire to power, with he himself not being much different, hoping to regain the things he had given up as he remembers when he painted Sora and when Sakana-chan/the Fish Girl treated the ash from the volcano as snow.

After parting with the trio, Madoka and Kou talk about what she had meant when she considered joining the drama club, and later on when Madoka is about to test out the Overphase machine, Keito arrives just in time for her to tell her that she’s going to kill the Galactic Pretty Boy Tauburn. When Professor Silver starts up the machine Kou asks if Madoka will be in danger, however she persists on using it anyway.

The machine itself also appears in zero time as well, and opens up to reveal that she has further become one with her Cybody, to the point where Takuto and the others can tell who she is. Unable to use the Tau Missile without killing her, Takuto appears to be backed into a corner and struggles to fight back, and as the fight goes on Kanako wonders how he’ll handle it this time.

Eventually Madoka manages to overpower him and starts to throttle the Tauburn, however before it’s too late, Wako uses one of her powers as a maiden and blasts the Hegent, sending it back to the third phase and allowing Takuto to use the Tau Missile. With the fight over Kanako sees Wako’s actions as those of a woman watching the man she loves be hit on, and shortly afterward Wako volunteers to play opposite to Takuto in the kiss scene. Having accepted her loss, Madoka wonders whether she should leave the island and later that night, Simone arrives just in time to hear Kanako and Takashi organising his return to Adult Bank, and as the episode ends she tells her how she wants her to be truly strong. Being able to forgive those who wronged her.

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In some way I was kind of disappointed with this episode however in another I kind of liked it at the same time, as while it may have been another episode focusing around Madoka and Kou, who considering how many episodes are left have already received more than a fair amount of screen time. It still went about showing things on Adult Bank’s side again and showing Wako take a significant step forward.

With only around four more episodes left it kind of goes without saying that Madoka and to a lesser extent, Kou getting another episode to be their usual killjoy selves was something I was kind of disappointed by. However given the way that Madoka had been acting up until this point, her getting a chance at a rematch was going to happen sooner of later. So getting it out of the way now was still kind of good, not to mention that it provided another chance to elaborate on her character, with the way she derived excitement from risks being something that made her a monster. Aside from that given the way that the episode ended for her, it may have just been to wrap things up with her.

The look back towards Adult Bank and it’s members was great, ranging from Kanako acting in a watchful way towards Simone to Takashi starting to reconsider leaving. Where it even elluded to some of the aspects of Kanako’s past and the way that she knew Madoka, and still kept a watchful eye over her. Seeing her act as something of a mentor towards Simone was also kind of nice, appearing to hold her close and act with her in mind when she told her about how she wants her to be strong. Takashi making a return to Adult Bank may have already been something I thought was going to eventually happen, but it was still something that was good to see. As he didn’t really seem to fit in with them, not to mention the way he was forced to clean up after Madoka and Kou when they started throwing darts at the glasses around him. In all though the look at these characters was a nice change of pace.

On the side it wasn’t that bad to see a glimpse of what could be motivating Head as well, where as he explained what drives a Star Driver as one himself he went on to talk about how he wanted to take back what he had given up in the pursuit for it. Something which seemed to be marked by the determination in his eyes, yet at the same time he seems more worn out than he was in the past. Of course even if it was only for a few seconds it was great to see Sakana-chan/the Fish Girl make a brief return as part of this, and I hope she returns again before the series ends.

Another thing that seemed fairly important in this episode was the step that Wako took forward by volunteering to play opposite Takuto in ghd kiss scene, another thing which like the scene where she had held a knife to his throat which indicated that the choice she had made may have been him. For this to happen wasn’t exactly something that I found all that surprising though, as Mizuno leaving the island was really something that was just to open the way to it and everything regarding it after that had just been building up to it. And even though it was influenced by part of the focus that Madoka received in this episode it wasn’t something that I minded all that much. However despite this I still think it’s more likely that her actual choice is for both of them instead of picking one.

The fight this time around was also pretty interesting due to the choice that it forced Takuto to make, whether he would really go as far as killing his opponents to defend himself and those around him, and even though he luckily didn’t have to make this choice it still stands. Since as the series moves through the phases, the opponents he’ll face will become more in tune with their Cybodies and the risk of killing them will go up as well, meaning that the way he can just Tau Missile the Crux to only destroy their Cybodies won’t last for long. However while he was saved from making this choice thanks to Wako, it still wasn’t that bad as it showed that the maidens still had some form of defence, and weren’t just there to have their seals broken. Other than that the way that the driver becomes more in tune with their Cybody as they progress through the phases was also fun to see, resulting in a giant Madoka merged with the Hegent, not to mention that it also opens the way for the fight between Takuto and Head at the end to be done in a similar way.


2 Responses to Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 21

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    so happy madoka is leaving lol. it’s also nice to see the revelation of head’s backstory. i’m kind of disappointed the whole thing with ginta was so simple. i can’t wait to see developments with keito or kanako and her crew.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Hopefully she does, this episode pretty much concluded her side of it, both her and Kou got their rematches and had more than enough screen time. If he did succeed the series would be over but I agree that it was a shame to see him lose like that, and I interested to see them as well. While the reason for the split between Keito and Sugata and Wako was hinted at, there’s still a few details that are missing, and Kanako receiving more screen time is always good.

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